A review with pictures and reports of past Magnette events from all over the world

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Tyne-Tees Jubilee Weekend 6-7 August 2022

Register members were invited to join the Golden Jubillee celebration for the MGCC Tyne-Tees Centre (established in 1971) and 11 Magnettes were entered amongst a total of 100 MGs.

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International Magnette Day 24-26 June 2022

Over the last weekend in June, 21 Magnettes and their drivers descended on Luxembourg for the 26th 'Magnette Days' weekend, hosted by Yves and Sonja Rommes in the village of Perlé.

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On Pole at Silverstone

Jack and Kevin Skuce enter their ZB in the Concours at MGLive! (11-12 June 2022)

Most often, especially in car magazines, cars have their 'moment in the sun', during and just after restoration. This is often quite rightly so, as the effort that is made by many in car restoration should be shared and celebrated. This was the case with our ZB Varitone Magnette, which featured fresh from its latest restoration in the July 2020 edition of Safety Fast! We were proud of the restoration that the car received, however we didn't want it to become a 'Trailer Queen' and as such it's had over 1500 largely trouble free miles since.

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Shuttleworth Airshow 1st May 2022

There was an excellent turnout for the Shuttleworth Collection opening airshow of 2022, with at least 25 Z Magnettes and a couple of Farina Magnettes gathered, along with hundreds of other spectators as you might expect, given the number of historic planes on show which are rarely seen actually flying 

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Magnettes & Steam, 16th April 2022

Considering how long our traditional annual Magnette season-opener has been running, it's surprising we haven't already repeated more of the preserved railway venues. Apparently the Register was last at the Mid-Hants (Watercress) Line in 1999, before I was involved, so a return visit was probably due

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Lou Shorten Tribute weekend 9/10 October 2021

The 2021 event followed the usual format with a get together at John Shorten's home in Lenwade on the Saturday and an outing on Sunday. Over the weekend 18 Magnettes attended plus another 8 owners in other cars, the petrol shortage causing problems for some.