A review with pictures and reports of past Magnette events from all over the world

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GOF Magnette 60th at Wagga Wagga- New South Wales

from Laurence [Loz] Scott

GOF 2013 01a Title   - the Wagga Wagga MG Car Club has again conducted another successful gathering. As the image shows the GoF highlights the 60th anniversary of our Magnettes. The Magnette entrants came a day earlier to attend a special Z Type 60th Dinner on the 12th Sept. Peter Baldry and Paul Vermont provided further information on the night and sold all the available Anniversary Grill badges.
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Magnette60 9-11 August

This was the main Register event of 2013, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Z Magnette launch. For more than a year a small sub-committee (Paul Batho, David Halliday, Grant Howlett, Trevor Jones, Peter Martin and Stephen Tickell) had been meeting in London pubs to plan the event. The format chosen was similar to the successful Gerald Palmer centenary weekend in 2011 (GP100)


Text by Stephen Tickell, photos by Magnette60 participants


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Norwich weekend 3-4 August

Compared to previous years, attendance at the Shorten’s in Lenwade was obviously boosted by the early arrival of overseas visitors for the 60th, with the furthest travelled almost certainly being Peter and Jane Yarham from New Zealand .

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AGM and AWC show - 7 July

The AGM at Kimber House on 7 July wasn’t particularly well supported, hopefully just because the membership are entirely happy with the present committee and how the Register is being run - we’d still like you to turn up though and tell us that ! Could also be that the Abingdon Works Centre show with which we had intentionally coincided was a stronger draw, given the warm weather .

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Mid Morning Run - Williamstown to Inverleigh 30th June 2013

A  few pictures of our MMR and a few words:
Our Mid Morning Run gathering venue seen as the sun begins to break through the light fog. The car park looks over the Yarra river , close to the bay, towards the city of Melbourne. Of the Y and Magnettes we had one Y Type, four Z Type Magnettes [Patricks Red ZA arrived after this photo] and one Mk III Magnette 
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17th Magnette Day

This year the continental MAGNETTEs met for their annual event in Perlé located close to the Belgium border in Luxenburg. Six MAGNETTEs followed the invitation of Sonia & Yves, who were again our hosts.