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Z Magnette Day

Since 21 years the Continental Magnette Owners meet for a weekend on the last weekend of June.This year we had a turnout of 12 Magnettes from Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, England and for the first time from Switzerland. Thomas Nebauer and Jörg Wiefler with their wifes organised a leisure weekend at Obertrum near Salzburg.


Friday was arrival for most of the teams, who didn't care about a 500 miles or even more journey to attend! We just had a short scenic drive before we sat down at a restaurant close to the lake, where we stayed untillate night.

The saturday showed us more scenerie on another hot summer daywith more than 30 degrees (not Fahrenheit!). Luckily we all have a steel roof toprevent us from the sun. Poor roadster owners :-) 
In the evening the Ray Cain Trophy was given to Guy Mathuis, who is a reglar attendee since several years. Talking about attendees: with Paul Batho and the author there were two Magneteers from the first edition of the Magnette Day.

Here are some pictures:

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On Saturday the organis