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25th Magnette Day

It's now 25 years ago, that I had the idea to bring together some German Magnettes, as they were very very rare at that time and well underrepresented at MG events. So it started in 1996 with a BBQ in my garden. The three German Magnettes were framed by the Magnettes of Malcolm Eades and our current chairman Paul Batho, who did the trip just for a BBQ!


Well that was the beginning and meanwhile we have always about 15 Magnettes every year from all over Europe. Due to the pandemic situation, there were no cars from England this year. But in total 19 MGs from Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany of course. But regardless the event was "very British",as you can see from the pictures! The owner of "The Little British Inn" is an Englishman, living in Germany, but apperently wearing his home country not only in his heart. When I asked, if we can make a halt with our MGs there, he was very obliging and so we could have our champagne reception in a appropriate vicinity.
The event was kindly sponsored by Peter Martin of MG Specialists and the MG Car Club Germany.

Before tne event ended, the Ray Cain trophy was handed over to Peter & Lydia for the shortest trip! Just 20 mls...

text & pics Günter Graskamp


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