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Y - Type & Z-Magnette tour to Luxembourg

incl. 4th German Z-Magnette Day

The second September weekend saw sevaral Y-types and Z-Magnettes at the German/Luxembourg border in the picturesque landscape of the Moselle-valley.

The organizers Jean Marie Gillen (YB) and Armand Joseph (ZBV) invited for a Y & Z Magnette-Tour, which was originally thought as a tour for British owners of these fine saloons. Unfortunalety, only one Y-type founds it's way over the Channel. All other cars were from Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany. With 5 Ys and 5 Zs there was a good balance.
Incorporated was the 4th German Z-Magnette-Day. Because of unfinished restorations or breakdown, several owners arrived without their Magnette. So in the end only three German Magnettes (which  is still 10% of all known cars) stood beside all existing Magnettes from Luxembourg (they have two!).
But the limited number of cars and people allowed to talk to everybody and enjoy a relaxed weekend. The event itself was marked with a beautiful scenic drive and a five course menu on the saturday evening, before a firework over the Moselle showed us how fast time passed.
The overall winner of the scenic drive was Guido Reinking (Varitone), who drove 600 km from Hamburg to take part. The "Ray-Cain-Trophy"  for best car went to Armand Joseph from Luxembourg. His ivory/maroon Varitone was originally delivered to Luxembourg in 1958.


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