Sawasdee krap! (Good day for non-Thai speakers)

In March 2005 I was browsing along ebay when I came across a Magnette. Well, nothing to report about you might think, but wait. Studying the auction I recognized that the car was in Thailand! As some of you might know Thailand is one of my favourite holiday destinations and I already found one Magnette in the capitol Bangkok a few years ago. So I was very courius about this car. An email was kindly answered and here's the result:

This car belonged to my uncle who was a Thai embassador in Cambodia. After he came back to Thailand he brought her along and I found her sitting in his garage in 1980 in good running condition. I offered to buy him right away and after I got her in 1980  I put some work on her as followings:
- all electricals wiring new
- new colour burgundy as picture shown (original was darkh green)
- additional gauges such as oil, temperature , etc.
- Because the original wooden interior had some damage replacements of all wooden interior is custom made by Thai wood craft 
- new leather interior, new carpet , 
Since 1980 I drive her every weekend to my beach house in Pattaya and enjoy her very much!

Unfortunately this car had been modified to a 1500 cc Mitsubishi Saturn engine and a 4 speeds manual transmission from a Mitsubishi but it runs great. 
As far as I know the car was send directly to Cambodia through diplomatic channel. 

However, all my kids are grown up and having their family in the States and I like to come and  stay with them. With this baby I could not leave Thailand for a long period of time therefore I put her for sale on ebay and with the right prize and right person who enjoy having her as I do I will be happy to see her with the new owner.

Khun Victor

Comparing  the interior with the Magnette I already saw in Bangkok, I recognized the modiefied heater which looks very similar. So I supose this car also has a climate control (something you need in the Land of Smile). But I found it more interesting that the speedo in in mph as Thailand has km/h and the other Magnette had a correct speedo. 
But anyway. Good to see our beloved Magnettes survive all over the world in the hand of enthusiasts of different nations!

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