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XXXIV International Concours d'Elegance, Huixquilucan May 2022

Enthusiastic friends of the MG's, and especially of the MG Z Magnette.

I greet you from the beautiful City and Port of La Paz, located in the state of Baja California Sur, almost at the end of the Baja California peninsula, in the Northwest of Mexico, to share a brief report of an accomplished goal! Participate with one of my MG Magnettes in the most important Classic Car Event in Mexico, and one of the most important in Latin America!, the Great International Elegance Concours (GCIE*), an event organized annually by the Jaguar Club of Mexico, with the support of the Mexican Federation of Sports Cars, Civil Association (FEMADAC*) and the National Vintage Commission (CNV*).

In order to perceive the importance of the facts, it is convenient to point out that the presence of MG Z Magnettes in Mexico is extremely scarce, the references that the MG Car Club of Mexico gave us in the mid-90's is that at that time, throughout the country there were about 3 Magnettes detected, but none was working, in the following years my 4 Magnettes were added, of which to this day, two work perfectly (A ZBV 1958 and a ZB 1959), one more is in the process of being rebuilt (One ZA 1956), and the other (ZB 1957) will remain in disuse, since it was taken as a donor vehicle. Confirming this condition of rarity or scarcity of MG Z Magnettes in Mexico, there was also the fact that during the previous 33 annual editions of the GCIE, no MG Z Magnette had participated, being my MG ZBV Magnette the first to appear. to be presented during the XXXIV edition of the GCIE. For these reasons, for the members of the MG Car Club de México, as well as for many other Classic Car enthusiasts in my country, it is surprisingly unprecedented to see an MG Z Magnette rolling through the streets of Mexico City.

Following are the descriptions of a brief photographic report of the adventure of the participation of my MG ZB Varitone 1958 in the XXXIV Grand International Elegance Concours (GCIE), from its shipment from the city of La Paz, participation in the event and its safekeeping. in Mexico City, to wait for a next event.

1.- Invitation to the XXXIV GCIE, Huixquilucan 2022.
2.-Hiring for the transfer of my MG ZB Varitone 1958, from La Paz, BCS to Mexico City.
3.- The MG 58 moved in a Tortón Type Truck. 10 hours of maritime crossing from the Peninsula to the mainland, and 1,700 km of journey through the mainland to reach Mexico City.
4.- Arrival and safekeeping of the MG 58 at a workshop in the CDMx.
5.- Arrival of the MG 58 at the hotel, to transfer it to the XXXIV GCIE.
6.- Preparation of the MG 58 to transfer it to the XXXIV GCIE.
7.- Friday April 1st. Arrival and registration of the MG 58, at the XXXIV GCIE.
8.- Registration 051 of MG 58, in the XXXIV GCIE.
9.- Saturday April 2. Ready for the unveiling ceremony of the MG 58.
10.- Opening ceremony of the MG ZB Varitone 1958.
11.-I appreciate the accompaniment and support of members of the "Friends of La Paz Classic Cars" Group.
12.- I appreciate the support of my colleagues and friends who are members of the MG Car Club de México.
13.- I appreciate the accompaniment and support of my friends and brothers Juan and Dora Quemado, from San Diego, Ca. USA.
14.- I appreciate the accompaniment and support of Oscar and Araceli, my dear cousins from the CDMx.
15.- Pleasant time spent together in the tent of the MG Car Club de México.
16.- My MG 58 at the Award Ceremony. 1st place in Other MG Category.
17.- Leaving the Award Ceremony.
18.- My MG 58 returns its place in the Exhibition.
19.- Panoramic view of a section of the XXXIV GCIE.
20.- My MG 58 is sheltered again in a CDMx workshop, waiting for an upcoming event.

I say goodbye sending you cordial greetings from La Paz, Baja California Sur, México!

*Acronyms for their names in Spanish

text and photos by Luis Benito Ruiz Bogarin

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