Automatic ZB Magnette Owned by David Hein [KAB21 32213]
In a recent combined trip to Portland to Visit David and Marie Hein and view their Magnette collection; I had forgotten to mention David drives a 1958 Magnette, KAB21 32213, that has been converted to automatic. Below is some background to highlight this important car's provenance. Luckily [providentially] we have David who is keen to keep this interesting ZB Magnette on the road. 
David tells me he purchased the car already converted to auto from Philip Gray. Basically the most recent prior owners were:
      - Philip Gray [of the Canberra Club] who purchased the Magnette; as he needed an automatic car to drive.
     - Trevor William Leech. Purchased the car from Bill Fleming although retained the Magnette for only a short time
     -  Bill Fleming [ of the Melbourne Club] who used the car extensively and converted KAB21 /32213 to Automatic. Apparently, due to health reasons, the conversion would allow Bill to drive competitively and extend his driving enjoyment. Other modifications were - MGB Motor & 4.3 differential ratio & brake booster.
      - Leon Sims [of Melbourne]
Attached are  pictures of this Magnette; showing:  Official identification, T bar control, Engine bay setup and closeup of the engine bay mechanics adapted to work with the MG B automatic transmission. David has recently installed an electronic distributor.
                              acknowledge.   Information source - David Hein        Text  -  Loz Scott        Pictures -   Loz Scott
Brief title for each numbered picture follows
KAB21/32213  D Hein 01   David Hein with his nicely coloured silver Magnette [KAB21 /32213]
KAB21/32213  D Hein 02   Chassis Plate for KAB21 /32213
KAB21/32213  D Hein 03   Detail on the Registration label.
KAB21/32213  D Hein 04   Not many Z types can boast their own T Bar. Looks factory original,but is not.  
KAB21/32213  D Hein 05   General view of Engine Bay

KAB21/32213  D Hein 06   Passenger side view for  auto's adaptive mechanism
KAB21/32213  D Hein 07   Front view for auto's adaptive mechanism

KAB21/32213  D Hein 08   Driverside view for auto's adaptive mechanism
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