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2014 season Parade and Exhibition Classic and Antique Cars

Greetings to all MG enthusiasts , especially the owners of MG Magnette 's!

The 2014 season Parade and Exhibition Classic and Antique Cars in this beautiful city and port of " La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico " began with renewed vigor last March! At the end of May there have been two of the three main activities ; once I present a brief report of our participation :

 In the month of March was held on IX Spring Festival, Classic and Old Order , dedicated to the Ford Mustang 's in its 50th anniversary, as before , on the evening of Saturday 29 parade our cars was organized by the main streets of downtown , and throughout Sunday 30 cars were displayed in the most emblematic of the city ; Kiosk esplanade boardwalk! . In this event I am elected as the best vehicle a spectacular Chevrolet , Corvette 1957 , the participation of our MG Magnette 1959 , was again surveyed as the most Bizarre vehicle event , because according to the information available , it is estimated that there is no over five Magnettes MG ZA, ZB and ZB Varitone , operating throughout Mexico.

In late May, took place the XIII edition of the Fashion Show & Exhibition Cars Classic and Rare "Celebrations of Peace Foundation " . With the participation of a good number of cars , including some who came from the northern part of the state, the hot afternoon of Saturday 24 , held a parade of cars along the waterfront of the city 's participation is again observed a MGB MG Magnette 1980 and my 1959. enthusiastically during Sunday Showcase 25 Cars got on our beautiful esplanade boardwalk Kiosk completely family event whose decorative background the beautiful blue sea of our Pitchy Bay . The presence of several cars that participated for the first time was very comforting to the organizers and attendees ; the award for " Best Car of Show " went to a beautiful Buick, Eigth Special, 1948 , black color. My Magnette 1959 was recognized as " Best European Sedan" . As before , for the benefit of visitors, mounting the display my MG we include a board with technical information auto, historical information about the MG Car Company , information and photos about the personal experience of acquiring and rebuild this unit and a brief recognition of local and foreign suppliers who supported reconstruction.

Finally I am pleased to share that we have been building a local small but enthusiastic group of owners of MG 's, and other European vehicles; calling for the development of Caravan tours with our cars, diverse populations of this middle peninsula, activities that have also sent them reports. We parted sending warm greetings to all MG enthusiasts , and especially all Magnetteers .

Luis Benito

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