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MG Magnettes in Sri Lanka

It is recorded that only 60 ZA, ZB and ZBV Magnettes were shipped to Sri Lanka between the period 1954 till 1959. Today, it is estimated that a total number of around 25 running cars exist, all of which are ZA and ZB Magnettes. 
Only two ZBV Magnettes were shipped to Sri Lanka. No ZBV Magnettes that were shipped to Sri Lanka exists at this point in time. The only running ZBV car on the road is a subsequent import from Singapore, while there is a ZBV car rotting away rather unfortunately due to a  misinterpretation of a last will left behind by the owner. The other ZBV from the original imports has been scrapped for spares. 
So far I have come across the following cars which are running or being restored. The number is the distinctive identification number after local registration. 

EL - 6402 ZA  The First ZA to be registered in Sri Lanka. Currently in Anuradhapura minus the front windscreen. The current owner plans to restore it fully and not sell it.
EL - 6403 ZA  The 2nd ZA to be registered in Sri Lanka and is with the present owner to be picked up by an enthusiast for restoration. I am currently negotiating for this car.
EN - 2 ZA  One owner car still running, owned by the former Commissioner of Motor Traffic
EN - 358 ZA  This car is in Kandy being restored at present.
EN - 6116 ZA  This is currently owned by an enthusiast, who owns many other classics
1 Sri - 3069 ZB  This car is owned by the brother of the gentleman who owns EN - 6116
2 Sri - 767 ZB  This is owned by the same person as EN - 6116
2 Sri - 7701 ZB  Owned by me and the last ZB to be shipped to Sri Lanka. 

Apart from the above, I can account for another 17 cars, living amongst us in Sri Lanka but do not have the specific registration numbers. I plan to set up a registration process to record the details of all these cars for our Sri Lanka page.
What has happened to the 60 cars that were shipped to Sri Lanka ? Many have gone to the grave yard just like their one time enthusiastic owners, while a handful are awaiting their destinies to be decided upon resolution of family disputes / testamentary cases. Some cars also have been shipped out to certain other countries – UK, Netherlands after restorations.

Dr. Vickum Senanayake,Sri Lanka