Built 1957

Magnettes from chassis 20642 to 27637 built

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 KAA23 24953

Now owned by Holger Scharnberg in Germany


 KAL 23 22635

Now owned by Franklin Sprafke in Rhode Island, but in need of full restoration (photo was taken at Abingdon in 1980)


 KA BA 13 25426

Registered September 1957 in Surrey. Birch Grey/Black.

Having done some research on this car, it has had homes in Surrey, Yorkshire, Cambridgeshire, London, Kent and Hampshire. In the early 80s, it was fitted with a 3 brg 1800 engine and O/D 3 syncho box.

We acquired it in late 2015, after it had been repainted, in Old English White and a Chevrolet colour, and have been using it whilst improving items as we’ve gone along ( a kind of rolling restoration). There have been some additions of period style modifications, using modern equivalents.



Owned and restored by Poul Dalkov in Denmark



Various modifications by the previous owner for historic rallying, including uprated engine, overdrive gearbox and custom exhaust. Was originally a black single-colour Varitone but now green



Owned by Daniel Sherrell in Perth since 2002. A previous owner fitted MGA disc brakes and wire wheel hubs




This car has had at least 6 owners and 4 different registration numbers (partly due to confusion over chassis number), and was restored by John and Lou Shorten. It was purchased in 2018 by Donald Dalton from North Yorkshire, who has owned an MGB and other classics for many years



Now owned by Paul Evans in California


 KAH5 22248

Now owned by Nico Dippenaar in South Africa, who drove it as a student in the 1970s after it was bought by his father in Pretoria (previous owners Mr Clarke and Mr Granzier). The car was retired in 1984, then Nico began refurbishing it in 2014. Engine, gearbox and much of the car is original, and the only modifications are indicators and seat belts


KA H 5 21293

Another of the CKD cars (Completely knocked down), still in SA


Owned by Lawrie Deakin in Victoria


KA T 23 23949

Purchased in 1982 in a crash damaged condition. Totally restored and re-registered in 2004. Modifications include 3.9 Austin Freeway diff, front anti roll bar,air cleaner mod as per register


KA PC 13 27502

First reg. 07/02/1958


KA BJ 13 23108

1800cc 5 Bearing Engine: 5 Speed Gearbox: Front Disc Brakes: Rear Indicators


KA BA 23636

WDV327 (original regno) has 7 previous owners the last having carried a restoration in 2009. The works were in part reported in Classic Car Mart magazine. First reg. 18/07/1957


KA B 23 26494

Purhased in SA -1958,moved to Queensland in the late 60's,then purchased and transported to New south Wales recently  transported back to South Australia. Stock standard vehicle, hope to have back on the road soon.


KA J 23 24486

Informed that it was imported to South Australia by an executive of ES Wigg & Sons (Stationers). Owned for past 12 years by a resident of Mt Pleasant. Brake servo, updated ignition, 3.9 final drive.


KA BJ 23 22348



KA BJ 13 27306

No history when the car was in England. Car was taken to Holland by John Vermeulen in the seventies and I bought the car ca. 1995 for spares. It is in a very bad state but complete. Now I am going to scrap it and use it for rebuilding my ZB from 1958 with chassinr. KAT 13/28067


KA BJ 33 21700

Original Duch car with orig. registration. Car bought new by fam. Van den Brink at Garage Bolland in The Hague. Second owner was a mechanic, who bougt the car in 1969 from the garage where the car traded in and kept it a few years. Third owner was Hielke dam from Heerenveen, who kept it from about 1970 till about 1979. Fourth owner was Piet Jan van Duren at Ruinen. he owned the car untill November 7th of 1984 and sold it to the 5th owner Oebele Bruinsma at Roden. After a year he brought the car back to Piet Jan van Duren. On February 20th of 1987 I bought the car and so I believe I am the 6th owner. Car is, after it has been used as the second family car until 1995, under restoration and waiting for completion.



KAC23 25645

2015 for sale in Auckland. Chassis number is very close to another NZ car, so I wonder if they were part of a batch imported here in 1957/58 ?


KA J 13 22468

It was on display in a motor museum for 10 years up to 2005 and then for the last 10 years used lightly until i bought it. It is highly original throughout, and i love to drive it.


KA BJ 23 24972

I sold it to brother when I was living in the UK. It was then sold to my other brother that passed away a year ago. My sister-in-law then gave it back to me. It was originally my grandmother's car in Durban (hence the ND number plate). The photo is as I received after 5 years in storage in a farm barn.


KA T 23 27349



KA TA 43 21686

The previous owner named the car Daphne. 


KA T 23 21198

Roger Pearce used this car for a rally Cape to Kairo in 2011.


KA A 13 22269



KA B 23 23256

The previous owner named the car "Princess" - rebuilt circa 2000. Now owned by Margie Rowley.


KA B 13 27298

Restored in 1991, when the colours were reversed. Now owned by Barry Milsom.


KATE 43 23080

Restoration project of garon Curtis.


KA B 13 22905

Owner of this ZB is James Dean.


KA LD 13 25558

My car is in many pieces because of extensive restoration but I have attached a picture taken at just after the start of the strip down.
Roy Callcut


KAC 43 25323

Purchased the car locally from a 20 year owner. Will restore into 'fun driver' condition and enjoy with my family.
Pete Mantell, IL


KA PA 23 22976

My car is build in May 1957 and exported to Denmark 14th. of May 57.  First registration 29/6-1957 problably in Copenhagen area as the MG importer (DOMI) had the head office there.  So it is LHD. from new.  Ivory over Black with Maroon trim (interior).  I bought the car in late 1981 and began the restoration same time. Registrated by me 12/6-1985
Jörn Rasmussen


KA L  33 24307

For sale in Sweden in 6/2013. Now in Northern Germany owned by Adam Elmholdt.


KA LD 13 21379

I previously owned 1184 which is shown in your gallery. Unfortunately it proved to be beyond my resources to repair it. Last year I exchanged this car for the ZB Varitone. John Shorten had already carried out all of the welding required on the underside. So far the body has been soda blasted, all of the panels repaired and filled and the car is currently being prepared for painting.I am re-building a MGB 3 bearing engine to fit coupled to a 5 speed Ford type 9 gearbox with a conversion kit from Hi-gear (I also have this conversion in my 1959 1500cc MGA Mk1). I also intend to completely re-upholster  and carpet the interior.
It is my intention to visit Coventry on the 10th August to pick a few peoples brains and get some detail photographs to help me on the rebuild. I have most of the parts needed except a few bits of chrome.The photograph was taken before the body was blasted.
Alan Sanders

KA L  13 22751

One Family owned car from new until 2010. Stored from 1994 until 2010 when I purchased. Two years restoration with incl. disc brakes, indicatoers and seat bealts.Two tone paint in steel blue and mineral blue. Not original as it's not a Varitone, but looks great. Now in the hands of Roger Mayes.


KA BJ 13 24620

Been in the family for most of its life. Failed MOT in April 1980 and has been dry stored ever since. Brought to Derby in March 2012 with aim of getting it back on the road Spring 2013. Derek Crocker


KA AA 13 22087
I went to collect this car 'for spares' with my late father-in-law, Peter Tothill in late 2005, He had worked as a production engineer on the ZB and was always a fan. He sadly passed away in January this year. I purchased the car and have continued the restoration. It has an HRG Derrington cross flow head with SUH4's from an MGA. A derrington pattern exhaust and manifold. Brakes are servo'd and it has a 5 speed ford gear box and high ratio back axle. Seat are leather and from a Rover 45. It also has stalk controls (again from a 45 ) for the lights and wiper controls. it has 3 fuse boxes (6 in each), A fuel pump intertia switch is attached to the bulkhead. A britax folding sunroof .I have also fitted a pair of body mounted Cibie driving lights instead of the fod lights. I hope to finish it for MG Live 2013....... we shall see.
Dominic Taylor-Lane


KA T 23 21199
 Johann van der Vath in South Africa owns this ZB, which seems to be used for weddings as well.


KA A 23 23871

One of Andy Knights Magnettes in Australa


KA LA 13 27469



KA CC 33 22522

This car was first registered in Sweden on 19.11.57 It was repainted with spraynozzle associated Electrolux vaccum cleaner in BMC original color during the sixtees. Owner since 1998 Anders Bäcklund


KA LD 13 27588


KA L 43 27577
Was for sale on ebay in Oct. 2002. Location Syracuse,US, Rochester. Meanwhile purchased by George Phelps (#14464) who brought her to Virginia, where she is giving her life so that other's might live.


Sweden KA BB 33 27497
Göran Johnson saw this car at the Scandinavian MG Meeting. One of the staff member used his very original Magnette ZB single tone Birch Grey. The owner Christer Svensson told that he was the third owner and it only some 85.000 km on it´s meter.


KA A 23 27425
I have just purchased this car from I believe it's 4th ( elderly) owner, who restored it 25-odd years ago. The car was originally black, now light/dark green ala Varitone, although it has small rear screen. Purchased new from Doug Watt ( authorised Nuffield agent) on 23/6/58 by Mr J.A. Bruniges of Belmont NSW. It last changed hands on 9th June 1977.
Ian Messner, Turramurra, Australia


KA A 43 27419
"Maggie"  was built at Abingdon on Decemebr 16 &17, 1957 - and was dispatched to the USA on December 21st, 1957. She was in California her whole life until March of 2000 - when Tom Webb bought her had her shipped to Chicago, IL.


KA A 43 27406
This Magnette war originally delievered to America, where it spent his life until 2000. Then it was imported to Germany where it is undergoing restoration with Christian Schräder


KA B 32 27372
I believe it was purchased by my Grandfather Walter George Noonan, a publican from Benalla in Victoria around 1956. It has remained in my family ever since.
Tom Noonan, Victoria, Australia


Norway KA AA 33 27320
Export Black / Maroon, built 12 - 16 December 1957, Varitone type body, Monotone paint, Whitewall tyres, despatched 16 December 1957. Rescued from a scrapyard by Halvor Arne Asland, Norway


  KA TA 13 27270
An original Manumatic, now being restored by Mike & Pam Willan after a long time in storage. Previous owners include Aileen George and Silwyn Jones. Mike is adapting the Manumatic system to a 5-bearing MGB engine


KA C 43 27257
The car was in a no-name storm in about 1986 in Florida and it was in a very bad condition when I bought it. It is now a Pro-Street car with a 1995 Ford V6 engine, but I ahve retained the stock body lines and chrome as it was in 1958. Read more...


KA C 43 27252
This ZB is going tob e dismantled by Phil White and Charles Reece as the floor pans, rocker panels, lower doors and lower fenders are nothing but rust. They picked her on a weekend (2,400 mile round trip in four days!). More...


KA C 43 27236
This car belongs to Brian Warmuth in USA. It is going to a basically a "to-factory-stock" restoration. There was absolutly no rust throughs in the body at all. So I have not had to replace any metal ...it's all factory panels throughout. The car came from california and had been stored for about 20 years when I bought it 4 years ago.Never sen road salt and I plan to keep it that way. I want this car to be even more of a survivor than it already is.


KA C 13 27223
Now owned by Richard Thomson, and fitted with a 5 speed gearbox and 1800 engine


KA J 13 27219
SD1 Rover V8 engine. Valiant AP6 radiator. MGB solid discs on front. Narrowed Capri V6 drum braked diff at rear. 3.22:1 ratio. Torque arms fitted off top of diff each side. Fitted with wire wheel adaptor hubs (Austin Healey) and special adaptor plates. Triumph Dolomite overdrive gearbox fitted to V8 with homemade adaptor and specially engineered flywheel adaptor. MGB wire wheels front and rear (5 1/2" fronts, 6" or 8" at rear. 1960's Alfa Romeo front bucket seats. Lowered 2" all around. Twin circuit brakes under dash from 1980s Ford Econovan incorporating brake pedal. Slightly modified dash to incorporate round speedo and tacho. Other small detail changes.  More pictures & details....
Vincent Stok, Victoria, Australia


KA A 43 27205
This car was for sale on ebay in Holtsville, NY, United States. The buyer wrote:
It  has the original paint and interior and looks to be an original car. It is rotten beyond repair. It seems as if someone really loved this car and I wonder what happend to it and why it so far gone. I was glad to save it to make sure that the parts get to those who need it to keep their's going. I've never seen a Magnette before and really am impressed at how regal they look in side. Rear arm rest between the seats and a clock above the mirror. Neat traficators and the knobs and switches for the heater are really cool. Now that I have seen this one I'd be interested in finding one without so much rust to add to my collection.


KA B 43 27175
A nice and shiny ZB which I spotted on the Z Day in Luxembourg. Unfortunalelety I lost the owners information...


South Africa KA H 5 27156
Was for sale in June 2010


KA BJ 13 27128


KA BJ 23 27116
This is a pic of the car when I collected it a couple of years ago from the previous owner. At that time it had not been used for about 30 years but was still in reasonably sound condition although just about everything will need refurbishing. Read more...
Malcolm Robertson, Weston, Australia


From chassis # 27110:Handbrake cable fork becomes threaded block


KA LA 23 27109
Maggie has been in my family since my Grandfather purchased and imported her to Australia in March 1959 through Howards in Cairns. She remained with him until his death in 1974 when my mother obtained ownership of the car. She drove Maggie until the late 1990's when my husband and I took over ownership. Our daughters drove the car, making it 4 generations of us who drove her to work. Maggie has been used for many weddings including ours and our daughters (1978 and 2002). Maggie is still in original condition and has never been unregistered having been in constant use for almost 50 yrs. Maggie is a much loved part of the family.
Des & Beth Lucas, Queensland


KA TE 23 27093
Purchased in 1981 while looking for a parts car. Its {it was a very rusty parts car} fate was different although the restoration took me 10years. Originally supplied by P&R Williams of Sydney as a two tone green car, it has been repainted in {non original} English mist over Executive grey. The picture was taken at Barwon Heads [ Victoria Australia]. Troop of Royal Marines forms part of a pedestrian crossing {last is a native recruit?} to a park in the holiday resort of Barwon Heads. KATE turned them into a guard of honour.
Loz Scott, Geelong, Australia


KA J 23 27070
My MG was purchased from Lanes dealership in Melbourne (Date unknown).I understand it was kept by the same owner and was last regitered in 1978. It was garaged for twenty years after the death of the original owner in Warrnambool Victoria.The relatives offered it to the person I purchased the car from because of his love for restoring MG's. The previous owner to me didn't get around to working on the car and it is not running nor has much been worked on since 1978.I have started to look over the car and plan to get the car back on the road over the next couple of years.The car is standard and nearly complete minus the heater unit, washer bottle and under dash parcel shelf.From looking at the fantastic restorations by other register users I can't wait to get her back on the road and take her for a spin around the beautiful Yarra Valley where I live.   .Ian Shipton,Victoria, Australia


KA L 23 27021
Seen on ebay in 10/2005


KABJ 43 26941
Now owned by Doug Foster in Portland, Oregon, who acquired it from Gene de Ruelle in Nevada, 2016. Other owners include Stephen Taylor


KA B 23 27929
Jo Reed from Victoria owns this nice ZB


KA J 13 26898
I was going to wait until my restoration was finished before sending you the photo - however I may not be capable of typing by the time that's done. I have had the engine rebuilt (Oselli). The interior re-upholstered, carpets and headlinings etc. with compliments to Lou Shorten. The car is down to bare metal with a lot of welding still needed. The photo is from the day I rescued it from the Ibiza woods. The car was built 25.-27.11.1957. Originally Twilight Grey with maroon interior. -Brian Pollard, Spain-


KA A 43 26866
Parts car purchased for $200 US several years ago. This one helps to keep the other two ZBs running. However, upon removing the engine and transmission recently, I determined that this car is salvageable. Allen Bachelder, New Castle, Virginia, USA.


KA B 43 26823
Ex-californian car imported to Germany in 2000. Engine/transmission missing, but sound body.


KA LD 13 26763
Seen on ebay in 7/2007


KA B 13 26751
First reg. 20.12.1957 in England.  Imported during the 90's to Germany. Sold to Luxembourg in 2003. Now used by Sonia & Yves Rommes during spring, summer and automn seasons. It's their family car to get to work or to school. No restoration done since 2003. They only have fun and use the car as often as possible.


KA L 43 26699
I am the fifth documented owner, and have the original dealer invoice from when it was sold new as well as every repair invoice since 1958.
Edwin Sweeny, USA


KA L 43 26695

Imported from the USA to Belgium,then to U.K. 5Speed box, alternator, servo assisted disc brakes on front, full body restoratiion


KA T 43 26668
My dad and I bought this car with intent to use it for endurance rallies and long distance driving. It had been fitted with a 3-main 1800 engine and 3.9 rear end by a previous owner, and I added disc brakes and headers. Unfortunately after one season of driving and two endurance rallies, the car has been retired. At some point in its life it suffered major structural damage due to rust, and it had been poorly repaired and covered up. It may someday see the road again, but not soon. Mark Michalak, Chicago, USA


KA BA 13 26636
59,000 genuine miles, bought as a non runner now purring away sweetly with minimal effort.
Moira Wallace, Ayr


KA BB 33 26631
Owned by Tyronne Hulton, Sweden


KA C 43 26561
Another car owned  and rescued by Wray Lemke,Mt. Pleasant, SC


KA T 23 26362
Mike Greenwood is restoring this Magnette


KA T 23 26360
After a 25-year rest, my ZB  is now back on the road as well. A 2-year restoration was finished just in time to take my daughter to her wedding - as it took her mother to her wedding 34 years ago. We even had the same driver! We're looking forward to the MG Car Club midweek run next week so that we can have the first open-road run for a quarter of a century. With a tweaked 5-bearing engine and the original gearing hills are definitely not a problem!
David Overington, NSW, Australia


KA L 23 26350
Another car from ebay with 1622 engine. Owned by John Cunneen now, who purchased the car in May 2010 from the previous owners who had the car since 1987. It was rebuilt prior to 1987 and painted in about 1996. It is fitted with the Australian B series 1620 engine.


KA L 13 26346
RHD Home market car. At one time was owned by a Royal Navy officer who appears to have brought the car to the US. Car was purchased off eBay out of North Carolina where was supposedly still running eight years ago. Has roof damage where a tree branch fell on it during an ice storm. Will need lots of restoration! First owner a Lt. Cdr. Troke RN. Bought from Strood Motors, Rochester.
Neal Sellars, Texas, USA


  KA BJ 13 26241
MGB Engine, discs,wire wheels, all added by me since I bought in March 2008. It's only done 800 miles since 1977!!! I'm using it a lot more.
David Burgess


KA J 13 26173
Believed to be owned by Ron Flockhart (racing driver) at one time. Been in my family since 1983. 52k believed to be genuine miles
Totally standard down to original carpets and door seals! 2 owners from new in my family since 1981. First owner from 1957 to 1981 when my uncle purchased it and rebuilt.
Nigel Younger


KA H 5 26026
The car was found with a scrap car dealer, but is still in running condition. First reg. 1958.  Only the starter and some lights are not working yet. Since a perfect workshop manual was delivered with the car, repairs will be easy.
Maria Lederer, Somerset West, South Africa


KA E 13 25944
Original car, beleived to be the 1957 Motor Show car. The car has black leather seats with green pipeing to match the body colour. The car has been dry stored for many years and is in process of having essential maintenance work carried out. Two previous owner's.


KA B 13 25932
This car was featured in Practical Classic Sept. 1997. With 5 brg. MGB engine an overdrive it is a good cruiser. The car was imported from England to Germany in 2001 and later sold to Luxemburg.


KA B 13 25931
Seen on ebay in 11/2008. Last owner had it for 28 yrs.


  KA B 13 25928
Was for sale in 12/2012


KA PC 13 25886
In its heyday (1980s) this car won a number of show awards. It has six previous owners and was once in the posession of a Magnette Register committee member. This ZB Varitone was originally sold (1957) in colours Ivory/Dark Red. Then it was changed (c1980?)to Ivory/Black. Then in 2000 to Birch Grey/Twilight Grey. It has had no modifications carried out but lots of restorative and maintainance work done on it in the past 50 years.


KA C 13 25827
After a 4+ year rebuild this Magnette is now just about complete. Brian Reeves owns this car since 14 years. She was build October 1957 and sprayed damask red.


KA A 13 25791
Norththumberland Police car black/maroon prop. scrapped
picture taken from M.G.'s on patrol by Andrea Green, photo: Laurence McNally


KA T 43 25779
Was for sale on ebay 12/2003 now in the hands of Richard Schaeffer (2006).


South Africa KA T 23 25778
This car belongs to the chairman of the MG Car Club - Border Centre, East London, South Africa


KA PC 13 25745
Kashmir beige/maroon varitone owned by Committee member Peter Martin, Tenterden.


New Zealand KA C 23 25642
The Magnette had spent 54 years in the  South Island, NZ until brought North late last year. Ideally suited for touring it has 5 speed gearbox, 1800cc engine and 4.3:1 diff. It achieved 36.86mpg over 341 miles in 2008.
Peter Yarham, NZ


New Zealand  KA C 23 25640
A right-hand drive export model, originally dark red, and manufactured in 1957. The car was first registered in May 1958 to Dominion Motors Ltd in Wellington, then in December 1958 to Mutual Rental cars Ltd, also in Wellington. From 1960, the car had 5 owners including the current owner s family, and at some stage was re-painted white. The car suffered an engine problem in about 1995, and was driven into this barn on the eastern outskirts of Auckland, where it has remained ever since. The interior is in surprisingly good condition, but the outer body and paintwork has clearly suffered.Under restoration by Daniel Richardson now.


KA A 13 25603
Seen on ebay in 03/2005: Twenty four years of disused have obviously taken their toll on the car. The car can only be described as needing complete restoration. The body has had only minimal repairs in the past so you will be dealing with "original rust" in most places.