A review with pictures and reports of past Magnette events from all over the world

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XXXIV International Concours d'Elegance, Huixquilucan May 2022

Enthusiastic friends of the MG's, and especially of the MG Z Magnette.

I greet you from the beautiful City and Port of La Paz, located in the state of Baja California Sur, almost at the end of the Baja California peninsula, in the Northwest of Mexico, to share a brief report of an accomplished goal! Participate with one of my MG Magnettes in the most important Classic Car Event in Mexico, and one of the most important in Latin America!, the Great International Elegance Concours (GCIE*), an event organized annually by the Jaguar Club of Mexico, with the support of the Mexican Federation of Sports Cars, Civil Association (FEMADAC*) and the National Vintage Commission (CNV*).

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NEC Classic Show, 11-13 November 2022

Jack and I decided we would like to support the Early Ford V8 group and offered to exhibit our 1945 Ford pick up. We shared the stand with 2 Pilots and a 1932 roadster. Apart from restoring and owning MGs, with help, we fitted in the restoration/preservation of our truck. We were pleased that it ended up at the show as it facilitated a long weekend around a load of great classic cars and enthusiasts. It was a very enjoyable experience.

Having the rather useful exhibitor wrist band we were allowed to travel through the show slightly out of hours, without the crowds. Lots of MGs were on show and a highlight for us, was Paul Batho's ZA Magnette, both in model form and in the flesh on the MGCC stand.

Hopefully one day we will exhibit an MG at the NEC. Who knows may be one day Jack will show a Magnette on the young members stand!

Text and photos by Kevin Skuce

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Lou Shorten Tribute 8/9th October 2022

On a notably sunny October weekend our Norfolk event followed a well established format, with 10 Magnettes on Saturday at John Shorten’s open house (in Lenwade) where a buffet lunch was enjoyed in the garden and the Concours and Pride of Ownership were judged. There was also a raffle which seemed to be happily engineered so that everyone came away with a prize !

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Kop Hill Climb 24-25th September 2022

Once again the Register had a good weekend at Kop Hill Climb (24/25 September) which in previous years has often seemed to experience its own micro-climate of low cloud and mist.

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Tyne-Tees Jubilee Weekend 6-7 August 2022

Register members were invited to join the Golden Jubillee celebration for the MGCC Tyne-Tees Centre (established in 1971) and 11 Magnettes were entered amongst a total of 100 MGs.

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International Magnette Day 24-26 June 2022

Over the last weekend in June, 21 Magnettes and their drivers descended on Luxembourg for the 26th 'Magnette Days' weekend, hosted by Yves and Sonja Rommes in the village of Perlé.