31st March 2013

As the weather still is not want we want for our MAGNETTEs I thought I give you a small Easter present: I finished (or better started) the new section "Sales Brochures ZA" as part of the MAGNETTE's history. I hope you like and enjoy it. If you have more brochures that are not listed yet, or where I don't have scans, please help and send scans!
The ZB brochures will follow soon.
Also there are some more pictures on Peter Duell's restoration homepage.

27th March 2013

In view of the atrocious weather at present and after consultations with local inhabitants regarding travelling conditions near the Churnet Valley Railway it has been decided to CANCEL the event on Saturday March 30th. Please keep watching this space as we shall endeavour to run it again later in the year.   Thought for today, Easter is early this year but next year it is late in April (the weather might be better). Here’s to salt free Magnetteering later this spring.
John Harris, Secretary MGCC Magnette Register

21st March 2013

I'm a bit dissapointed that I received not any information about the "unidentified magnettes" on the gallery. I really hoped to get a few information, as some cars were photographed at events and must be known to club members. So if ou haven't doen yet, please have a look at the gallery and choose categorie "unidentified cars". Perhaps you recognize a car. many thanks!


16th March 2013

A new Monthly Picture has been added. You have intersting pictures, too? Send them to me!

12th March 2013

Tony Don (NZ) and his Magnette # 33495 wuith a nice history are new to the gallery.
Click on "date" on top of the gallerie to sort the newest entries first.

9th March 2013

When I relaunched the website some weeks ago, I asked for a picture of a model of Abingdon Classic ZB for the model-page. Within a few hours Steve Hanegan sent me a picture of his model. So there is another scale Magnete model on the Model Cars page.

8th March 2013

We have the first car from Finland on the gallery! #8178 belongs to Marjo Korhonen, who is going to restore her.
Andy Knight from Austrial comes with two Magnettes # 7360 and  # 23871.
Wayne and Dee Johnson show their nice # 33043 in a beautiful landscape.

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