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Ebay 01/2008: "It is a parts vehicle, it is beyond restoration. The front grille seems in fairly decent shape. The engine turns over, and looking into the oil fill in the valve cover, the rocker assembly is still shiny. The engine and drive train appear complete and intact. The interior is in very bad condition, as is the frame and anything that was in contact with the ground for many years. The front bumper is inside the car, but is missing all of the chrome."


KA L 41 31911
Was for sale on ebay in 12/2004. Now belongs to Allen Bradley, Louisiana.


KA L 41 31929
Was for sale on ebay in 11/2002. Now belongs to John Kreimer from Woodstock, GA who will restore her to former glory.


KA L 41 31931

5M supercharged 1800. T9 5 speed


KA A 41 31946

As far as I can tell I am the 3rd owner. I know that the car was originally deliverd to a dealership in Conneticut. 



KA A 41 31962
Named "Nettie" by previous owner, Morry Cohen, of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania who sold her to me in 2000. Originally one of perhaps six Manumatic ZBs imported to the US in 1958. Due to her first owner's frustration with this dubious feature, she ended up in a Pennsylvania junkyard circa 1960,remaining for 25 years before being discovered by Jerry Goguen, then owner of Abingdon Spares of Walpole New Hampshire, and the most complete MG Museum in North America in Westminster Vermont. Nettie was cosmetically restored and placed in the museum for another 14 years. She can be seen in an interview with Mr. Goguen in the video "MGs Across America". She was sold when Mr. Goguen began disposing of the museum and ended up in the hands of Mr. Cohen. To this day, she shows only 15,000 miles on her odometer although her original engine and manumatic transmission have been replaced. Allen Bachelder, New Castle, Virginia, USA.



KA A 41 31966
This ZB belongs to Ted and Susan Hight, Orchard Lake, Mitchigan. Adding it to his collection of MG's


KA A 11 31971
Black ZB owned by Richard Smales from Colchester & currently or sale.


  KA A 11 31978
Stored 36 years, old log book,  too good to break
Michael Heeley


KA C 11 32023
Original home market car. Now in germay in the hands of Guido Reinking.


KA TU 13 32031
This car featured in Practical Classics in April 1984. Is she still running?


KA BJ 13 32081
Dan, his dad and MG (first reg. 8th July 1958).
Martin Hewstone, England


KA BJ 13 32113
Mike Beck restored his varitone to former glory. The colour combination is exactly the same as one that his father used to own.


KA BJ 13 32114
Kept in Hampshire, UK


  KA BJ 13 32117
Here is a picture of my Magnette Varitone acquired in July.The car is quite solid if a little untidy. It is now MOT tested Taxed & Insured so it will be used whilst I take stock of where to start. I also own a 1967 MGB Roadster and 1979 GT. 
Barry King, Chelmsford, Essex


KA PP 13 32159
The VIN plate was on a derelict Magnette in a scrap yard in Co Down over 15 years ago. KA PP, unusual colour scheme.
Martin O'Brien


KA B 21 32213
Another Australian racer belonging to Adam Davidson, Melbourne Australia

This car now is converted to automatic. Read here about #32213


KA B 21 32214
Totally Original unmoleshed condition. Has been stored since 1969. Has only 50,000 genuine verified miles.
The car was built in 1958 shipped to Australia and delievered toReg Ansett Motorsin Hamilton, Victora for a Mrs. Roberts of Moyne Falls Cattle Station in the Western District. Mrs Roberts drove the car for 10 years. after which it was sold to a collector. From that time  it ahd been in the hands of two collectors and has never been registered since. However it has been driven sparingly on Vic roads permits only
John Hastie, Australia


KA C 41 32278
Ebay 11/2008: 1958 MG MAGNETTE ONE OWNER CAR – UNIQUE! What is impressive about this car is that it is a 1 owner car, completely original, that has always been garaged and kept on the road. Notice the August of 2008 inspection sticker on the windshield!
This car (Johanna is its nickname by the way) was purchased brand new by Sven, a New England attorney, who took delivery of it in England and drove it all over Europe on his 3 month honeymoon trip. The car was then transported to the States and it was kept on the road by its loving owner ever since until unfortunately Sven passed just a few months ago. Mackay’s Garage obtained the car from the owner’s widow and made some mechanical improvements (new battery, starter solenoid, rebuilt carbs, flushed the gas tank). But other than that, this car is as original as it gets! Original paint, original motor, original interior, etc. The car is road-worthy and will pass inspection! It runs and drives great, and all the lights work properly!
Other than some body issues with the rockers (which can be replaced with brand new parts still made in the UK) and the right rear quarter panel (the fender was hit at one point and repaired back in 1961), this car doesn’t have any major issues. The floors are totally solid, the doors swing and shut perfectly, the bottom of the trunk strong. The motor runs great!


KA H 41 32279



Seen on ebay in 10/2009


  KA __ __ 32314
Seen on ebay in Febraury 2010


KA BJ 23 32343
First registerd 01.07.58 now belonging to Keith Miles, UK


KA BJ 13 32368
This car was in classiccar mag jan 1993 Still on road use most weeks.
Michael Heeley


KA BA 13 32419
NBW 333 has just returned to the road after extensive renovation by the current owner Alan Finney.Alan is a Triumph (topless) man by preference but fancied a saloon so he bought this to keep him dry on the bad days.


KA AA 31 32448
It's a one-owner car with only 72000 miles. I have managed to speak to the guy (garage proprietor) who had known and maintained it from new, and who also did a most sympathetic (and very costly) restoration job around 2003. Since then it has been through a couple of hands but did not get used..


KA B 21 32495
David Miles, Bribane, Australia


KA a !3 32545
Norththumberland Police car black/maroon prop. scrapped
picture taken from M.G.'s on patrol by Andrea Green, photo: Laurence McNally


KA A 41 32557
Owned by Curt Hoffmann, Ohio, USA


KA J 11 32571
Malcolm Wells from Surrey owns this nice ZB


KA C 21 32585
Restoration object


KA LL 23 32630
This car belonged to an US embassy employee in Japan until 1960, then to a Shell agent young owner and several other owners. Now it belongs to Masahiro Sato a friend of one of the earlier owners! 
Read here more about this car


 KA LL 13 32637
This RHD Varitone was purchased new in Bournemouth by Lady Burroughs and was her chauffeur driven transport until she died in 1970. Her chauffeur inherited the car, then it passed through the hands of 4 UK owners before Dietrich Krahn brought it to Germany in the 1990s. It was deregistered from 2010, but then a new owner restored and reregistered it in 2021, after which it was again sold

The car is fitted with 4.5x15 inch wire wheels


KA BJ 13 32652
Was for sale in June 2002.


KA FC 13 32690

Bought by Mark Bacchus in 2021, this Maroon/Kashmir Beige ZB was previously owned by Trevor Jones for over 40 years (apart from a short period in the 1980s). Sadly he wasn't able to complete an extensive bare-metal restoration but his family arranged for it to be finished by an MG restorer, with original parts. The car has new maroon leather, servo disc brakes, a fully rebuilt and balanced Derrington tuned engine, Derrington exhaust manifold and an Alexander Overdrive gearbox


KA AA 13 32710

Seen on ebay: The car was imported from the UK in 1988, and kept by the same owner until recently, He brought the car to Tampa Florida and used the car up until 1994, when he took the car off the road to restore the vehicle to its former glory, it has been dry stored over the last 22 years and has had the interior completely redone to a very good standard, all though he never got round to the body work, Car starts on the button, and Chrome is excellent.


KA A 13 32730
Norththumberland Police car black/maroon prop. scrapped
picture taken from M.G.'s on patrol by Andrea Green, photo: Laurence McNally


KA A 13 32731
Cumbria & Westmorland Police car black/maroon prop. scrapped
picture taken from M.G.'s on patrol by Andrea Green, photo: Laurence McNally


KA TE 13 32745
Seen on ebay in April 2008


KA L 41 32776
This ZB was on ebay in 2/2005. It's not an original colour scheme, but it looks very elegant, like a small Bentley...


KA LD 13 32829
Owned by myself since July 200. It has undergone a large restoration with new sills and a lot of work to the front wings, front valance and behind the splash panels. The bottom half has been resprayed in the correct dark blue (Mineral) but the top half is currently grey instead of the lighter blue (steel).
Tom Strickland


KA BJ 23 32852
It must have been a Manumatic car originally as I was wondering why the clutch slave cylinder unit was not in the correct place. Its on the side of the gearbox ( a la MGA) and not on top.
Rod Paxton, East London, South Africa


KA BA 13 32868
Seen on ebay in 12/2003


KA FC 13 32901
My Magnette doesn’t look pretty at present but it is now far more structurally sound than when I purchased it over 20 years ago but its fast becoming a retirement project!! After the initial purchase I thought 2-3 years would see it return to the road but the car was worse than initially estimated. I had to get its strength back in the structure which I have done but there is still a long way to go. Its condition gave me the opportunity to tastefully modify / update without destroying an original car. The modifications are to include: 1800cc 5 bearing “B” series engine, 3 synchro MGB overdrive gearbox,  4.3 ratio rear axle, Tandem hydraulic brake circuit incorporating an in line servo. I hope to paint it in the original beige / maroon as shown on the VIN plate code FC and have uncovered parts of the original colours. Adrian Tomlinson


KA PP 13 32910

Restoration completed 2020 by Kevin Skuce



LA L 41 32990
This car was put away in a barn in Kentucky in 1976, and just pulled out in the summer of 2008. Although the paint is in poor condition, the car overall is very original and should make for an excellent restoration project. It was purchased in the UK, driven, and then shipped to California by the original owner. The car has all matching numbers and documented history including the MG warranty certificate, original UK license plate, shipping invoice, and the name and address of every owner since new. I promised to keep the most recent owners updated on my progress and drive it back down for a visit once it's complete.
Mark Michalak, Chicago, IL



KA A 41 32954
When our ZA 13540 ate its main bearings, we faced a expensive engine re-build. Desperate, we tried the rusty engine in our $400, 65k mile, purchased-for-bits, derelict ZB 32954. It started and ran as if parked 10 days not 10 years! Painted, polished and purring, the ZB engine was transplanted into our ZA. Lucky to have an organ donor on hand! 
Neal & Kathy Yates,Connecticut, USA


 KA A 21 32962
Originally black, this was seen advertized on ebay as a restoration project, but in 2022 was expected to be scrapped due to poor condition, having apparently been repainted and used for 'banger racing'


KA B 21 32976


KA B 41 32982
Originally delievered to USA. Imported to Germany 1962. Stored for over 20 years in a Garage. Sold to Luxembourg in 2002 to Sonia & Yves Rommes. They want to rebuilt it with a V8 motor as a fun car. New Panels and parts already bought but no motivation to start and finish work.


KA J 41 33003

Originaly sold by Montclair Motors in Montclair, NJ



Owned by Stuart Gregory in Australia


KA J 41 33004
Seen on on ebay in 7/2010


KA J 41 33013
Seen on
ebay in 7/2010


KA C 11 33024
First registered 14.11.58


KA __ __ 33028
Seen on
ebay USA February 2008 (ZAB 33028)


KA TA 13 33041
Mike and Carole Rolls' ZBV 508 SMM.


KA TT 43 33043

1958 Magnette ZBV, came from factory to US July 1958 Island Green/Island green with Whitewall Tyres --restoration finished in 2010.

Wayne and Dee Johnson



KA TT 23 33044
For auction at Bonhams 04/2005: "It is believed that this Magnette spent time abroad before returning to the UK and being registered as ‘new’ in 1961. The car had been stored in garage on a Sussex farm for many years before it was spotted in the mid-1980s and bought by the present owner. It was subsequently sent to a firm of professional restorers specialising in MGs and lovingly brought back to its former glory. Exterior finish was changed from the original brown/cream to the aesthetically more pleasing red/cream traditionally associated with MG. We are advised that the restoration was undertaken between 2000 and 2003, and that approximately £12,000 was spent. Presented in very good condition throughout and reported as driving very well, the car is offered with history file containing sundry restoration invoices, expired MoTs and (copy) old-style logbook, and comes with Swansea V5 registration document and MoT to January 2006.
Estimate: £5,000 to 7,000"



KA LD 13 33049

1800 Engine & Sierra Gearbox Conversion, servo unit, seperate indicators, kenlow fan, alternator/negative earth conversion.


KA BJ 13 33089
I have owned this car since 1981. It had been sitting unused in a garage in Kingston for 8 years prior to that. Put back on the road in 1984 it has done regular low mileage. Only significant upgrade: halogen headlights and seat belts.
Andy Stevens, Cambridge


KA AA 23 33134
This car belonged to my uncle who was a Thai embassador in Cambodia. After he came back to Thailand he brought her along and I found her sat in his garage in 1980 in good running condition unfortunately this car has a modified engine (1500 cc Mitsubishi Saturn) and a Mitsubishi transmission.  Read more...
Chatdhana Bhimonpun, Thailand



KA A 31 33170
 Original owner purchased the car new in May 1958 in GB for use while in the service. Returned to the USA in March 1960, and remained in the family as a family car for fun outings and daily driver use until the owner died in 1988. It had the motor replaced with a Gold Seal engine in 1968 with the odometer showing over 90,000 miles.The original owner's daughter took the car with her to Ann Arbor Mi.in May 1988 where it remained in her hands until June 1995. The original Gold seal engine required a rebuild with the odometer showing 15,000 (obviously 115,000 miles) which is not much use from a "factory rebuild" ,only 25,000 miles.  Ms. Lane stated she and her children learned to drive in this car, so she didn't like to part with it. 
I now have the car and will continue bringing it back to life.  
Wayne Hardy, Texas, USA




KA B 41 33180
I have owned my Magnette since 1977. I have always maintained it as best any one can. Six years ago I parked it in the garage and left it untouched for the 6 years. We were beginning a family and they needed me more than the Magnette.  In January 2002 I decided to get the Magnette back on the road. It took about 6 hours, separately, to get it back up & running. This car is mostly complete with as much original as possible. The picture of the Magnette and myself are at my 45th birthday . Buckey in AZ.



KA J 11 33212
Bruce Chapman, grandson of Nancy Mitchell, the famous lady rally driver (in a Magnette) of the 1950s, is racing this Magnette.



KA BJ 13 33273
RHD Varitone build 23.07.-12.08.58 in birch grey/twilight grey with maroon interior. When dispatched on 18.08.58 she was fitted with a Manumatic Clutch, but converted back to normal clutch like most others. She's now staying in Germany, where she had several owners.



KA A 41 33322
Seen on ebay in 9/2008. Now in the hands of Bob Brownlow, Niles IL


KA AA 33495

Exported on sale (11th Sept 1958) on a ship called Nevasa, possibly to Singapore where the purchaser (Major Everson) was stationed. Then shipped to Mombasa 28th Oct 1960. Kenyan rego KGU112. Then shipped to Auckland NZ on the 26th June 1964.Sold in 1968 to an owner who kept it until 1994 and only did 55,000 mls in it.Sold to a man who never used it, I bought it in 1995 & sold it in 1996. I then bought it back of that owner in Dec 2012. Has only covered 106000 mls. Still original and great to drive!
Tony Don


KA A 41 33557
The car is located in Florida, for sale by its owner who lives in New Jersey.


KA A 41 33342
Seen on ebay in 11/2004. Starting bid 380 $



KA FC 13 33483
Seen on ebay in 10/2005



KA A 11 33355

First registered 19.08.1958. Now under restoration by Andreas Schweighofer.


KA C 41 33597
Clara, as my wife Sherie has named her, sat in the desert outside of Quartsite Az.for 40 years. All of the rubber and interior pieces are bad, but very little rust.We will restore her and have started on that project. Dave Wahl


  KA __ 15 33691
I bought the car from Graham Springthorpe in 2009, and since owning it have taken it to Le Mans twice (as crew transport for the works MGB team) - currently enjoying her before the next project which will be an uprated diff to make the continental journeys easier.. The chassis no. indicates it as supplied in primer as a CKD without colour! James Hamilton


KA A 13 33695
Norththumberland Police car black/maroon prop. scrapped
picture taken from M.G.'s on patrol by Andrea Green, photo: Laurence McNally


KA B 41 33755
This Magnette was first sold in 1959 and is a California car, imported to Germany in 2000. After a lengthy restoration by Simon Beyertt, it's seen here in the new colour, Damask Red 


KA B 11 33761
Gobby's other ZB - owned by one family from new - it is very original and complete and is totally standard - and will be restored when I get around to it.  
Gobby, Cornwall


  KA B 11 33768
Built on 1st Sepemeber 1958, owned by Clive Webb



KA J 41 33770
Attached is a photo of "Maggie". Loyal and trusted companion of Arthur and Allye Kranish of Chevy Chase, Maryland. 
Laid to rest after a long bout with cancer at the Frendship Auto Graveyard in New Jersey. Rest in Peace.
Best Regards,Pete Wilson




KA LA 13 33813
RHD Varitone in black/blue driving since several years in East Germany. Has wire wheels and an MGA boot rack! One of the previous owners made suicide in this car when inhalating the exhaust fumes.



KA LL 43 33819
I bought the car almost 2 years ago from a NAMGAR member in New Mexico. A new wiring harness was installed and most mechanical systems have been rebuilt to make the car a safe and reliable driver. It has a 5-main MGB engine, early B-transmission, and a 3.9:1 rear end ratio. I absolutely love this car.  Paul Casarona,USA


KA AA 43 33869
"Zoe" is owned by Charles Reece from Arizona. The previous owner brought the rusted body back to life. After short stints with two other less appreciate owners, she is finally in a home where she will receive all the proper car necessary for LBC. The new owner also has a 58 MGA Roadster, who is proud to have Zoe as his new little sister.


KA A 41 33878
This is my 2nd Magnette and was purchased as an uncompleted raggey project car from the estate of of Dick Macadoo approx. 7 years ago. It has been a steady effort --- I want a good looking driver, NOT a "show pretty"! I use the car regularly
Arch Boston, USA


KA A 13 33948
Jersey Police car black/maroon prop. scrapped
picture taken from M.G.'s on patrol by Andrea Green, photo: Laurence McNally


KA A 13 33949
Jersey Police car black/maroon prop. scrapped
picture taken from M.G.'s on patrol by Andrea Green, photo: Laurence McNally


KA J 41 33951
Purchased in August 2002 from current owner Peter J. Wilson in South Jersey,USA. Excellent older restoration that has been in barn storage since 1989.  Dark grey color with maroon leather interior.
Now belongs to Joseph Iannacone


KA C 41 33973
Here is the beginning photo of my restoration project. I was sold on it because it is pretty much rust free, although there are plenty of other issues to deal with. Wiring harness first, then rear-end bearings/ seals, wheel cylinders replace or rebuild all around, new hoses and brakes, and maybe if I am very lucky new dark red paint next year. Yes I will be having fun for a while. :-) Kim Roscher, Morgantown WV, USA, now in the hands of Edward Hindman, WV, USA


KA BA 13 34049
This Varitone was exported to Japan in 1997 and bought by Mr. Hideo Ohba from Tokyo, who uses his car every Sunday. In 1950's, new Magnettes were imported from England by a Japanese car dealer. I think about 20-30 cars were imported. These cars were mainly LHD for US soldiers and some of these are now available to buy. After 1980's British Car Shop imported Magnettes mainly from England, I think also about 20-30 cars. Read more...


KA __ 33 34075
A basket case! Came home in six boxs+chassis. Restoration will be ongoing for many years.
Eric and Gina Nelson, Fort Bragg, CA, USA


KA AA 33 34075
Another Magnette in France belonging to Thomas Reiss, Charbonnières


KA T 11 34125



KA L 21 34152
This vehice was purchased in the former Republic of Southern Rhodesia by a police officer (ID unknown) based in (the then) Hastings, Rhodesia. It was then bought by a person (name known to me) who took it with him to South Africa at the time of Zimbabwe's independence. I then bought it through an intermediary (in 1989) and imported it into Austalia in 1991 - after driving it for a while and then starting a full restoration.  My understanding is that the car was imported into Rhodesia as a fully built vehicle (as suggested by the car number identification code).  The car was (so far as I know) completely original. I have removed (and had re-built) the original engine and have fitted a 1622cc unit I took from a very sad South African donor car which was then donated to local club members for parts. Although I started restoring the car in South Africa, I (and I have lots of excuses) did not complete the project until, with the hard work of one person in particular and advice, parts and support of a number of others, the car was on the road this month and passed the requirements of the local registration authorities (after a full over-the-pits inspection) this week - on the first try.
It is now fully registered for everyday use! John Monico, Canberra, Australia


KA C 41 34177
Richard McKie owned this car some time ago but sold it to finish his MGA Twin Cam restoration. He says: "I should have sold the TC "and tries to relocate his old Magnette.


KA TT 43 34208
Seen on ebay in September 2007 in Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts


KA BJ 13 34254
Owned by a bachelor



KA A 11 34330
Picture found somewhere on the web. The car is now at Gaydon museum.



KA TU 13 34407
One Careful Owner from New. Joan Evans is one of our special members who is over eighty years old and therefore now qualifies for a free subscription to Enjoying MG. Joan has owned her MG Magnette ZB Varitone since it was bought new in 1958 by her father for her personal use and she has driven the car on an almost a daily basis ever since. The MG sports saloon is still in superb running order and always fires up at the first press of the starter button. The only modifications that have been made to the Magnette are the fitting of an electric windscreen washer and separate rear flashers, as the original rear indicator system was inadequate and hazardous. The Magnette is only on its fourth heavy duty battery from new and has covered 96,960 miles in total. The Magnette is very special to Joan and her husband Roy who says that the wherever they go the MG is much admired by young and old alike. 
From Enjoying MG, the magazine ofthe MGOC, Okt.2004


KA LD 13 34426
I bought this car in mid 2005 at which time it had just had an MGB 1800 engine/rear axle/brake servo fitted. In 2006 I had a 5 speed Sierra gearbox fitted and in early 2007 had both rear wings and section beneath the boot completely replaced and resprayed including work to the rear spring hangers and inner offside wing.
Next on the list, when I get some money, is a disc brake conversion on the front and new springs all round. We use the car regularly and normally take it to France, with other MG's, on holiday each year.
Reg Boulton


KA LL 43 34437
Seen on ebay in 4/2006



KA BA 13 34482
Bought by Nigel and Bev Bartram Oct 2008 - bodywork in good order, restored electrics and dash but engine needs work.