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GOF Magnette 60th at Wagga Wagga- New South Wales

from Laurence [Loz] Scott

GOF 2013 01a Title   - the Wagga Wagga MG Car Club has again conducted another successful gathering. As the image shows the GoF highlights the 60th anniversary of our Magnettes. The Magnette entrants came a day earlier to attend a special Z Type 60th Dinner on the 12th Sept. Peter Baldry and Paul Vermont provided further information on the night and sold all the available Anniversary Grill badges.
GOF 2013 02a On the Road to Wagga - this is the lunch stop [for the small Melbourne group] at the historical town of Chilton. Shown is the main street with Paul, Sue and Bradly [Vermont] returning to their vehicle. 
GOF 2013 03a Arrival at Wagga Wagga Motel - Brian Woolmer having just left the cluster of onlookers around the very nicely finished ZB belonging to Ron Button
GOF 2013 04a    KAB 23/24116 - Ron Button is shown next to his newly acquired ZB. Ron is the fourth owner; it was manufactured 10th July 1957 and he stated " the ZB has never been off the road". The grill badges are Royal Auto Club badges of Australia and Victoria. Ron is numbered our 16th Magnette but could not stay beyond Saturday morning.
GOF 2013 05a  Cleaning up after the long drive to Wagga - Thursday will be our special 60th anniversary tea for basically the Magnette fraternity. David Overington is by is very original Green ZB. The red ZA in the far distance behind David's car, belongs to Marcus Mewett, had the bad luck of suffering a burnt exhaust valve [No 3 Cylinder]; Although nursed it through the full weekend.
GOF 2013 06a  Registration and Fun Run [Saturday] - Lineup of Magnettes at the Beach [river] Car park. The two closest Magnettes show the typical status of a very high level of presentation
GOF 2013 07a   KAC 23/7723 -Graham and Heather Gittins stand next to their very original ZA. The Gittins family are the fourth owners: First owner was a doctors wife, second was a sailor and third was a railway employee. 
GOF 2013 08a   Registration and Fun Run [Saturday] -Banner Movement - Many of our cars had a nifty banner to display on the day. Great idea!  Standing [with friends] at the rear is Peter Baldry whose silver topped ZA would take out first place on judging day. 
GOF 2013 09a GOF dinner [Saturday night]. Shown is one of tables allocated to the Magnette owners. Note the place mats and mini flags to celebrate our 60th. As an aside - it was dark , and not well lit, at the time of travel to the event and had the chance to use the standard P700 tripods [modern lights have come a long way since the 50s - my passenger was thinking of bailing out except it was too dark and we were a bit lost]
GOF 2013 10a Judgement day [Sunday] - The formal lineup takes place at this time. Are we keen or not - All of our 15 Magnettes are front and centre - Terrific to see!.We had a nice on-site breakfast, a chance for a final chat, see how the awards went and basically then say our good byes.
Special note - The Purvis family again travelled over 800Kms to attend; its amazing! Also amazing is Darryl has fitted: cruise control, electric water pump, electric fan [controlled from a sensor located in the thermostat housing], disc brakes and alternator. 
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