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GOF in Wagga Wagga

Loz Scott reports: We had 7 Magnettes in attendance; 6 of which stayed at the prime roost of the Park View Motel in Wagga Wagga. 

The whole event flowed smoothly with all the usual and expected highlights [meeting up with interstate friends; meeting new members to our fraternity and the afternoon tea following our beautiful run - in magnificent weather]. Amongst the awards was a greatest distant travelled that went to Mr and Mrs Ian Gordan  from South Australia - notable for having a Magnette in preparation for GoF 2019.

The attached images show - Magnettes at motel; Saturday lineup with Barry and Margaret Coad with their newly acquired ZA [from Geelong]; First place [Magnette] trophy shown in full. Awarded to Darryl and Jane Purvis from Queensland; Magnettes on Display.

Of note -  even though three Magnette owners could not field their cars on the day, they attended anyway. With a bit of followup we should be able to have attendance back in double figures next year.

  • Barry and Margaret Coad's car
  • Magnettes at the motel
  • Magnettes on Display
  • Magnettesat the motel 1
  • The Trophy
  • Winners Darryl and Jane Purvis