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3rd Caravan of Old Cars in Mexico

Hello Friends

I am pleased to inform you that on Saturday May 3 held our 3rd Caravan of Old Cars , whereas on the course a brief stop in the village of "San Bartolo" and having as final destination the Palms Cortez Hotel in coastal community called "Los Barriles" located south of our beautiful city and port of La Paz. Let me share a brief overview of these local populations:

San Bartolo is a picturesque town that is located about 80 km southeast of La Paz, in the way the landscape changes from desert and somewhat rough, a Oasis to reach the area where San Bartolo is located, because of this that a stream down there most of the time has water, is why there are gardens with various fruit trees, which gives rise to an established and very good tradition: the production and sale of canned fruit and homemade sweets, all they made based on the fruits that grow in their gardens, such as mango, lemon, pumpkin and guava. It is recommended to go through San Bartolo in the morning to enjoy a typical rancher breakfast in the area (machaca, burritos, beef patties with refried beans and cheese); hopefully you will find coffee "sack", made the traditional way. It is a spectacular camping and stay in direct contact with nature area.


Los Barriles is located 100 km southeast of La Paz, a former fishing village that still retains its streets in a relaxed atmosphere, the tranquility of the hammocks on the porches and the silence of the siesta; to the attention of your visitors in addition to excellent Hotel Palmas del Cortez, the village has several hotels, bars and rustic cabins for rent. Its practically deserted beaches are the ideal base for lovers of water sports such as wind surfing, diving, etc. meeting. You can also enjoy exciting expeditions ATV over the hills, down to beaches with transparent waters where snorkeling is practiced and grab a snack, then back to town. In addition to the wide beaches of white sand and turquoise sea, the town of Los Barriles has made Baja California Sur in the eye of international tourism, have an important field of fisheries; daily domestic and foreign tourists gather at the small dock, to sail in boats of various sizes, ready to conquer the waters of the Sea of Cortez and return with an abundant catch, it will become the most exquisite dishes of the highest maritime cuisine. In Los Barriles we contrasts between sea and desert that take your breath away, tranquility, peace and, naturally, fun; all that and more.


Well, returning to the report of the caravan, I talk to them for this new animated adventure, start from La Paz around 9:00 am, and after almost an hour of travel, our caravan stopped briefly in the town of El Triunfo to Marcos Sphar be incorporated with your GMC Pick Up 1947, then we continued on the route through the Sierra de San Antonio, passing through the village of the same name; we drive south to the town of San Bartolo where our cars by parking in front of the restaurant Trasviña, we set out to enjoy a typical breakfast rancher; tamales, burritos and empanadas were the main menu, some took to buy sweets and preserves that right there is.

Moving on, and at 11:45 we arrived at Hotel Palmas del Cortez Community in Los Barriles, and a space where you had to park our cars with multiple drives Ford Models T and A of the owners of the Hotel. As you can see in the photos, were able to integrate a large group of cars on display right across the hotel lobby, causing the interest of both local people and foreign tourists who came to see the cars, and even take pictures. After the arrangement of the cars, the group of owners and guests walked into the hotel, we settled on the restaurant terrace bar by the pool and had a very good evening of family life, cooling off in the pool some of the Hotel and other strolling through the gardens and beach.


Although these lands already started the hot season, and that inhibits the participation of old cars, being able to maintain a number of cars and participants. Once again, our friend Roberto Gonzalez and head mechanic, was pending the behavior of our cars all the way, achieving a smooth path for breakdowns. In total a group of 19 people and 7 old cars joined according to the following list:

Luis Benito Ruiz - MG Magnette 1959. Accompanied by his wife.

Mark Sphar - . 1947 GMC . Accompanied by a friend .
Jorge Cota - . VW Beetle 1972. Accompanied by two grandchildren.

Victor Granados - . Ford Mustang 1965. Accompanied by his wife and daughter.
Francisco Caballero - . BMW 1979. Accompanied by his wife.

Martin Guluarte - . Ford Mustang 1965. Travel alone.
Fidel Trasviña - . BMW 1980. Travel alone.

Roberto González - . Mechanic, accompanied by his wife and son. Other guests were: Luis Gomez , Diana Santos and his niece.
We send warm greetings to all magnetters from these distant and deserted , but very beautiful Mexican land .
Luis Benito

  • Arribando al  Hotel Palmas del Cortez en Los Barriles
  • De regreso a La Paz estacionado en el mirador del pueblo de San Antonio
  • En San Bartolo estacionados frente al Restaurante Trasvia
  • En el punto final de salida
  • En la carretera poco antes de llegar a El Triufo
  • En san Bartolo  grupo desayunando
  • Grupo conviviendo en la terraza del Hotel Palmas del Cortez en Los Barriles
  • Jardines del Hotel Palmas del Cortez en Los Barriles grupo en la terraza
  • La exhibicin frente al Hotel Palmas del Cortez en Los Barriles
  • Lobby del Hotel Palmas del Cortez en Los Barriles
  • MG Magnette 1959
  • Otra parte del grupo desayunando
  • Todos disfrutaron del desayuno tipico