Custom MG Magnette

This vehicle  is a mild custom MG Magnette sedan.  It has a 1984 mustang GT motor, 5 speed and 3;73 narrowed rear. The motor has a new bottom end, edelbrock intake, long tube headers and a GM style HEI distributer. There are also chrome valve covers, air cleaner and alternator. The engine is neat and tidy with a 3 core falcon radiator, electric fan. Everything in the engine compartment is new or rebuilt. The firewall and transmission tunnel have been modified for the V8.This is a unit body and has been reinforced and strengthened. As a result, the drivers footwell is shorter than normal resulting in less leg room than normal. The suspension is stock MG with ladder bars in the rear and poly bushings in the front. Since the Ford motor and transmission are fairly light the suspension works fine and the car is easy to drive. Mustang drums with 5 lugs are in the rear and in the front, Granada discs are used along with the Granada master and booster. The Granada rotors were machined to work on the MG spindles. The front calipers are GM metric and stop the car sure and straight. There is a slight interference between the calipers and front coil springs if the wheels are turned sharply. Not a real problem, just makes the turning radius wider. All the stock gauges are used with a modern wiring harness and everything in the car works as it should down to the cigar lighter. The original gauges are somewhat lazy and not accurate but they work. Since there are no door handles, the front doors are wireless remote from a key fob. The trunk is also remote. There are backups for dead battery and locking the keys in the car . The color is 1996 Mustang Silver with a small amount of rainbow flake in the clear coat. The flake can only be seen in bright sunlight and really comes out otherwise its not noticable.

The interior is a mix of older red vinyl seats and new silver vinyl on the doors, headliner, visors and trim panels. The door and window surrounds are real wood and in great condition. The floor is covered in silver carpet which is glued down and pieced to fit. There are seams that show and some stains in the drivers footwell. This car is a nice driver and is completely rebuilt.

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