V8 Conversion from Australia

Many years ago I started building a V8  Magnette. I still have the vehicle after having garaged it for the  past  15  years at my mother's house. It sits in my driveway today almost  finished  and driveable.
Specs are:

 SD1 rover V8 with twin SD Strombergs
 Home made headers
 Points distributor controlled by electronic module (Dick Smith Kit)
 Valiant 225 Radiator
 Wire wheels (Various) 5.5 X 14 fronts fitted with Michelin X  tyres...near  new but now rock hard. 6 X 14 rears and    also 8 1/4 X 14 (specially  made)
 Home made gearbox adaptor
 Gearbox: Triumph Dolomite with leycock overdrive on 3rd and 4th
 Diff: Narrowed Capri V6 3.32:1
 Special hub adaptors made to take  splined hubs for wire wheels.
 Front Brakes: MGB solid discs adapted to modified top and bottom wishbones
 Rear brakes: Ford V6 Capri Drums
 Front Seat: Alfa Romeo GTV
 Remote brake booster and combined pedal box (Ford Econovan)

 Body mods:

 Lowered 2" or so all around.
 Radiused front guard (slightly wider track due to disc brakes)
 Rear guards and rear doors reshaped for wider track (not flared... more expanded...quite subtle)
 There's more stuff but that's about all I can recall for the moment.

 Find attached a few pix of the original construction.
 The vehicle is covered  in a heavy layer of dust presently, I started it today just for the hell of it and then thought I'd   surf the net looking for Magnette stuff....and  then found your page....

Vincent Stok, Victoria, Australia

Meanwhile (2013) he' going to convert to a 2-door saloon. See:,2202512,page=1

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