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24th Magnette Day

One of the very few events so far took place on the last weekend in June on the outskirts of Salzburg/Austria (not Australia). The Corona restrictions allowed to have the event and so 15 teams from Austria, Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland followed the invitation of Thomas & Christina Nebauer and Jörg & Vroni Wiefler, who already organised this event some years ago. This time they choosed the Erentrudisalm, a former convent, as our home. This is located above Salzburg,wirh a fantastic view - and a nice hillclimb.


The programme followed the experience of the forner 23 years, with a lot of time to talk to each other, and a bit touristic drive. On saturday evening the guitars of Guy and Thomas made the rest of the group sing old classic songs. In sum: a totally relaxed weekend!

A big thank you to the organizers. A very welcome diversification during these times. Hopefully next year will allow owners of other countries to take part again, when we celebrate the 25th Magnette Day!

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