6th December 2013

Another book has been added to our Books-page. It's the 1994 yearbook the Magnette Register printed to commemortae the 40th birthday of the MAGNETTE. It's already some time ago... But Santa Claus brought you this yearbook as pdf to download (for free of course). Enjoy it!
By the way: Santa Claus has changed his deers against a MAGNETTE, because it's much more comfortable even with the original heater.

2nd December 2013

Luis Benito from Mexico sent a report of what happened in his country, in Mexico this year. He's truly an enthusiast!
Also the dates for 2014 have been added to the events calendar.

11th November 2013

Loz Scott sent a report nd pictures of the Magnette60 celebrations in Australia of the MGCCSA...

And please notice, that Lou Shorten has a new email address. It's "mgzmagnettelou (at) btinternet (dot) com". (Delete spaces and replace wirth @ and .)

5th November 2013

More cars added to the gallery. Please welcome Alan Sheldon from Queensland/Australia and Juan Lopez-Garriga from Barcelona/Spain.

2nd November 2013

Christoph Gudenus sent a picture of  the MGOC

Austria Club Championship. His Magnette is leading the pack.

And Stephen gell with his # 5911 is new on the gallery.









31st October 2013

Ray Andruk sent me a picture of his Magnette with a halloween costume. Looks to me like the face of Thomas the tank engine and I wonder how fast the temperature will raise. Magnettic halloween....

29th October 2013

Brian Pollard sent a nice article from Classic&Sportscar.