15th December 2015

You feel the winter has been long enough already? Well, start to make your diary for 2015 now! The MAGNETTE events for 2015 are online now...

And I just came across this nice article about the "Drive your Magnette Day". A pity that the American guys don't feed this website and share it with all Magneteers worlswide ;-(

9th December 2014

Maybe you were wondering, that we had no new cars on the gallery. Well, still cars turn up, that were unknown to still excist, but my time was too limited and there was a problem with my database. The latter is fixed and time was found now for a first batch of new international entries (more to follow):

Please welcome
# 1360 of Garry Needham,  Ontario/Canada
# 6990 of Ken Beiser, USA
# 7672 Hamid Raziorrouh In Germany
# 10900 Cochrane Lloyd, UK
# 11877 Marco Davide, Italy
# 28249 # 37004 Tomas  Jaksch, Sweden
# 30267 Martin Donald, UK
# 30065 Richard Smailes, South Africa. Therefore the report on CKD-cars has been updated as well

Please look at the gallery

30th November 2014

Here's another picture on our wedding gallery from Austria.

And from Mexico we have another report of a tour across a wonderful landscape.

15th October 2014

Now we have a full report of the Norwich weekend thanks to Grant Howlett.

From Australia we have a report of the Gathering of the Faithful at Wagga Wagga, which already took place in September, but was lost in my mailbox. Sorry for that!

9th October 2014

More pictures by Barrie Hope added to the Norwich event.

8th October 2014

Last weekend the last event for the '14 season took place at Norwich. Here are first pictures...
Now it's up to Magnetteers on the southern hemisphere to keep us updated!

21st September 2014

WARNING: Again I heard about cracked wheels on a MAGNETTE. I've heard and seen it several times now, so I copy a text from our tech-website here (written by Malcolm Eades) and hope you check your wheels. Let me know if you find cracks, to see if it's a common fault just 60 years later.

This summer I have done a lot of mileage and seen a lot of Magnettes. On my travels I have found two examples of metal-fatigued wheels, both of which might have been subject to catastrophic failure at high speed. What really caught my attention was that one of them was on my car!
Magnette and MGA wheels are known to be prone to cracking if used "enthusiastically". Some may even fail in normal use simply because of the age of the metal. Just think about the lateral stresses that they undergo when cornering.
Check your wheels now. Take off the embellishers and look for hairline cracks in the area between the wheelnuts. If a linear stain won't wipe off, the chances are it's a crack with dirt in it. If you find cracking, the wheel should be condemned immediately.