1st July 2021

If you're planning to come to the Shelsley Walsh Classic Nostalgia weekend please book online to take advantage of reserved Register parking and discounted entry, and contact John Harris so he knows how many Magnettes to expect. There's some more detailed information about the attractions on offer

20th June 2021

Mainly for UK restorers - John Shorten is still very happy to deal with enquiries for repair panels and some other parts by phone (01603 872436) but he's had problems recently identifying the names and numbers of callers from voicemail. If you do leave a message, he requests that you please make sure to speak slowly and clearly !

11th June 2021

There's a report on the visit to Crich Tramway Village. Also don't forget that for the rescheduled Somerset Weekend you'll need to book in advance for Haynes Museum, Montacute House and Saturday evening dinner - see events

23rd May 2021

UK Magnette enthusiasts don't have long to wait now for our visit to Crich Tramway Museum (29th May), the first Register event since 2019. All are welcome to join us, but if you want to take advantage of the discounted admission and special parking on the museum Main Street you must contact David Griffiths before the event (01423 873132/07770 982624)

There's more detailed information about the Somerset weekend, 3-4 July

3rd May 2021

For UK Magnette buyers or sellers - new Register committee member Roger England is compiling a weekly marketplace bulletin listing cars for sale or recently sold, which gives a good picture of current values and will help prospective buyers not to miss adverts. Bulletins are attached to this forum thread (most recent is at the end)

11th April 2021

For MG Car Club Members - Notice of an MGCC Virtual General Meeting on 17th April:
Background - Some MGCC members have been concerned over the governance of the MGCC by the current board of directors in recent months and this culminated in a Council Meeting on 27th March 2021 which was called by a group of seven of the Club’s Centres, Registers and Branches (CRBs).This  meeting was attended by Paul Batho and David Halliday representing the Magnette Register. The outcome was a vote of no confidence in the current board (28 CRBs for, 6 against, 2 abstained), followed on 7th April by the resignation of the current board with the exception of Peter Cook. There will consequently be a General Meeting of the MGCC which will propose a replacement Board be put in place until the next AGM in October 2021.

An overview of the meeting and more detailed information can be found on the V8 Register website. If you wish to attend virtually you'll need to register by 14th April. Only CRB representatives can vote at the meeting but if you have a question or point you wish to raise, please let Paul or David know by phone or using our contact form

20th March 2021

There's a new article by Roger England about installing a headlining, in Tech Tips. It provides very detailed step-by-step instructions and comments, so should be very useful if you're considering this task