29th March 2019

There's updated information on the events page about the International Magnette Day, for which early booking is advised, Also you'll probably already have heard that MGLive! in June has been cancelled - full details here

Also, Jeffrey Bridges has produced a Service Record spreadsheet which you can download

20th February 2019

There's updated information on 2019 Register events, starting with a visit to Bletchley Park on 20th April

You can also download a pdf copy of the original Service Parts List

22nd December 2019

Season's greetings to all Magnette enthusiasts. Preliminary information about 2019 Magnette Register events is now available - please check back later for more details

1st December 2018

Andy Dear has provided detailed instructions for fitting a hazard warning flasher to later Magnettes which originally used the DB10 relay for combined brake lights/indicators

28th October 2018

There's a report and photos of the recent Lou Shorten Tribute weekend in Norwich, a report of Kop Hill Climb, and an interesting Derrington tuning period brochure contributed by Ian Sykes

27th October 2018

Dietrich Krahn has provided an interesting copy of the first Magnette review to appear in a German magazine, from Kraft-hand 1953. Also worth mentioning is that Dietrich's ZA was selected for the 'Best in Show' lineup at this year's Goodwood Revival, which is a considerable achievement (even though it didn't win in the end), given the many other rare and exotic cars on display

Also, new in tech-tips, Graham Austin provides some cautionary advice about front brake pipes


20th September 2018

Loz Scott provided a report and photos of the recent Gathering of the Faithful (GOF) at Wagga Wagga in Australia. Also Barrie & Sheila Hope attended the European Event of the Year in Switzerland, along with other Magnette owners, and sent this report