2nd February 2015

Dear Magnetteers,
you may have noticed that the layout of this newspage changed slightly. But that's not all! More interestingly for you should be, that all technical information formerly available on www.zmagnettetech.info are now in a new section of this site (see navigation bar). Stephen Tickell set up the tech website some years ago with a more modern system than I had then. Meanwhile magnette.org uses the same Content Management System, so we could bring both sites together.
I guess www.magnette.org is the greatest source on MAGNETTE matters. Help us to stay so and contribute with your input. This website is only as good as you share your pictures, reports and technical advice!

21st January 2015

Today we start with two cars from Australia on the gallery:

# 9078 is a MAGNETTE beyond repair and
# 27349 is a nice example, belonging to Fred Roberts

19th January 2015

If you plan to attend our event Harrogate Northern National + Magnette Weekend on Sat 8th / Sun 9th August,we recommend to book your accomadation asap. See Events page for more details and suggestions.


9th January 2015

Another ccouple that choose the Magnette for their wedding...


8th January 2015

There are three new owners with their MAGNETTEs on the gallery:

# 21686 Jon Marino, USA
# 28241 Richard Symonds
# 35522 Graham Franklin
# 35474 Charles Beney, all UK

7th January 2015

Wish you all a happy new Year!

15th December 2015

You feel the winter has been long enough already? Well, start to make your diary for 2015 now! The MAGNETTE events for 2015 are online now...

And I just came across this nice article about the "Drive your Magnette Day". A pity that the American guys don't feed this website and share it with all Magneteers worlswide ;-(