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John Twist tech-session 21st October 2017

David Halliday and Anthony White attended the MGA/Magnette tune-up day at Wroxall Abbey, presented by John Twist (well known MG expert) in association with MGOC and the Octagon Club. There are short video clips here and here - thanks to John for giving us permission to use photos and videos  David's ZB was used for demonstration, and he commented "It was an excellent day and I would highly recommend it to all Magnette owners, even those who think that they know how to tune their engine, they will still pick up some good tips.  Last weekend I gave the '79 BGT the John Twist treatment and it now runs better than it ever has.  

John goes through the entire full tune up process in a logical order and explains it thoroughly.  You learn what you should be doing, why you should be doing it and how you should be doing it.  His key message was cleanliness, consistency and confidence.  

Then there were the 5 factors for a healthy engine:
1. Water Leaks
2. Does it consume oil? Either leaking or burning
3. Oil pressure; should be 50-75 psi
4. Compression
5. Condition of the cam
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