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MGLive! 20-21st June 2015

There was a better than average Magnette attendance for MGLive! (the main MGCC weekend at Silverstone race circuit), with 18 cars on Saturday and 14 on Sunday. On display in the marquee we had the historic rallying ZA in which Jan Pearce competed for over 20 years.

Jan did some restoration work on 594 AAF before he passed away, and had to replace the original engine after his last desert rally stage, but the car still has a lovely patina and its competition mods. It’s now owned by David Halliday and attracted plenty of interest from the many visitors to the Register stand.

David was joined by Paul Batho and Anthony White to form the Magnette autotest team, narrowly losing out to the Midget Register for the BMC Trophy - a creditable performance given the significant difference in size and maneuverability ! Anthony had the foresight to bring his dashboard camera, on which he captured the pictures below of the autotest and also his circuit parade lap. He hopes to put the full videos on youtube, so look out for a link here.

Text by Stephen Tickell, photos by Anthony White and Stephen Tickell

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  • Silver Stone Track 2015 Start of
  • Silver Stone Track 2015 Start of2
  • Silver Stone Track 2015 track 2
  • Silver stone Track 2015 cornering 2
  • Silver stone Track 2015 cornering 3
  • Silver stone Track 2015 cornering
  • Silver stone Track 2015 cornering2
  • Silver stone Track 2015 keeping up
  • Silverstone test 1 pioc 4
  • Silverstone test 1