15th February 2016

The Magnetteer of the Year award (for achievement in 2015) has been awarded by the Register committee to the Z Magnette Group of North America. It was presented to ZMG supporters Steve & Di Kirby and Wayne & Dee Johnson at Wroxall Abbey, following a special lunch with committee members. Photos and full story here

8th February 2016

Here is a big update on our gallerie. It's amazing that still MAGNETTEs turn up!

4th January 2016

We start the new year with a report of the Hamburg-Shanghai rally of Vincent Dransart and Pierre Bar.

28th December 2015

Here are some more cars on the gallery....

20th December 2015

The MG Car Club Magnette Register wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

25thNovember 2015

Here are some pictures of Jose de Sousa's journey to Bhutan - in a MAGNETTE, of course.

17th November 2015

Here's a new wedding pic...

and a totally different picture from Jose de Sousa on his Dragon Tour at the highest pass on the rally, at 3988 m!