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20th Z Magnette Day

20 years ago 3 German and two British Magnettes met in the middle of Germany for a BBQ. There was no programm other than sitting together, talking, eating and drinking. It was the first time so many cars assembled in one place in Germany.


Meanwhile, 20 years later, the Z Magnette Day atttracts peopele and their cars all over Europe and everybody likes the relaxed style of the event. This year we met in the Palatinate, which is a famour wine area in Germany. 13 Zs and one Farina Mk III came from Denmark, England, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Germany. Amoung them three, which already took part in the first event! Also the age ranged from 3 to 80.

The first cars arrived on Thursday at 30+ degrees Celsius. Luckiliy the locals have a good recipoe against it: "Schorle", which is a mixture of wine and sparkling water. This was used intensely.

The programm over the weekend led us to some nice spots of the area, only interupted by wine tasting at some even nice places.

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