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Mid Morning Run - Williamstown to Inverleigh 30th June 2013

A  few pictures of our MMR and a few words:
Our Mid Morning Run gathering venue seen as the sun begins to break through the light fog. The car park looks over the Yarra river , close to the bay, towards the city of Melbourne. Of the Y and Magnettes we had one Y Type, four Z Type Magnettes [Patricks Red ZA arrived after this photo] and one Mk III Magnette 
MMR Inverleigh  02a  -This photo looks toward the Williamstown yacht club and gives a different view of other nicely presented vehicles, on a day that was perfect for a tour - See map
MMR Inverleigh  03a - No trip is complete without the comfort of a well laid out map. We were all warned of tricky bits and steep hills [Drawn by Len Dawson  ]. While loaded with lots of information it turned out some of us could and did choose their own adventure. Inverleigh and lunch is only 18 miles away from Geelong; if you happened to be travelling directly from Geelong and of course we would typically be 2 hours away commencing at Williamstown.
MMR Inverleigh  04a - This is the Inverleigh Hotel where we had a very hospitable upstairs location. Our cars are dispersed due to the popularity of this venue. Although our MGA and Y Type parked well. As an aside Inverleigh is located close to the Leigh river [Named by an explorer in 1835 in part after the name of his farm is Tasmania]. Further the Leigh and Barwon Rivers form a Junction just past the town and the later gazetting of Inverleigh as town incorporated the river's name. A thank you to Paul Vermont and Len Dawson for bring us together for this get together.
  Loz Scott
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