Historic Z Magnette for Sale

One of the earliest known ZA Magnettes is looking for the right new home. The car is one of the first 30 production models and was built as an export market show car for the Danish launch. It still has its original tin-top dashboard and front windows without quarterlights. There are other features that prove it to be essentially a prototype for its intended market.
The car has been in dry store for 15 years. It still has its original maroon/biscuit upholstery and all the original drive-train components. All numbers match the original papers and there is also a heritage certificate to bear this out.
A total rebuild and refurbishment is required, though structurally the car should not require too much work. There is evidence of rust but not serious damage. The asking price is very reasonable at £500 to reflect the investment needed in its restoration. A car of this importance needs a sympathetic owner who recognises the importance of its originality and provenance.

SOLD and under restoration!

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