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Shuttleworth Airshow 1st May 2022

There was an excellent turnout for the Shuttleworth Collection opening airshow of 2022, with at least 25 Z Magnettes and a couple of Farina Magnettes gathered, along with hundreds of other spectators as you might expect, given the number of historic planes on show which are rarely seen actually flying 


It was great to see a number of new faces, with cars not seen before at Register events, and also to have the company of our President Celia Palmer (daughter of Gerald Palmer). We might have hoped for warmer weather at the start of May - there was a particularly cold wind for most of the day - but at least it didn't rain, and the airshow itself went to schedule except for the pre-WW1 planes which are only allowed to fly in very calm conditions. Not being that familiar with airshows, I was particularly struck by how low and close most of the aircraft came (observing all safety rules of course). I'd previously seen a Spitfire and Lancaster fly-past at Goodwood, but not at anything like such close quarters

The day also included access to the static hangar displays of historic aircraft, Shuttleworth House and the Swiss Garden, so there was plenty to fill the time, in addition to looking at each other's cars of course. Thanks to Roger England for organizing, especially the discounted tickets and a reserved parking area in prime position by the airfield 

Text and photos by Stephen Tickell

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