27th March 2013

In view of the atrocious weather at present and after consultations with local inhabitants regarding travelling conditions near the Churnet Valley Railway it has been decided to CANCEL the event on Saturday March 30th. Please keep watching this space as we shall endeavour to run it again later in the year.   Thought for today, Easter is early this year but next year it is late in April (the weather might be better). Here’s to salt free Magnetteering later this spring.
John Harris, Secretary MGCC Magnette Register

21st March 2013

I'm a bit dissapointed that I received not any information about the "unidentified magnettes" on the gallery. I really hoped to get a few information, as some cars were photographed at events and must be known to club members. So if ou haven't doen yet, please have a look at the gallery and choose categorie "unidentified cars". Perhaps you recognize a car. many thanks!


16th March 2013

A new Monthly Picture has been added. You have intersting pictures, too? Send them to me!

12th March 2013

Tony Don (NZ) and his Magnette # 33495 wuith a nice history are new to the gallery.
Click on "date" on top of the gallerie to sort the newest entries first.

23rd January 2013

Three more Magnettes for the gallery. They don't stop turning up (luckily):
# 2783 an early car owned by Brian Melville, England
# 23947 a restoration project in Australia
# 25642 Peter Yarham nice runner in New Zealand

20th January 2013

Brian Woolmer from the MGCC Sydney sent a nice report, on how they rescued 5 Magnettes from the scrapper...

14th January 2013

The Magnette's Diamond Jubilee gets some good feedback. See here...

You want to take part at this event? No problem, online booking is available now. Look here...

9th January 2013

Today we have 4 new Magnettes on the gallery. We nearly reach the 800 mark!
We start with
# 24234 owned by Ian Cox
# 27790 A restoration project for our well-known Loz Scott
# 32901 Adrian Tomlinson with another restoration project and
33597 David Wahl, USA

The events calendar 2013 has been updated. Please make your diary now and remember that Magnette60, the Diamond Jubilee of the Magnette, is the main event in August. WE WANT YOU THERE!

3rd January 2013

A happy new year to all Magneteers worldwide!
I'm sorry there haven't been any updates for some time, but as I said, I'm working on a relaunch. Bút there are information, that can't wait:
Stephen Tickell asked me to make the following note:

Magnette60 online booking coming soon !
We will be taking bookings for Magnette60 very soon. It was announced in Safety Fast! magazine that the online system would be available at the beginning of January, but as usual the technical side of things is taking a little longer than planned. Thanks for your patience, and please check back here shortly. If you register your interest by mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we'll make sure you're informed immediately when we're open for bookings. Please don't contact Wroxall Abbey hotel directly, as they won't be able to offer you the preferential pricing and package deals available through the Register.

9th December 2012

A big update on the wedding gallery with three new wedding cars and their passengers...

Please notice: this is the last update for the year as I'm working hard on a relaunch of thsi website and can't do both websites. I hope to have the new website running by the end of the year...
So pleaxse come back!




1st December 2012

Due to some circumstandes the last weeks seem to be quiet on the website. But there is a reason you will see some time, not this year...
Anyway: the work goes on. First I had a lot of pictures and registrations in my mailbox that need to be included in the gallery. here we go in ascending order by chassis numbers:

# 11492 these are the sad remains of a once glory car sitting in CA, USA and waiting for to be kissed by a prince. This prince shouls have some skills!
# 18026 was for sale in Sweden and needs some helping hands, too.
# 20223 is a nice example, that now belongs to David Rawlins from Australia
# 23083 This is quite intersting on how this website and the register brings people together: we had an enquiry of David Taylor, who's father owned this car in the '60s and he found some pictures and papers. Due to our database we could get him in touch with the current owner, who very much appriciated this file of history of his car.
# 30823 Kurt Nagl from the States is new proud owner of this ZB (not Varitone) and finally
# 36349 John Clark from Hampshire owns this car since 40 years now.

There is also an intersting comment from our register historian Peter Martin to the last picture of the month.

The next update will come soon with some nice wedding shots! And the new picture of the month!

9th November 2012

I missed the update on 1st of the month, but again there was so much to do. There was also a register meeting in Germany, which I organised. We had some lovely time around the meeting in Boppard on the Rhine. Well, bute here we go with another update:
The first dates for the 2013 events calendar are fixed...
And of course a new picture of the month...

23rd October 2012

Goodwood report with pictures of Rikke Urbansen Nissen and Dietrich Krahn added...

3rd October 2012

Already some weeks ago the register had it's annual AGM. After a five years period as chairman, Paul Batho stood down. New chairman of the register is David Halliday. It's the first time a Aussie takes over this role in the UK. So our register committee is well international now.
This is a good bridge to turn over to the Wagga Wagga event in NSWm Au´stralia. Loz Scott send a full report and pictures...

Also some news on thegallery which climbed to 783 cars! Is your car still missing? Please send a picture. So did Noel Willis from Ireland with  # 16404 , and  Rod Smith from Victoria, Australia with # 36082

Finally we have a new picture of the month

23rd September 2012

Grant Howlett's wonderful one-family-owned ZA again was the star in a report. This time it is compared with the new MG6 in Enjoying MG, which the author Jon Presssnell along with the MG Owners' Club made.


21st September 2012

Per Malmros found another car from Sweden for the gallery: # 14322.
And Mark Bunce sent some pictures from saturday in Norwich...
After a long period there are two new entries on the wedding gallery. Committee member Clive Webb married in style and our Mexican Magnette owner Luis Benito Ruiz Bogarin chauffeured his daughter to her wedding.




18th September 2012

Here's a report from Norwich...

6th September 2012

Two more cars for the gallery:
# 12681 and # 37085
And I found this picture in my folder and thought it's ok to congratulate HM for her Diamond Jubilee in 2012

which marks 60 years as queen.

And of course a new picture of the month....





26th August 2012

Here is the Silverstone MG LIVE report (with some delay)...

But plannings for Magnette60, our main event in 2013 to celebrate the diamond jubilee, are getting more detailed. Read more...

21st August 2012

Here's the report of our AGM at Middleton Hall last weekend.

Daniel Pope's Magnette # 28909, still under restoration, is new on the gallery.


And looking over the pond I heard that the 1957 MG Magnette saloon "Geraldine" of our Allen Bachelder, of Michigan, won class at the North American MG Register show in Dayton, Ohio!





2nd August 2012

I haven't done a lot of updates during the last weeks, but my ar kept me busy! So quite a lot of news wait to be spread around. Here we go:
Please note that the event on 8th/9th September in Norwich has been reinstated for 2012! Saturday, there will be a lunchtime barbeque, followed by a short petrol saving walk and an evening Dinner. Alternatively just sit and chat with John and Lou Shorten. Sunday will be held at Bressingham Steam Museum and Gardens. See events page...

Then we are very happy to announce our new regalia shop. You can now order clothings for men and ladies with the Magnette Register logo. Just follow this link or use the button on the left navigation (Regalia Shop).

The GP100 souvenir DVD compiled by John and Cynthia Harris features extensive extracts from the guest speaker sessions, as well as showing all the other events of the Gerald Palmer celebration. Copies will be available to buy at the AGM (Middleton Hall) for only £10, or alternatively John and Cynthia are prepared to send them by post. This will cost an extra £1.20 in the UK, or £3 outside the UK. Please contact us if you would like a copy"
A trailer can be seen on youtube.

There is also a new picture of the month. But it could be one of the last, if you don't look your archives and photobooks and send some interesting pictures  to me! It would be a pity if we have to stop with this as we had so many nice pictures over the years.

More during the next days with the Silverstone report...


1st July 2012

The Magnette Register day at the Kop Hill Climb is getting closer and spaces are filling fast. We would really like to have a good presence from the Magnette Register at this wonderful historic event, if we don't get a few more cars along, we may risk losing our space. That would be a real pity and it is a wonderful opportunity to show off our wonderful MG Magnettes to the classic car and classic motorsport world. It is a great day out for classic car enthusiasts of all ages.

As this is organised by the Kop Hill Climb committee, it is very important that you get on and book sooner rather than later. Like Goodwood, they will sell out and you cannot just turn up on the day to display your car. So please go to
http://www.kophillclimb.info/ get your entry in and make sure that you say you are wanting to join the MGCC Magnette Register.

Just to reiterate the key point;
The Kop Hill Climb is one of the oldest motorsport events in the UK. It was revived in 2009 and 2012 is the fourth running since it was revived. There is a fantastic line up of prewar and postwar cars. Many of the cars at Kop Hill will have been at the Goodwood Revival the previous weekend. It is a wonderful opportunity to see some wonderful cars in a very relaxed and friendly environment.

Come along in your MG Magnette, join the classic car display or even apply for a chance to run up the hill. We would like to see a good turn out of Magnettes at this wonderful event. Bring a picnic lunch while watching some wonderful cars of enjoy the comprehensive catering.

It is important that you book early is there are a limited number of places and they fill fast. Information and bookings can be done at the website; http://www.kophillclimb.info/

Click on the "Classics and Clubs" link in the left hand side menu. Work your way through the registration and ensure that you choose the MG Car Club Magnette Register in the "Individual or Club" part of the registration page.

This is an official Magnette Register event for the Saturday only because many of us will want to attend the MGB 50th event at Blenheim Palace in Sunday the 23rd of September. Blenheim Palace is very close to Kop Hill, so why not make a weekend of it. It would be great to have a nice turn out of Magnettes to support the MGB Register in their principal event.

We look forward to seeing you there, but please, please book soon.

8th July 2012

Again I'm a bit late with the picture of the month, but here it is...
A note for those who wish to attend the Kop Hill Speed Hill Climb in September has been added to the events page. Early booking is necessary!

Hello Magnettiers from all over the world!

The MGCC Z & Farina Magnette Register wishes you 
a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

I announced it several times and I hope I don't dissapoint you. Here's your free christmas gift. Download your own Magnette-screensaver now! (1,5 MB).  It's easy to install and even uninstall. I  hope you enjoy it.
But we have more. There are several updates:
Paul Barrow kindly sent me two new book reviews, which can be read at BOOKS and he also sent me the following  
latest News on Reproduction of Magnette ZA / ZB Tool roll:
Following recent enquiries, it will be possible for a limited production run of 30 only to be made of the tool roll. 
The biggest problem has been the sourcing of the bitumen backed hessian and this is now possibly over come. As to pricing, the likely outturn will be £40.00 including UK VAT (£34.04 export and VAT Exempted Sales). In order to secure the financing, I am now interested in receiving firm indications from people who are seriously interested in taking advantage of this limited run. If there is sufficient excess demand we may be able to extend the run, however, due to the supply of the raw material, a second run can not be guaranteed.  Please email your intentions to Paul Barrow as soon as possible please on the link below. Thanks.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I hope you all enjoyed this month's entry page with Santa Claus and some snowfall. 
In my last notes  I promised a christmas gift for our visitors. But it's still not christmas, so you still have to wait...and come back at christmas!
But to shorten time I created a test for you. Find out whether you are an Magnette-expert. Click here for the Magnette-expert-test.
Again it's necessary to activate JavaScript in your browser (most surfers already have).
See you again at christmas for the free christmas gift. 

The price lists of our suppliers are much quicker to download now.  I'm just preparing a Christmas gift for you... Worth waiting for it !
Please sign our guestbook. Let's get it a "Who is who" or better "Who got one" (Magnette).

We now have a site for Magnette suppliers, where you can download a price list! Should you order from them, please mention our website !
One of our regular visitors is going to look into the feasibilty of remanufacturing the M.G. Z Magnette Tool roll. Selling price may be £20-£25 (without tools, of course) but this is subject to confirmation depending upon if anyone is interested. If you are interested, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Whilethe season has ended in Europe, it should start in the southern hemisphere. So you people out there, where are your reports?
For those who couldn't manage to get the classic & sports car article in October, we have it here as a pdf-file:
"Grace but no heirs" (1MB)
Thanks to Paul Barrow for making this file.
If you do not have AcrobatReader yet, you can downlad for free here:

What else? My cry hor help for more pictures died away in the web's nirvana. The register would really like to have more input from you!  

Use the cold autumn's evenings to get your car greased!!

Here is a short reportwith some pictures of the Y-type & Z-Magnette tour to Luxembourg and the 4th German Z-Magnette-day. 
I also promised another special Magnette. Here it is:  It's No. 28 from the production line! One of the oldest known Magnettes. And it is for sale... Click here to see some pictures 

A lot of news now. First we have to announce, that there are some nice articles on Magnettes in several magazines. September's issue of "The Automobile" has a three pages report on Magnettes. 
In October's issue of "Classic & Sportscar" is a article that is very well written and very favourable towards the car. So hurry to get your copy..
But that's not all. I received an interesting articel on Magnette models from Paul Barrow that you can find here.   
Nothing for you? Well if you are not only interested in Concours cars and like conversions look at this Hot Rod Magnette. I've often seen the letters H.R.M in the UK, now I know what they mean ;-). 
P.S. I'm running out of good pictures for our "Monthly Picture". So help! 
Well for the next time I can announce another special Magnette. No conversion, no racer but was built for a motorshow. Watch this space....
Bye and enjoy the site.


During the last few days I have found some interesting links, so I have updatd again. Look at "Other links" at the bottom to see  what has been added. 
A few weeks ago I wrote about our Historian Warren Marsh and our Registrar David Johnson, who both took part in a rally through East-Europe and Scandinavia. Follow this link to the organiser's homepage with some nice videos and pictures (unfortunalety only in Dutch), or click here to see the "Magnette team".

The summer (or what it is called) in Europe is passing now and the last Magnette event in the UK is already over. Lou and John Shorten managed to get 53 (!!) Magnettes to their event in Norwich. It's nearly imposssible to get so many cars on a picture, but our new chairman, Roy Smalldridge, took a picture to give you an impression of this big event. 
Well the feedback from YOU , our visitors, is very very low. Maybe nobody visits this site? Or everybody is bored? Or just happy to surf on? Anyway, the Register makes this site for you, so we would like to know what you think about it and what you like to see in the future. Feel free to send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and/or scripe our guestbook. Thanks! 
For the next time I have a really special Magnette for you. So watch this space...


Not too many news for now. I managed to get the dia show of my Scandinavia tour ready for you.  This is more or less an experiment for further shows. Tell me what you think about it! Also tell me what you like to see, what you miss or just what you don't like
Scandinavia tour 2000:
The Varitone was packed with two children, two adults and all the camping equipment four people need during a 14 day trip in a cold climate! The journey took us from Germany to Denmark, further north to Bergen in Norway. Then we crossed Norway eastwards, visited the MGA & Magnette representative, before we headed home via Sweden and again Denmark. The beginning and end of the tour was marked with M.G. events and in between a lot of driving in beautiful scenerie. 
The whole journey was about 2,500 miles during 14 days. The Magnette did all without problems. I only had to tighten the fanbelt once. And later at home the brake master cylinder needed new rubber bushes, because it didn't held the pressure.
Why I write this? Just to encourage you to use your cars whenever possible. 
Remember:You can do it in an M.G.! 

Magnettic MotorinG

Another event has gone by now! Many of you missed the annual event at Old Warden. We were lucky to have flying conditions on the saturday evening and see a Spitfire and a Hurricane flying beside, amoung a lot of Vintage Doubledeckers. I would have preferred to see a Messerschmitt, but after seeing the Spitfire I understand, that not many survived the airfights.
Anyway. It was a cold and wet week. But the stay with the Shorten's was worth getting cold in the tent! John found some of his spare time to show me how he builds repair panels. Really impressing.
I plan to progam a little photo show for you. But as this site is run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts it will take some time. So have a look from time to time. Normally we have every 14 days something  new. 
This time I'm happy to announce the completion of our Regala-site with brand new register regalia!
I also added some new "Other links" and a new "tip".
Bye for now

The season is in full swing now with a lot of M.G. events to choose. I hope you all have your Magnettes on the road now and enjoy driving in the new airsmoothed style. My family and I returned after a 2,500 miles through Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, which we all enjoyed. The Magnette ran without problems and seemed to enjoy the lonely roads in Norway.
But this seems to be nothing against Warren Marsh's trip. He did nearly 5,000 miles in his ZA on a rally through Poland, some of the new states formerly belonging to Russia, and Sweden! Anybody out there, who can beat this?

I added a report of a Ford Sierra 5 speed gearbox conversion at "Hints & Tips". All other things still have to wait, as my diary announces the European Event in the Netherlands on 8./9. July. From there I will travel directly to England, "waste" one week in beautiful landscape with long and winding roads, just to arrive at the Register's Summer event in Biggleswade just in time.

For those who have already registered their Magnettes online - a big thank you. All cars were unknown on our file. Please also register your Magnettes, which are scrapped or you want to sell. Let's find out, how many survived!
Magnettic MotorinG

Just two days before I'm gonna leave for the MGCC Germany's Whitsunday event, I managed to get my car ready after a half years rebuilt. It all started with the idea to do some necessary welding and replace some rubbers and ended in a nearly total restoration.
Anyway. I just want to tell you, that there will be no update during the next 14 days (except the classifieds), as I will drive via Norway, Sweden and Denmark to the next MG event, which  is held on the island Als in Denmark.
After this we have some interesting reports for you: I received an interesting report on a Ford Sierra gearbox conversion and also a report of the season's opening at Magnettes & Steam is in preparation.
If you go to Silverstone, have a look at our stand and park your Magnette in the Register Parking Area!    
Magnettic MotorinG


The season has started now with the Register's first event "Magenettes and steam". Weather conditions were fairly wet as you could see at the Silverstone Grand Prix, but a dozen Magnettes ignored the weather and attended.
I received the information from Malcom Eades, that a conversion kit for Ford Sierra gearboxes is under development. Many MGA owners already converted their cars with this gearbox. These boxes are very small and 1st to 4th gear are nearly the same as the original , with the advantage of a 5th gear with a ratio of 0.82. The kit will include a cast aluminium bell-housing, clutch release mechanism, special prop shaft and all bolts & fasteners. Not included is the gearbox, which can be found easily and cheap at scrapyards. Futher informations will appear.  This conversion is surely a good thing for long distance runners.
Also new is our "tips & hints" section, which should become the buyers and restores First Aid in the future. If you have tips that could help others send them to me.

Welcome, Willkommen, G'day, Bonjour, Sawasdee,

although we care for old cars, the Z & Farina Magnette Register now uses new technlogies to inform and help Magnette owners on all continents.
Beside the fnished sites of history and books etc. we will inform you frequently about the Magnette sZene. The section "Regalia" is still under construction, but I think there's enough to surf around in the beginning.
Please use our classifieds at "market" if you want to sell or buy Magnette parts or cars.
At the moment there is not too much about the Farinas, but that will change in the future. At the moment I can only recommend the Farina website. You'll find a link at "Other Links".
We also plan to include a section with technical tips etc. More informations will arise over the year. But your webmaster has to get his own Varitone back on the road for this years events. Hopefully I meet o lot of you!
As this site is YOUR site, comments are very welcome. Write what you like, what you missed and what you don't like to see. Please use our guestbook for your comments or send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
For historical reasons we like to know about all Magnettes, whether they are owned by members or not, so anyone is welcome to send in their car details. You can do this on our "Register your MAGNETTE" . To prevent you of spamming, your dates will be coded!

Bye for now and enjoy our site.
Magnettic MotorinG
Günter Graskamp

Back from Silverstone! Here are the first pictures. More to follow next week. I have to hurry as the next Magnette event takes place  this weekend in Minden/Germany and the Magnette awaits it's 1,000 miles service.
Here you'll see the California Cup team (Paul Batho, Günter Graskamp and John Hale).
Here is the Le Mans MG
On the MGCC homepage are more impressions of Silverstone.
Excuse this telegram style but I'm really in a hurry! More on the beginning of July.

We have just noticed that the email address for John and Lou Shorten has been mis-stated. Please update your address books as follows: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If you wish to make a manual change please put a dot (.) between mg and specs, there should also be one between virgin and net. We apologies to you, and to John and Lou, for this mistake and in the length of time it has taken to correct our error. You should now have no difficulty in reaching them by email. 

This month will bring us two big MaGnette events:  Silverstone and the German Z-Magnette-Day with a lot of European friends. I will attend both events and hope to show some pictures as soon as possible. 

During the last weeks I had to inspect some Magnettes for a friend who is looking for a classic family transport. It's always interesting to find out how often the describtion "rustfree" is used for cars that show rust at the first sight. Why aren't sellers not honest enough to describe a car what it really looks? This saves time and money for both. One of those cars was offered on the net and has an "interesting" colour scheme. Look here what I mean. 

People show great interest at Magnettes nowadays. This surely is also a result of the active owners and representatives in the clubs. The Netherland MGCC vote their Z & Farina Magnette Register for the most active Register. Our congratulations to Henk Kroese, who does a good job in the Netherlands. Here's Henk with his new trophy.

Our Safety Fast scribe Paul Batho sent me a preview of July's issue with some some very interesting articles:   
- 'Gerald Palmer's independent front supension' - an article by Neil Cairns on the design of the Z-type front suspension and how to deal  with maintainance when it is over 40 years old

- 'KAC33/528 - an historic discovery' - Our historian Warren Marsh's article on the discovery of the Danish motor show car, one of the earliest known to exist. Here's a picture of her after 20 years in a shed. 

- 'The Magnette Connection - an interview with Don Hayter' - Don is best known as the designer of the MGB, but what is less well known is his involvement with the development of the Magnette (including a 6-cylinder prototype!). Paul Batho has interviewed him to discover what he did in the 1950s
We hope this whets your appetite!

The Register’s season opener saw several Magnettes (and other M.G.s) at the "Magnette and Steam" event
at Quorn and Woodhouse. Click here for a photo.
The next big Magnette event will be held in Silverstone, the home of British Racing sports. As I wrote before you can participate without 
a racing license. Navigate your Magnette around a few (hundred) cones. It’s not a race and you will not destroy your car. But you have to hurry up: entries must be done until 4th June! Remember it's a sport-saloon [1o% sports - 90% saloon :-) ]

Also the 5th German Z-Magnette Day has a good turnout yet. About 10 cars from four countries already booked. If you haven’t sent your entry form yet do it now. Early booking helps to organize!!

Now we leave the European area and have a look overseas:

Paul Casarona from USA was asking for a list of Magnette owners offering help in their areas in case of a breakdown. As the Register does not give the addresses of owners registered with us to anybody, all we can do is compile a new list of owners willing to give assistance to owners travelling in their area. (Perhaps the M.G. clubs overseas already offer something like this?). 
If you live in the USA and are willing to help and contact other Magnette owners either by e-mail, phone or snail mail, send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I will compile a list of all owners and distribute the list to them. 
I think that’s all the Register can offer by now. Now it depends on our American friends...

Now I have to turn my computer off – my Magnettes awaits it’s 3,000 miles service. You know: drain the sump, refresh oil in air filter and so on...
See you on the road!

Hi all !
This monththe Register has a very small jubilee to celebrate: This website has it's first birthday! Well this is not much in relation to our Magnette's age (and sometimes owners too) but on the net it's ages.
Anyway. We got in touch with enthusiastic owners all over the world, who we wouldn't have met without this modern  media. 
I hope we have enough good ideas and infos in the future to keep you surfin' in! 
During the last weeks was a discussion on diffs. on the Magnette BBS. Because of this I publish an extract from the Register's Modification Manual on our "Hints and tips" page. It's called "Choice of rear axle ratio". Perhaps this helps a little.
At least I want to encourage our visitors to subscripe our guestbook. It will be removed next month and put to archives. 
Magnettic MotorinG
If you missed the Magnettes and Steam event this weekand think about Silverstone in June. This is the biggets M.G. event worldwide with M.G.s from the very early 18/80 to the MGF. Of course there are also Z-Magnettes and a few Farinas (were are they?).
Those of you who still have competition in their blood and wish to handle their Magnette around a few cones, may take part in the California Cup. It's a lot of fun and we look forward to seeing a lot of you there! Please contact our Competition Secretary Peter Martin at ++(0)1959 572573 if you want to take part.
The winner will receive the "Gerald Palmer Trophy". Click here for  a picture of Gerald Palmer, the designer of the Z-Magnette, with this trophy. This picture was taken in 1993 by Warren Marsh.
I also added some impressions of Silverstone 2000 here taken by Mark Bunce. 

Finally the winter is over. Hopefully the weather knows that too! The first event of 2001 starts on 14th April and the Register hopes to see YOU at "Magnettes and Steam". More updated information are on the "Event page".
Committee member Peter Bonthrone updated the Calendar of Events. This is a small leaflet with dates and other useful informations. You can get this for free at events or download it here!(530 kB). 

Again we have permission to reproduce an article that appeared last year in Autocar. Download "Magnetic attraction" as pdf-file (300Kb). It's not the same article that appeared in MG World as Magnettic Attraction (with double t)! Thanks for this to Paul Barrow (again).
And to whet your appetite we have several photos of last years event in Norwich. Thanks go to Mark Bunce (UK) for these great photos! 

I also received the information that John and Lou Shorten have moved (email address only):
Following a degree of difficulty in both sending and receiving emails, John and Lou Shorten announce that they have moved their email address. Please download the revised price lists from the Suppliers page and update your address book accordingly. Please note the old address should not be used from now on. If you have previously sent an email and have not received a reply, please accept their apologies and resend the email to the new address. Thank you. 

Now you can buy your brandnew MG Z! It's not a Magnette, but it continues the tradition of sport saloons as the advert says. Look here.
But now more on real MGZs:
This time we have wonderful pictures from the roaring sixties. They are from Japan again and unpublished yet! Enjoy the report Magnettes in Japan II.
Did you already download our free screensaver, but found the yellow writing in the left corner bothersome? You can download it now without it plus a bonus picture.
If you are interested to see the who is behind the Register, look at "Join us", where I added a picture.
And finally some news from Paul Barrow: 
Progress on the reproduction tool roll continues. We are currently just below break-even and if I get one or two more orders, we shall be in the clear. (Any profits on the deal will be going to the MG Car Club funds and will not be retained for any personal gain.) It is hoped that we shall be able to proceed soon and achieving break-even will be important for securing funding of this "once in a life-time" opportunity. Please bear with us during this time and keep looking here for updates or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. me for any news. Thanks, Paul Barrow 

This month we (finally) have a picture from America with several Magnettes beside (look at Monthly Picture). I can't believe that we have most visitors from the States but only a few pictures! What are you doing with your Magnettes? No pictures of a tour over the Rocky Mountains or on Route 66? I believe you have a lot of photos. So show it to the others (contemporary photos from the 50's and 60's preferred, but not essential). 
This month we also have a report of Magnettes in Thailand. Not only do they have smiling girls and delicious food, they still have two (or more?) Magnettes. This will be the continuation of our series "Magnettes abroad". Be sure I can top this article next month with superb pictures. Watch out!
And last but not least I can offer a video! 
By kind permisson of the MGCC Germany we have a scene from their last Whitsunday event. We were in different groups with different road books, what explains the different directions... Switch on your speakers!!! It's called:
 The tricky crossing!
If you wish to see more videos visit the MGCC Germany.
Now enjoy our site and look through your private photo album for pictures and stories! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. everything to me.
In Varitone

Last weekendI enjoyed a wonderful scenic winter drive with snow beside the roads, temperature near 0 degrees and a blue sunny sky. The Magnette ran beautiful with a winter waterthermostat of 82°C. But the winter will last too long. To shorten this time read January's Safety Fast!. It contains the Register's 4 page centrespread with a fascinating article of the 2000 Mile Trial and the second part of Bob Pulleyblank's report "Twin Cam Magnette - Or how to become a pauper".
While I enjoyed my scenic drive Paul Barrow was sitting in his office to create a new pdf-file for you! This time it's called "Magnetic Attraction"(300Kb). This article was originally published in MG World magazine June/July 2000 and is reproduced here by kind permission. 
Also updated is the events page.
Magnettic Motoring

It's the beginning of a new year and time to think about holidays. Over the last years I planned my holidays around M.G. events and it was great fun. I visited places I had never heard before and where I wouldn't have been without the magic of M.G. 
For those of you who like to do the same have a look at the updated events diary for 2001 and meet likeminded people!
This month we also have a short report and some pictures titled "Magnettes in Japan" from our Japanese friend Hideo Obah.
This could be a new contest: write about your life with Magnettes! What do you think about it?
I think it's also time to say a big thank you to all our visitors. It's you that keep this site alive! Also thank you for registering your cars. The Register's file is growing and growing and we had a lot of new registrations of cars unknown to still excist: For example chassis no. 18578. This is the second real ZB. Real because some hybrids (ZA's with one or more ZB specifications) were built before.
The Register also is delighted that the oldest excisting Magnette (chassis no. 528) has found a new owner, who is willing to restore it to it's former glory. You can see here some pictures of this Magnette stored in a barn.