19th August 2018

There's a brief report of the recent Harrogate MG Club show, to which the Register was invited

1st July 2018

Here's a report from the German Z Magnette Day with 14 Magnettes (and 1 MGA).

10th June 2018

There's some photos of the recent MGLive event at Silverstone, and also an announcement of the David Johnson Challenge Trophy to be awarded in memory of David for a notable journey or exploit in a Magnette

Also new is a Privacy Policy to explain how we fulfil our GDPR obligations.

19th May 2018

Barrie Hope provided some photos of his Magnette seats before and after refurbishing by a specialist leather repair company

4th April 2018

Dear Magnetteers worldwide,

in April 2000 this website was launched by me,because I was interested to see how a website works. As I found out, there was nearly nothing on the web about our Magnettes I started to collect information and created this site. Quite soon it became the Magnette Registers website and I found myself on the committee as webmaster.

From the beginning I received emails from all over the world. Owners asking for advice or just sharing their ownership and experience. This was great and I even managed to meet some personally. For example I will never forget the meetings in Melbourne and Sydney some years ago.

Anyway. 18 years means not only the website is off full age,  also the webmaster is a bit older now, so it's time to hand over to a younger webmaster. Stephen Tickell already supported me during the last years to keep this site running and was responsible for our tech-website, which we included with the last relaunch. He will now be the man in charge!

Before any rumours occur: I keep my Magnette and will still use her. I will be active as well and will organize this years Magnette Day in Germany. So I hope we can keep in touch!

So it's only a good-bye to "my" website, after many hours (or days/weeks) of work. Please support Stephen as you did all the years.

Magnettic MotorinG

4th April 2018

There's a report on the first event of 2018, Magnettes & Steam, and an update on the MGOC Arundel picnic (15th April) to which Magnettes are invited - it will now be at nearby Amberley Museum due to adverse ground conditions

25th February 2018

There's been number of new entries added to the website gallery recently, bringing the total to nearly 1,100 (there are more in the Register offline database, but not all are still in existence) . Several of these registrations are from Australia, but there's almost certainly cars in other countries which aren't yet in the gallery - if you have one then please register your Magnette