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Stockfest, 21 August 2016

Despite the strong winds & rainy weather of the previous day, the day of the MGA Twin Cam register's event on Sunday 21st August which the Magnette register were kindly invited to, turned out to be a reasonable day weather wise with the sun managing to shine through in the afternoon in particular. The decision was however taken not to put the new register gazebo up because of the unsettled conditions, but to hold its christening over until our next event at Kop Hill on 17th & 18th September.

Whilst we were fairly low on numbers attending, we did have the unusual occurrence of two early "Tin Top" cars being present at the same meeting. Tin Top cars for those who are not familiar with the term refers to the early cars that were fitted with part metal/part bakelite dashboard fascia's painted to look like wood prior to a full wooden facsia being available in 1955. Very few Tin Top cars survive now, so it was unusual to see two at the same meeting. Also present was Chris Pamplin in his late brother Colin's very nice red ZB. When Colin sadly passed away last year, Chris decided that the car had too much sentimental value to the family for it to be disposed of. Indeed, Chris remembers going & collecting it with Colin in 1974 when Colin bought it. Chris recalled that it ended up being somewhat of a bargain as the then owner thought the bottom was falling out of the car & that it was really only good as a source of spares, but in actual fact, it turned out to be nothing more serious than the under seal peeling away from a totally sound under structure. The car changed hands for the princely sum of £70. I'm sure that we would all like to find a car like this nowadays as the reverse situation is much more likely to be the norm!

Bernard & Sue Jones from Salisbury joined us in their early 1954 car. They have not had the car for long, but are very pleased with it and were clearly enjoying being out and about in it. This is one of the earliest cars known to the register to still exist. Local man Geoff Knight decided to join us on the day due to his visitors he was expecting not turning up. Geoff owns a two tone blue ZB Varitone which is very much a working car which is used as a daily driver. It's always good to see cars that are still being used as daily transport.

The event itself, was well attended with a very good mix of classic vehicles in general. There were several stalls on site including one giving away free drinks which included beer and a live group singing on a specially constructed stage. Just over the road in the village hall, was an arts & crafts fair as well as refreshments. All in all, a very enjoyable day out for which the Magnette register are indebted to the MGA Twin Cam group for the invite and making us welcome.

Text by Peter Martin, photos by Anthony White

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