Built 1955

Magnettes from chassis 4332 to 13256 built

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First car in 1955 (approximate)


'From chassis # 6501 the 'Tintop' dash was replaced by wood


From chassis #8072 the radiator grille changed from 8 slats per side to 7


From chassis # 8770: Front seat mounting rails and revised seats


At chassis # 9678 Additional drain pipe added to scuttle vent  chamber introduced


From chassis # 10544 Fuel filler cap lock reversed to original push-button


Chassis # 11260: Screenwash bottle and pump modified (external pump)


From chassis # 11740: Additional soundproofing felt added


From chassis # 12036: Rear bumper overriders modified


KA E 23 4531
Seen on ebay Australia in 11/2007


KA E 23 4678
Car bought maybe for spares but too good to pull apart. Current colour maroon but was midgreen. I'm going to restore this in prpbably ivory colour with red interior.
Nick Baker, Australia


KA C 23 4767
Ron Jillard brought his car out of the garage on a reasonable day in a Canberra winter.(Well looks much better than many of Europe's summer days). The car has an MGA engine, MG B MK 1 gearbox & overdrive No 4, and MG A 4.3 diff.


KA A 23 4981
Acquired recently on generous terms from a club member , car is complete but requires a complete restoration, although corrosion is in check and these repairs are reasonably straightforward. Purchased by the previous owner six years previously with engine BP15GA5875. Now very faded Maroon, traces of the original gloss black may be evident around the ventilator box. Inner wing bears a P&R Williams, Sydney & Newcastle lubrication plate. Body stamp may be a typographical @ says: BMGA 4931. Has a full wooden dash rather than the expected tin-top. Andrew Bailey, NSW, Australia


KA A 23 5079
Restoration project of Davies Digger, Queensland


KA J 23 5137
This ZA is undergoing a full restoration as a drivers car rather than original. These pictures are of the car as it was prior to disassembly. It was previously a parts car for another restoration.
Justin Greenwood, South Australia


KA E 23 5307
'55 ZA with 1622 motor, 4.3 MGA differential
Restored in 1996/97 by Leigh Wallace of Greensborough, VIC. Owned by Peter Daley from Canberra, Australia since March 1998


KA A 23 5367
Des Barker's ZA in Western Australia


KA A 23 6628
Car was purchased from Des Newham of Sydney Australia in May 2004. The car seems to be original. I am unsure of the original date of registration, but the rego label on the car shows that it was last registered in September 1979 and has been garaged since September 1980, when that registration expired. The car is in beautiful condition for its age and the only work needed is new rubber seals all round the body, refurbishment of the woodwork and new electrical wiring to replace the existing old and frayed wires. Finally, I have realised a childhood dream of  owning an MG!
Fred and Jan Schaap


KA C 23 6956
Purchased on ebay by John Cuneen.
Now sold to be used to repair a ZA racer which hit the wall at Eastern Creek Raceway. It is now owned by Bruce Smith.


KA C 23 6960
Bruce Bramhill from Victoria, Australia bought this Magnette in need of full restoration. The result after 5,5 yrs restoration:


KA A 23 7081
on ebay 02/2008:
I am offering my ZA Magnette for sale. I bought the car locally in 1984 and have used it on/off as a regular driver since then.

Please Note: The car is fitted with a 2 L Mitsubishi motor (Sirius motor as fitted to Cordia, Starion) This is coupled to a 5 speed box.I know this is sacrilege to MG fans but it was a very successful conversion making it a great car to drive.
Read more about this car....


KA C 23 7115
ZA Magnette which is undergoing a slow restoration. The picture shows the car when it arrived back in 2009.
Les Hall, Victoria


KA C 23 7116
After owning a 1969 MGB for ten years, it was time for a change. I purchased the 1955 MGZA from P. Ramsden (Perth WA) on 29/3/06.After having it transporting it back to Bendigo,it was of to the workshop, replacing the brake hoses and a few other worn pins and bushes etc and fitting a reconditioned tailshaft and yokes, the car is now ready to be a daily driver. Being fitted with the MGA engine and Diff it cruises nicely down the road at 110Kph (70mph). The car
has been re-named "Lizzie" by my wife in honour of my late sister who was born in the same year. Both my wife and I have been members of MGCC's in Sydney and Brisbane and will be joining the Victorian MGCC and look forward to many years of touring and meeting others with like intrests in MG's.


KA J 23 7360

One of Andy Knigths Magnettes in Australia



KA E 23 7415
The picture was taken at a Motorist Appreciation Day rally. We received the perpetual, " Restorers Award " at our club presentation recently which was very exciting.
Lyle Constable, NSW, Australia


KA A 23 7652
First reg. Sept. 1955. Delivered by Lane's Motors Ltd of Melborne with serial numbered plaque in passenger side footwell. In dry storage from 1976 to Dec 1999 by original owner. Purchased by myself as a proud second owner, and carefully restored. The car now has flashing indicators for safety reasons. Engine upgraded to 1622cc plus a 4:3 Diff ratio and with ZB carbs / air inlet equipment
John Russell, Melbourne, Australia.


KA C 23 7723
My newly acquired MG Magnette ZA 1955.I am the fourth owner of this vehicle which has spent  it life up to now in the Australian country city of Goulburn  south of Sydney. Purchased in August 2004  and relocated to Canberra. Only modification is the installation of a 1622cc motor by an unknown previous owner. Member of the MG CC Canberra.
Graham Gittins, Australia


KA E 23 7790

Bought new by Mr Lim of Penang on 5th Sept 1955, sold to a Mr. Kelly on 2nd July 1977 who was stationed at the Butterfield AirForce Base. Arrived in Melbourne Australia on 7th January 1980. It turned up in Sydney for sale in 1986 as a restoration project. It was bought by Mr. Baker from Ulladulla NSW, restored over the next couple of years. Was issued "Club Plate 007" in 1990 and sold locally in 1994 to a Mr. Walpole . I purchased the car in 2012 and was issued the plates as pictured. The car is original, is in need of a little work. The hockey strips are still in Penang next to a gate post.


KA C 23 9078

I was given the car by a Bundaberg owner who was to restore it but it is to far gone in the bodywork. Now with T. Cumpston of Park Ridge South as a parts/doner car. G. Diggles


KA A 23 9132
Sold to E.H.Neuendorf of Minden via Ipswich/Australia on 6-10-55.
My car has been completely restored ,was black now old English white with Austin 1800 engine Toyota 5 speed 3.9 to 1 diff and Mitsubishi disc brake conversion .It also has electronic ignition cruise control an MGA exhaust manifold and 45 mm stainless system and on a recent 2000 klm round trip rally achieved 36mpg. Darryl Robert Purvis, Australia


KA D 23 9432
I owned this car in New Zealand (one of ten Magnettes I had there). I had it shipped to WA in 1993 after I had been here nine years, but was dissappointed to find it badly deteriorated. It still awaits restoration. In the photo you may notice the bonnet bent. It blew open on the truck delievering the car to Perth.
Chris Gray, Perth, Western Australia


KA D 23 9451
Stan Ball, member of the Geelong MG Car Club in Australia standing next to his ZA Magnette.


KA A 23 9472
I bought it from Mr Baker and it was in a very sorry state. The rust was very advanced in all doors and mudguards, the paint work was very poor with surface rust coming through as little volcanoes, however I like to restore basket cases due to the low purchase cost and the fact that I carry out all metal restoration and paint work, the only work I contract out is the upholstery. Being retired I was able to complete the restoration in 18 months and the result is that it was judged the best restoration for 2009 by the Morris Register of South Australia.
So what does this mean? Another ZA is back on the road in original condition with an owner that will maintain it over the next x years.
Ron Lomax, Australia


KA J 23 9473
This is a very old photo but it is probably the last time it still looked good. It's still in storage awaiting restoration. I'm the third owner, have owned it since 1968, when I bought it from my brother-in-law.
Ken Wasley, Brisbane , Australia


KA E 24 9552

Two ZA Magnettes lay in the backyard of a Northern Suburb of Melbourne- January 2014. The elderly owner now in hospital had left these Magnettes [ only the Later ZA  shown in attached images] in the Backyard for over 30 years. Rust was beyond terminal. This ZA Magnette [ Chassis No KAA 23/9552  Engine no. BP15GA/9272]   [original Engine replaced] could not be saved due to its condition, lack of time [property sold], and steep cluttered access.
Paul Vermont retains the chassis plate to this lost Magnette
                     from Loz Scott

KA C 23 9585
First reg. 4 July 1955. Fitted with blinkers & towbar, very original,on full registration in State of Victoria since new until purchased by us & brought to NSW. Richard & Sandra Best, Australia


KA C 23 9583

A nice story comes with the badges on this car!


KA C 23 9593
David and Marion Blaxall own this maroon ZA with the number plate "1955 ZA" !


KA D 23 9606
Previous owner has had the car since 1958 and says the 70,000 miles on the odometer is genuine.It still has the original motor rebuilt with new rings and bearings a few years ago.Wheels are 14" MGB wire wheels with Wolsley or Austin diff and half shafts and shortened to fit. George Berger, Australia


KA A 23 10468
Stan Ball's 'Spares Car'and its fate is bleak [Non original colours]


KA A 23 10524
Seen on ebay Australia July 2009


KA A 13 10592
This car was for sale in 2007


KA G 13 10728
Attached is a photo of our Magnette arriving at our home.  She is very dirty and full of red dust.  We collected her from Western NSW. Bought to Australia about 7 years ago.  Royal Tan in color which appears to be original.  This colour was not an Australian colour. All original except for vinyl seatcoverings needs some restoration .  Bob Towns.


KA E 23 10873
Seen on ebay 12/05 in Newton, Australia


KA D 23 11207
Bought in Perth in 2006 as fortune improved and as it was licenced, it seemed a good way to get a Magnette to drive in, at short order.
Chris Gray, Perth, Western Australia


KA A 23 11469
I finally have my car back on the road again. A few minor tidy up jobs remain but all in all the car is performing well after being off the road for 25 years. I intend putting a 3.9:1 diff in it to improve cruise performance and maybe down the road a pair of 1.5 inch carbs and an extractor exhaust. I cannot make too many changes as I have registered the car as Historic for the Sydney MG Car Club. Brian Woolmer


KA A 23 11615
For sale on ebay 11/2008


KA B 23 11712
Purchased car from elderly gentleman who had her sitting for last 6or 7 years. After a weeks tinkering have had car relicenced and intend to use her as my run about. Car is very original and runs a treat. I am in the process of making a few modifications to modernize him (Basil). 3.9 diff, Toyota 5 speed, and a slightly warm bored out MGB 1960cc (No hammering or drilling holes)
Andrew Murdoch, Australia


KA L 23 11831
Seen on ebay in 12/2005


KA C 23 12003
This '55 ZA belongs to Rod Byrne from  South Australia



Previously owned by Barry Thompson, it's now been acquired by Mike Gilbert in Perth, and fitted with an Austin 1800 engine


 KA D 23 9430

Now owned by Tim Patkin in Victoria



Previously owned by Neil Whiffiin, it has been fitted with a Toyota 5-speed gearbox and 1-1/2 inch carbs. Now owned by Peter Johnston in Queensland


KA A 33 5283
This '55 ZA was registered in Austria. Whereabouts unknown.


Austria KA C 23 6456
Maroon homemarket RHD ZA. Was brought to Germany, where she went through several hands. Now sold to Thomas Nebauer in Austria.


KA A 13 10310
Originally a rhd home market car but for several years now in Austria. Was for sale on ebay in 8/2005


KA A 13 5650
David Graham from Quebec, Canada sent us a picture of his early ZA, first registered March 1955:
"The ZA was purchased in Plymouth, Devon.  In April 1981 it was shipped from Liverpool to Montreal, Canada.  The car was driven to Halifax, Nova Scotia on the East coast and then in the fall of 1981 towed to Victoria, British Columbia, on the West coast of Canada.  In 1984 I rebuilt the engine, fixed a few (maybe quite a few) other small problems and then drove across Canada, first to Kingston, Ontario and then on to Montreal.  The ZA has lived in Montreal since 1986.


KA A 43 7477
"Ginty" spent most of his life in Sunny Southern California coming to BC in 2006. Ginty is equipped with a Roots type Supercharger, front disc brakes,  an alternator, and an MGA rear axle to cope with modern traffic conditions,  and he does so very well.....In Airsmoothed Style! Rich McKie
Update 07/2008: Ginty has now been fitted with 4 wheel disc brakes and MGA Twin-Cam wheels to resemble the development car that John Thornley drove as his personal car. I think it looks quite good!
More pictures...


KA E 33 6175
The car has always been danish since 1955 when it was built. It has run 117.000 kilometres from new. First reg. 27 April 1955 We use the car in daily use in the spring, summer and autumn. The registration numberstill is the original from the first day. Gert Jakobsen, Denmark,www.bordercollies.dk


KA E 33 8420
This 1955 ZA was bought in 1989 by the current owner Peter & Dorthe Beck from Denmark. This car was delieverd new to denmark and had only two owners before.


KA A 13 8178

Imported to Finland from Britain in 1973 and used daily after that up to 1977. Featured many years in a local Car Museum and has carefully garaged 30 years after that. A restoration started last summer and hopefully is finished in 2014. Needs some welding, brake overhaul, door seals and new paint.
Marjo Korhonen


KA E 23 7832
This Magnette was originally delivered to France, where it still remains.


KA C 43 9600
Is being restored to new condition in semi-race livery. Have owned the car for 20 years. Bought car in the outskirts of Paris. Bodywork except doors is reasonably good but all chrome work is bad. Hence this project started by fitting MGB Engine OD, Gearbox + Axle +Wires = 18 years. Specification to come is as follows: Body:  Louvered bonnet, air vents in wings, sunshine roof, lightened doors plexi windows, aluminium tank, engine 3.9 Rover +5 SP Box. LSD Axle MGB + Boranni Aluminium Wheels, 4 Disc Brakes King Pins from MGB with front vented discs 2 control aims on axle + ....Panhard Rod modified dash incorporating all wood, bucket seats front + 4 point roll cage. 
Andrew de BERNES, France    See pictures of the car finished in 2007...


KA J 33 6538
This wonderful left hand drive ZA Magnette was produced in 1955 and originally sold to North America. Since 1999, she was completely restored by Peter Herbst of Cologne, Germany, in a four years period. The grey leather interior matches to the dark blue outside colour in harmony. This beauty is quick and comfortable. I aquired her in February 2008 and our first journey was to the Magnette Meeting in Kassel. I will keep her forever. Wolf Juchem, Germany.


KA A 23 7660
Warren Marsh handing over the key to Robert Schmitz from Bamberg/Germany. He bought th car in 2000 and imported it to Germany.


KA A 33 7672



KA A 13 8628
Udo Barthels from Germany owns this rhd ZA since 1990.


KA A 13 9147
Built on 13.08.55 this ZA stayed in England until 2000, when she was imported to Germany. She now belongs to Harald Freischem from Cologne.


KA C 13 10702
Maroon  ZA that was the title on MG WORLD in June 2000. Imported to Germany in 2001.


KA C 23 12833
This maroon  ZA Magnette was built in 1955. She was imported to Germany in the late 80's. Now she is properly registered as a historical Car. She is quite original and drives well. Some time ago, a new beige leather interior was fitted.


KA J 13 13072
First registered on 16.03.56. This rhd ZA is in Germany now since a couple of years.


Ireland KA J 13 8278
ebay 8/2011 in Limerick, Ireland


KA B 43 10450
Originally sold in the USA, shipped to Ireland probably in the late 50's/early 60's by a returning emigrant. I bought the car a year ago and am currently rebuilding it as it was lying partly dismantled in a barn for over 20 years.
Randall Wharton, Ireland


KA_ __ 9674
A '55 Magnette first registeresd on 25.10.1955 in Milano and on 16.01.1961 in Roma, Italy


KA B 33 11739
This is an original Italian Magnette, sold by the importer of Florence and Rome  1956 license plate, I am the fifth owner, and the car is restored and marching. was originally gray birch, then was painted ivory MG. The last owner was a chief electrician of CINECITTA, and used it as the main drive, now I just change the two bumpers and other chrome.
Roberto Martinangeli


KA A 33 11876
'Mauro Benzoni's little treasure


KA A 33 11877

This car, running in Italy belongs to Marco Davide.



Now owned by Nobuhiro Sawanhoi in Japan (2017)


KA D 13 11793
Parts car belonging to Sonja & Yves Rommes from Luxembourg. Going to be scrapped...


KA C 41 12441
It's in my family from 1970(aprox), my brother buy when I was a child and all the family lives in Tijuana (the city of Mexico border whit San Diego California U. S.) he only use the car for 8 or 10 years. On 1999 I buy the car to my brother, in very bad conditions, don't have motor, transmission, and the interior uff! I bring the car to La Paz and stared the reconstruction.
Luis Benito,  La Paz, Baja California Sur state, México


KA C 23 8078
This Magnette is so far gone it''s going to join most of the other Magnettes in M.G. heaven. It has stood under some trees for the best part of 15 years  and was rescued for parts for my MGA and the hockey sticks for a friends '54 ZA The car was taken off the road because the petrol pump failed. So the owner E.J.SANGSTER eent out and bought an MGBGT...
Anthony Bushell, NZ


KA A 23 10277
Unused since 1985, rotten underneath but purchased May 2004, with the intention of installing a Rover V8 and using for club racing and possible Targa NZ. 
Ray Green, New Zealand 


KA A 23 12304
Lots of mods: 1930cc HRG Derrington head 45DCOE Webers ,295cam gives over 100bhp at wheels. Gear box either BMC c/r or ToyotaT3 5spd, divided prop shaft to banjo axle choice of 4.3, 4.55, 4.9 Tops out at about 185kph. MGB V8 discs & Princess 2pot callipers, adjustable sway bar, 400lb coils.Bilsteins all round. Rear end cambered down, track rods & Panhard rod. Quaife LSD  Has been competing here for it's whole life!! Regards, Neil. Goodwin


KA L 23 12874
The car is a New Zealand-new model, first registered here in December 1957. It has spent all its life around Christchurch, Timaru and Dunedin in the South Island, but I have just driven it to my home in Auckland, a distance of nearly 700 miles covered in two days with no problems. The car is currently fitted with a 1622cc engine and flashing indicators, but otherwise seems fairly original and unmolested. I'll try to keep it that way.The picture was taken on the shores of Lake Taupo, in the central North Island of New Zealand, en route from Christchurch to Auckland. Colin Heald


Norway KA C 33 12034
LHD, Export Damask Red Maroon , built  15 - 17 November
1955, despatched 22 November 1955, rescued from a scrapyaed by Halvor Arne Asland, Norway


KA A 33 7876
An early ZA with an interesting history: It was owned for several years by nons in Portugal. The car is owned by a Porrtugiese Doctor who works in Germany. But the car still resists in Portugal.


KA E 31 4538
Picture from the Swedish archive


KA E 33 4552
Was for sale Oct. 2004 in Stockholm, Sweden. First registered 01.01.1955


  KA C 33 4930
A Swedish Car spotted by Göron Jonsson.


KA C 33 4936
Per Malmros spotted this car for sale on the internet in May 2010


KA C 33 5405

Standing in a barn since 1977, now under restoration.


KA E 33 8727
First reg. 03.01.1955


Netherlands KA A 33 6443
This ZA has only done 70,000 km so far (about 50,000 mls). It's an original LHD Dutch car and has had only 3 owners from new : It now belongs sine many years to Hans and Monique Evers, who only use her rarely. It still has the original tin-top dash and all the papaers are still with the car.


KA A 43 7670

Located a a dutch classic car dealer in 3/2016


KA E 33 8426

Henk Wieldraaijer owns this car, which was first registered  on 26.01.1956. It now has a 3brg 1800 engine.


Netherlands KA A 33 9131
Original Dutch car, Harry Hilgerdenaar is the second owner.


KA E 33 9337
A nice contemporary picture from the Netherlands. The car was registered  UG-21-98 and has been scrapped.


KA C 43 12031
My car was build in 1956 (first registered 30-6-1956), went to the US and came to The Netherlands in 1999 I believe. I bought the car in 2000 from an MG specialist in Friesland. The car has been resprayed in the US and got another reconditioned engine this year. I still have the original engine and I think this one will come back in the car sometime in the future. Hans Lubberding


KA A 33 12326
First registered on 19.05.1956 in the Netherlands. The third owner scrapped the car in 1996.


KA C 33 12446
In the early 1970's this Magnette belonged to Bart Spoelstra, who was the owner of the MG Workshop in The Hague The picture was taken in 1974 during a meeting of the Dutch MG-clubs at the Zandvoort Circuit. The Dutch registrar Henk Kroese confirmed that the car is still running after a complete restoration in 1995. It's creme over light green  The car was assembled in Durban/South Africa (which might explain the sun visor!) and imported to the Netherlands in 1971 and later converted to LHD. It is said to be a '55 ZB what must be a mistake as ZB's were introduced as late as autumn 1956.