A review with pictures and reports of past Magnette events from all over the world

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19th Z Magnette Day

End of June is a highlight for Magnette owners on the continent. Magnettes from different European countries meet for a relaxed weekend. This year we met in the Schwäbische Alb south of Stuttgart, which gave us a lovely scenerie and winding roads. The Magnettes came from Luxemburg, Austria and Gernmany and the longest distance travelled was about 800 km!

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May 17th at Canons Ashby

It was a fine, dry spring day, but tempered by a cool breeze. The turnout of cars was disappointingly low but it was a case of “the right crowd and no crowding”. So what did the attendees enjoy during the day?

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Magnettes at the 2015 Natmeet

I recently travelled to my first Natmeet with our Magnette Registrar, Peter Baldry.  Pete was a bit nervous as we set out in his new resto on its first major long distance run.  Pretty soon we were honking down the freeway cruising at 110 kph at a leisurely 3000 rpm thanks to the 5 speed gearbox and the 3.9 diff hooked onto a slightly warmed MGB motor. Many a motorist in their moderns must have wondered as we pulled alongside then passed them with ease.  Time proved that Peter had nothing to worry about as the Magnette ran flawlessly all the way to Melbourne and back and returned 35 mpg to boot.

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Magnettes and Steam, 4th April 2015

The first Magnette event of the UK season on 4th April was somewhat overshadowed by the sad news that Lou Shorten had passed away the previous day, and many of those present had known Lou or at least spoken to her when buying spares. Nevertheless, as they say, the show must go on.

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Magnettes in Mexico

Hello MG's Enthusiasts Friends ! 
It is a pleasure to report that on Sunday November 2 we conducted a 5th Caravan Old Cars, following a new route: "La Paz- San Juan de Los Planes - San Antonio - El Triunfo - La Paz". This trip was a challenge for our cars, for taking this exit to the east of the city of La Paz, we had to climb the path attached to the mountain "Sierra de Las Cruces", where upon reaching a maximum elevation of over 1,200 meters above the sea level, past the beautiful view of the Bay of La Paz, to gradually distinguish the distance:

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Gathering of the Faithful [GoF] weekend

Introduction   Thanks to the Wagga Wagga MG car club [New South Wales] we had a well organised event to attend. This year 17 Magnettes { 8 ZA and 9 ZB} attended to make a great impact. Additionally most Magnette owners came a day early for a BBQ organised by Peter Baldry of the Sydney club.