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Z Magnette Day 2014

Lake Starnberg nr. Munich was the place for the 18th Z Magnette Day. Magnette owners from Denmark, England, Luxembourg and Germany attended as well as all three roadworthy Austrian (not Australia!) Magnettes. It was the first time we had Austrians at this event.


On Friday people arrived, some very late, becaause of distances up to 600 km. But after a good meal and some Bavarian beers people relaxed and chatted 'till after midnight.

Breakfast on saturday morning was taken direct at the lake and we were all waiting for the scenic tour that started later. This trip took us on small roads to castle Neuschwanstein and back. Again the time after dinner flew by while talking.

Sunday morning wa relaxed. While the first cars drove to a museum, a couple of Magnetteers tried to fix a wiper motor, which you really needed,as the weather changed! 

Here are some impressions:

  • Dscn4493
  • Dscn4494
  • Dscn4497
  • Dscn4498
  • Dscn4499
  • Dscn4500
  • Dscn4501
  • Dscn4503
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  • Dscn4505
  • Dscn4509
  • Dscn4510
  • Dscn4511
  • Dscn4512
  • Dscn4513
  • Dscn4514
  • Dscn4515
  • Dscn4516
  • Dscn4517
  • Dscn4518
  • Dscn4522
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  • Dscn4525
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  • Dscn4527
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  • Dscn4530
  • Dscn4534
  • Dscn4535
  • Dscn4538
  • Dscn4540
  • Dscn4543
  • Dscn4545
  • Dscn4546
  • Dscn4548
  • Dscn4549
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  • Dscn4552
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  • Dscn4557