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Meeting in Sydney

On Sunday May 11 several members of the MG Magnette group assembled at Bruce Smith’s Sportsparts for a morning tea and to welcome Gunter Graskamp from Germany. Gunter is a fellow Magnette owner but more importantly he created and manages the International MG Magnette Website at www.magnette.org.


Many of us have been in regular contact with him over the years for various reports, stories or general enquiries so it was nice to put a face to the name. Gunter is presently touring eastern Australia with his partner Anya and son Alex. At the conclusion of the morning tea they were headed to Brisbane via the Blue Mountains to return home. They had previously met with some of the Magnette owners from the Victorian MGCC when they were in Melbourne.

Our club was well represented by Registrar Peter Baldry along with George Berger, Bruce Smith, John Cuneen, David and Barb Overington and Brian Woolmer. Ken and Bennie Campbell from the Hunter club also joined with us in welcoming the visitors. During proceedings our Magnette Registrar, Peter Baldry, presented Gunter with a Magnette shirt. Gunter responded in kind giving us badges and car clubstickers for our cars and caps.

We were thoroughly spoiled with lots of goodies that the group provided. A gold star mention goes to Barb Overington for her amazing raspberry slice thingy! Yumm! Sorry folks, I tried but Barb will  not supply the recipe for the club magazine. Bruce Smith kindly hosted the get together and provided food as well as tea making and rest room facilities. Thanks Bruce.

Great day, great company, great weather and great food.

Brian Woolmer


067: Assembled cars LtoR George Berger, Bruce Smith, Peter Baldry, Brian Woolmer, Ken Campbell, John Cuneen and DavidOverington

069: David Overington with Gunter, his partner Anja and son Alex

075: 075 Bruce and Gunter wearing the Magnette shirt presented to him by Peter Baldry.

078: 078 The gang

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