Magnettes in Japan
by Hideo Ohba

How do you do? I am Hideo Ohba from Japan. Let me introduce my car and Magnettes in Japan. I bought my MG Magnette in Autumn 1997 (imported from England by British Car Shop), and I joined the MG Car Club in August 1999. MG car club membership number is 95028.
The car registration number is 334GPJ. My car is a ZB-Variotone RH drive, with Chassis No. KABA13/34049, Engine No. 15GB-UH3645 4or9 (I can't read exactly), Body No. ZAB032576. My Varitone is almost good condition, and I drive my car every weekend.
Some points (washer, starter knob) are not original and some rust at roof edge and body bottom. Seat (Upholstry) is original, color is maroon but condition is not so good. I want to body and trim restore after change to original.
In 1950's, new Magnettes were imported from England by a Japanese car dealer. I think about 20-30 cars are imported. These cars are mainly LHD for US soldiers and some of these are now available to buy.
After 1980's British Car Shop imported Magnettes mainly from England, I think also about 20-30 cars.

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