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Kop Hill Climb 25/26th September 2021

Once again the Register had reserved parking in the Club display area for the return of this classic hill climb revival (after cancellation in 2020 due to covid). 

Saturday was overcast with a cool wind, but neither this or the fuel crisis seemed to have put off the public as the event was still busy all day, and the variety of cars and motorcycles doing the hill was as wide as ever, from a 1907 Berliet to magnificent 1920s Bentleys and elegant 1950s Alvis models - over 400 in total. There were around 10 Magnettes, more than enough for the available display space, with one or two also in the paddock and the general display area.Having enjoyed Magnette chat, food & drink and many other stalls, we were somehow able to assemble around Register members in the gazebo at 4pm for the AGM. The business of the meeting was as brief as possible, but it was great to have the presence of our President Celia Palmer (daughter of Magnette designer Gerald)

On Saturday night David and Kerri Halliday invited owners to a barbecue at their house nearby. On Sunday the weather was rather more sunny and warmer, with around 7 Magnettes present

Text and photos by Stephen Tickell

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