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(1) 2010 Peking to Paris: Here we go again!

Three years after the 100 year celebration of the original Peking to Paris of 1907 we are again set to take part in another 9,000 miles Challenge, linking the same two cities, driving the same 1956 Magnette ZA. It will start in Beijing on September 9th and will finish again in Paris at Place Vendôme on October 16th

 Why do it again, you might ask?

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Casablanca Challenge

It is over a week now since we arrived home safely after our Moroccan adventure, where the weather was sunny and even warm (up to 28 C).
Very tough (proper) rally with long stages and tight time schedules, long climbs (with dangerously high side drops). All twisty in tarmac but usually narrow, with uneven road sides (gravel) and potholes. Great rally roads and wonderful scenery.

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Preparation for the next Rally

Next month I am taking part  in Phillip Young's Casablanca Challenge in Morocco, driving the Magnette.

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Peking - Paris 2007 - Photo gallery "Best of the best"

Here are breathtaking pictures from China, Mongolia und more, which haven't been transfered during the rally updates. Worth watching!

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Peking Paris Challenge 2007 - 3rd Update

June 28th in Koblenz, only 2 more days to go

With the competitive part of the rally now over, the whole structure of the event became clear. It featured 5 totally different sections:
- China was just the start, with panache and glitter but only like a Sunday afternoon car shakedown;
- Mongolia was the real thing, the cream of the cream, and the classifications at the end of those incredible 6 days really determined the rest of the event. Far too rough by everybody’s opinions, and not requiring much driving skills, just a bullet proof car (or should I say a washboard and solid rock track proof car), but at least some really competitive stuff;