Supercharged 1955 MG-ZA Magnette, "Ginty"

The MG Magnette was manufactured at Abingdon-on-Thames England alonside the MGA Roadster. It was one of the first Sports Sedans, and the ads of the time talked of motoring "In Airsmoothed Style" The Magnette shared many of the MGA's mechanical components including it's 1500cc motor, but the Magnette was MG's first Unibody car. 

"Ginty" spent most of his life in Sunny Southern California coming to BC in 2006. Ginty is equipped with a Roots type Supercharger, front disc brakes,  an alternator, and an MGA rear axle to cope with modern traffic conditions,  and he does so very well.....In Airsmoothed Style!

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