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Visit to Portland and Hamilton - 24th and 25th May 2014

thanks to an invitation from David and Maria Hein of Portland [ 3.5 Hours from Melbourne;Victoria] we were able to build this into a full visit, of 9 Magnettes, to Portland and nearby Hamilton for a enjoyable weekend on 24th and 25th May.
Below are pictures and some comments but the basic Highlights were:
             - Saturday 24th : all met up at a foreshore hotel for lunch. Post lunch pictures: dive to foreshore and breakwater; Visit historic cooling tower/museum; Scenic trip to Cape Bridgewater [and coffee]; Special visit to David an Marie's residence to view their collection; And finally a beautiful evening meal at the Historic [and imposing] Mac's Hotel 
             - Sunday 25th : 9am at Portland's Powerhouse museum [opened especially early for us]; scenic drive to Campe's museum in Hamilton [ a must see venue]; unique look at John and Jenny Corcoran's ZA restoration;  lunch at the city of  Hamilton's - Alexander House, and a tour of Hamilton's new car club rooms.
Portland 14 Visit 01a - All our Magnettes came together on the Portland foreshore
Portland 14 Visit 02a - First stop was the Portland breakwater - Photo by Heather Hadnum
Portland 14 Visit 03a - Now a museum. The cooling tower provides a great reference point
Portland 14 Visit 04a - Beautiful scenic drive took us to Cape Bridgewater - Photo by Heather Hadnum
Portland 14 Visit 05a- With a setting sun Cape Bridgewater provides a lovely backdrop - Photo by Heather Hadnum 
Portland 14 Visit 06a - Our Host [ David Hein is shown at left] explains his progress with his special ZB. David went on to                                  show us another Magnette [ZA] that has a lot of family history; Its restoration is progressing well.
Portland 14 Visit 07a - We were very pleased to accept and invitation to visit John  and Jenny Corcoran's garage in                                              Hamilton. This ZA [KAE 23/ 7029] is in its final stages of restoration. The quality of work done                                         has to be seen to be appreciated.
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