2nd May 2022

There's a report on the Shuttleworth Airshow visit which attracted more than 25 Magnettes

If you're looking for a closer alternative to the Tyne-Tees Jubilee weekend in August (which the Register is supporting), you may be interested in the Bournemouth MGOC 'Big Day Out' on 7 August, at the Sammy Miller motorcycle museum, to which Magnettes are also invited. Return the entry form by 15 July, and/or contact local Magnette owner Kent Edlund (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for more information

2nd May 2022

There's a new range of Register clothing with embroidered Magnette logo available at magnette.ace-online.co.uk/catalogue You can select size and colour to order direct from Ace Embroidery, and the logo is also available in a wide range of colours to match your own car ! (select logo colour at checkout) 

24th April 2022

There's a report on the first Register event of the year, Magnettes & Steam at the Watercress Line

6th March 2022

There are some updates to the Events programme, and also a new Marketplace Bulletin - a regular contribution from Roger England

2nd January 2022

Happy new year to all Magnette enthusiasts. There's a new provisional list of Register events, but look out for updates. Also Roger England has provided an updated Marketplace Bulletin and a tech-tips article about replacing the rear springs

31st October 2021

There's a report on the recent Lou Shorten Tribute weekend, and also an updated marketplace bulletin from Roger England

3rd October 2021

There's a report on the recent Magnette visit to Kop Hill Climb, and Roger England continues to provide a useful bulletin listing cars currently for sale, which can be found in the forum