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Germany KA BB 43 29850
This was the first Magnette I have seen and now I own two. I am the third owner. The car has undergone 100 plus hours of rust repair and metal fabrication. The car is now at the paint shop. The engine was rebuilt by Rich Medcraft as well as the carbs. Tobias Robinson, Oregon, USA. The car was sold in 2011 to Carsten Bange in Germany.


KA BB 33 29848
A Swedish single-coloured Varitone owned by Gilbert Falkenstrom since the 1970s. After acquiring the car he painted it maroon but has now repainted in Birch grey. Fitted with 1622 engine, 3.9 diff and towbar


KA BB 23 29847

You may think this is the wrong car in this gallery, but this car started as a Magnette and is "rebodied". Read the full story...


KA LL 33 29800
An old photograph from the Swedish register archiv.


KA E 23 2980
I am the 7th owner. Purchased in 1991 with 125,000 miles on the clock. Rarely used, and lives in a nice new shed on my country property. Note the personalised number plate   MGZA
Valentine Venimore, New Zealand


KA BJ __ 29790



KA TU 13 29787
The photo shows the only RHD ZBV in North America that we can find in front of the Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia. The bride and groom wanted to arrive in her instead of the limo which followed with the bridal party.
The car is now in the hands of Randell Kegg, Maryland, USA


KA H 5 29778



KA A 43 29734
David F. Darby's ZB at a recent family camping trip. Missouri,USA,


KA BB 13 29727
SOONISH............... to have a MGB 1800cm3 + Sierra 5 speed with discs brakes & 3.9 diff`. Just also bought some TR6 steel wheels!
Chris Hobden


KA H 5 29659
Car built in Durban South Africa in 1957 -imported to UK in 1962. Was laid up in early 1990`s and I have just recommissioned it having just got it an MOT
Terence Clark, East Sussex


KA A 13

This car belonged to my grandfather for many years he was in the Motor trade all his life and when he gave up driving it was sold.
This picture is displayed in our Service Reception At Browne And Sons (Loddon) Ltd and i get asked by many of our customers if i know where it is now.


KA J 13 2956
Very original vehicle, Taxed and Mot'd 30 years with one owner. Some restoration work done by second owner, recent engine rebuild by third owner. A joy to drive. A sound car but with some wrinkles, rather like its new (4th)owner. Michael Devenish, bath, UK


KA LA 43 29545
Purchased in Kelowna, BC by Alistair Bairos; uncertain re prior owners but believe carspent its entire life in
central British Columbia. Now on Hawaii


KA J 13 2948
First registered on 02.02.1955 now belonging to George Hunt, GB


KA J 43 29424
This is an early '58 ZB from Canada. The car has been restored very nicely but not to the original colour, plus a newly rebiult 1600cc engine. Wire wheels and white wall tyres give the special touch


KA J 13 29417

 Now owned by John Roker in Victoria, Australia


KA BJ 13 29394
My Uncle was the previous owner.
The car has been extensively renovated and is still on the road.George Hewson, Stafford, UK


KA BJ 13 29372
This Varitone, known as "Yasmin", has been owned by Malcolm Eades since December 1972, so it's not so much car ownership as a deep personal relationship! Originally grey over grey, she was rebuilt in 1994 and resprayed beige over maroon. Originally used daily in the seventies, she now only comes out for pleasure trips. She gets around a bit so she has a 1622cc engine with a gearbox upgrade planned: she's been as far south as Umbria in Italy and as far north west as the Harz mountains in (East) Germany. She is also featured in Anders Clausager's MG Saloons as well as some magazine articles, one of them a very early Classic Cars feature, before she was restored, when she was used to show where all the rust comes through. Webmaster Günter's car was already restored then (by the late Bob Bonthrone) and was used in the same article to show how good the finished job looks.


KA LD 13 29321
Previously owned by Ken Wood, who installed an 1800 engine, Ford type9 gearbox and front disc brakes. Bought in 2018 by Peter Thompson from Norfolk.  


KA B 23 29310 
Bought second hand from the original owner May 1970 with 95,000 miles on the clock for $450 car (200 pounds). This ZB was my first car at age 18. I still have it and its now got 197,000 miles on it. Resprayed in BRG in 1984.Some bodywork redone -chrome, new leather seats, rust removed and engine overhauled. Won Concors 1985. Since then used for going to work, weddings and fun with the MG club in South Australia.
Original owner was Mr Crawford of Glenelg SA who bought it to travel from Adelaide to his sheep ranch near Broken Hill 400 miles north east of the city. When I bought it, it had about 2 bucket fulls of red dust through the head lining and seats etc. Thirty years ago I taught my wife, sister in law and my sister, my son and others how to drive in it and its still going. Kevin Dixon, South Australia


KA B 23 29308
Now owned by Helen Farquhar. The car was first registered  25.03.58 and toured over Europe before being shipped to Australia. Previous owner Rod Barrett restored her with a sporting feel, lowered suspension, minilite copy wheels, custom inlet and exhaust and a balanced and blueprinted engine.


KA TA 23 29300
Bought in perth in 1996. Originally from Adelaide, South Australia. Bit by bit as finances allowed, bought allparts required. Stripped off paint but unfortunalety allowed surface rust to build up as I became busy with work.Will sell this car soon to other owner in our Magnette group.
Chris Gray, Perth, Western Australia


Ireland KA C 13 29272
Original 1500cc engine now fitted with overdrive gearbox from early MGB
Martin O'Brien.


KA C 43 29266
Original, but in poor condition. Near ready for paint. Mechanics are still a question mark.
Jeff Schlemmer, USA


KA L 13 29163



KA A !3 28992
Police car black/maroon prop. scrapped
picture taken from M.G.'s on patrol by Andrea Green, photo: Laurence McNally


KA BJ 13 28909
Built in March 1958 and now under restioration by Daniel Pope


KA LD 13 28878
Under restoration by Roland van den Eijnden, The Netherlands


KA __ __28787
For auction at: Important Collectors' Motor Cars, Collectors' Motorcycles and Fine Automobilia, 3 Dec 2007 Olympia, London
The vendor advises us that this left-hand drive ZB Magnette has enjoyed single family ownership from new, being re-registered in the names of various family members at different times. Described as unrestored, the car is offered with Belgian registration papers.Sold for £3,200 plus Premium and tax


KA T 43 28690

Laid in a chicken coup for 40 years, 1800 3 main bearing, 3:9:1 differential
Phil Rossi



KA LD 23 28668
Bought from a fellow member of the MG Owners Club WA. He had owned it for 10 years and traveled 15000 miles. It was restored in 1992 with all body, interior and mechanical work done. A 1622 MGA motor was put in then.
Andrew Leonhardt, Western Australia



KA TA 23 28661
Loz Scott has commenced restoration using the best of two ZB bodies. Body has obvious rust, while rear had copious amounts of body filler that hid worse corrosion.



KA BJ 13 28607
I purchased my ZB Magnette in Falkirk, Scotland in 1998. It had been stored in a garage for many years and was rusting away. I completely stripped the car and bebuilt it over a period of 5 years. It has had 7 owners, one of whom sold the original Reg. No. RAM 855 If anyone has any knowledge of the history of this car I would be most interested.
Richard Sherman


KA BU 33 28601
Was for sale on the Inter-Classica in Maastricht, NL.

Now in Belgium in the hands of Pascal Deviane

Orig. reg. date was 05.06.1958 


KA BJ 13 28600
Was for sale on the internet in Dezmeber 2007: Much money invested but probably not concours condition.


KA E 13 2860
She was registered 15.10.54 and dispite appearances is roadworthy and MOT'd. I am almost finished the repaint, only the passenger door and boot to do.
Lloyd Cochraine


KA LL 13 28597
My newly restored 58 Varitone - at last. In wedding service, summer of 2008. All totally original - no modifications. All parts from The Shortens apart from steel wings from NTG in 1994.
Dan Docwra, Edinburgh


 KAJ13 28508

Purchased in 2016 by Tony Alden



KA B 23 28469
Standard except for seat belts ,flashing ind. Restored early '80s present owner 15 years. Ken Dutch, Austalia



KA C 23 28463
The car was purchased by the J&T Gunn family (which later became Gunns of pulp mill fame) all the family cars were painted in the company corporate colour as this car is. The car is still owned by this family.



KA BJ 23 28428

Needs some work...


KA EE 13 28400
Previously owned by Mark Beckley ( who back in the 80s ran the register ) who sadly passed away earlier this year. Car is rally prepared and completed in the Pirrelli Classic throughout the 90s. Has not run for about 3 years and is a bit tatty but should MOT with a bit of recommisioning. I have owned 3 Magnettes in the past the last one sold in 91.( Varitone APA 37A, I wonder if it still exists ) Good to be back in the fold! PS I used to own founder register member Eddy Edwards magnette FPC 563!


KA TE 13 28394
I am at last able to send you a picture of my car for the website gallery. I had chosen a bright sunny day in the summer, and drove off to a quiet country lane with an impressive country house as a background and took several pictures.  Unfortunately the digital camera had a fault (lines across the pictures) and the images from a mobile phone camera did not show enough detail.  So much for modern technology!  The camera is still not repaired, so I borrowed another to take today's picture...
I have been running the car since 1982 (long before computerised databases and websites).  After some work on the wings and doors, the car was repainted in the original two-tone green scheme in 1983 and is now about due for a repeat.  Over the years I have used the car for a variety of motoring events, family trips and driving to work some days (easy to spot in the car-park).  Apart from fitting seat belts, the car is original specification.
Jon Hall, Northants, UK


KA T 13 28296

This car was probably the worst of the bunch with more bubbling rust apparent all round. Only suitable for spares in my view but again, some enthusiast might need to get away from his family and responsibilities and spend a lot of time in the garage. The underside and floor panels were in poor state where it would be easy to punch through, but I didn't want to inflict any other damage by doing so. Upholstery was poor and carpets were so wet they'd need to dry out before you could burn them! Two of the doors didn't close properly because the mechanisms were siezed up so everything will just get wetter with time.


  KA BB 33 28249

Tomas Jaksch from Sweden owns this one.


KA BJ 13 28241

A nice shiny car in the then common colour of Birch grey/Twilight grey.


KA LA 13 28228

Condition seemed really quite good. Stored for many years.


New Zealand KA A 43 28177
I bought the car off an elderly gentleman of 82 yrs who had owned the car for 28 years. As far I understand the car had never been out of Auckland NZ all it's life and been used every day for 52 years. I bought it and drove home a distance of 552kms without a hitch, only ran out of fuel as fuel gage is not accurate. It's a very tired old car needing some TLC which I intend giving it.
Rachel Dean


KA A 13 28171
5-brg MGB, 4-synch with o/drive, 3.9 diff, Front discs with servo


KA J 13 28134
Seen on ebay in 04/2005: said to be complete but in need of restoration

Now in Koblenz and undergoing restoration.


KA L 43 28126
ebay 05/2005


KA T 43 28106
Seen on ebay in 12/2006


KA T 13 28067
The ZB of Willy Roomz, Belgium, now in the Netherlands belonging to Marc van Beuningen


KA BJ 13 28033

1st registered to Mrs P V Deakin, Eye,69 Suffolk


KA BJ 43 28028
1800 engine with overdrive on 3rd and 4th gear and SLOTMAG wheels, painted in metallic blue.
Car is on Isle of Wight


KA A 13 2801


KA LA 33 27973
I bougt the car in Sweden 12/04/05. Second owner have had it for 20 years. The MG was total restored from 1982-1984 and is in a very good condition.
Johann Emil Björnsson, Iceland


KA L  13 27958

A nice restored car witk sliding roof!


KA L 43 27948

Michael Mitchell in California owns this car.


KA J 23 2793
Now fitted with a 1800 engine, needs a lot of TLC, will restore body fair, interior excellent due to retoration of same. Runs well.
Grahame Peacock, Australia


KA B 23 27929
Jo Reed of Victoria, Australia owns this car.


KA B 23 27929
Jo Reed from Victoria owns this nice ZB


KA H 5 27915

One of the CKD cars assambled in Durban, SA


KA B 43 27911
One of six Magnettes on a scrapyard in Arizona that were to be crushed at the end of July 2004


KA BA 13 27847
One of Trevor Jones' cars


KA J 14 2783
One previous owner, car totally complete and is a runner but needs restoration
Brian Melville, England


KA LL __ 27793
The first car on our website from Italy: a 1958 Varitone with upper and lower colour in black from new.
Mauro Annoni , Como, Italy


KA LL 23 27790
In mid December 2012 a collection of five un-restored Magnettes, in the township of Bargo [about 100km South of Sydney], were in jeopardy of going to the metal recyclers. Not wishing so see these cars lost efforts were made to change the out come. Luckily,with quick foot work, things were averted and reference should be made to Brian Woolmer's 'Bargo' story as submitted to the MGCC Magnette Register WEB site.
Due to the generosity of those involved KALL 23/27790 came into my ownership. I had inspected this car, jammed in with others, under torchlight some time earlier and felt a serious attempt should be made to salvage this car and if possible restore it - although early negotiations, boldly initiated by Paul Vermont, had failed due to different expectations of the then owner [deceased estate] of the five Z types.
The attached picture shows KALL 23/27790 [at a rest stop not far from Gundagai] in transit back to Geelong. Basically its currently being assessed by: Cleaning up all the threads associated with mounting the panels correctly, Using the maintenance manuals reference and a plumb bob check for straightness; and Placing on a hoist to check extent of rust and any damage accrued over its life. At this stage: the plumb bob test indicated the body is straight; rust is significant [I dont believe terminal]; Damage to the body showed up with - tie bar {lower link to body - driver side} is bent with some localised under panel regression, plus the area under the passengers side A pillar has had an argument with something high profile [stump?] For Australia this car is a little unusual. It is a monotone ZBV and must have been originally destined for mainland Europe as the speed - o is calibrated in Kph. More assessment and checks need to be carried out as KALL should be saved.
from Loz Scott [13 Jan 2013]


KA L 13 27770
Very standard ZB car, still with trafficators and engine just round the clock for the first time. Major components still original, ususal body restorations over the years. In our ownership since 1989, used for the school run when bringing up the kids and now earning its keep on 12 car historic regularity rallys.
Graham Mayes, Kent


KA H 5 27743

Another CKD car assambled in Durban South Africa. The Motor Assemblies No. is MGM 514.
Owner is Keith Burton





KA H 5 27740
Here is a picture of a 1958 ZB currently for sale on "Trademe" (Kiwi equivalent of e-bay). The car is located in Helensville, about one hour north of Auckland. It also carries a plate "MGM 511 Motor Assemblies Ltd., Durban South Africa" . The chassis no. declares this Magnette as a CKD (Completely Knocked Down) car. It looks as it was assembled in SA, then between 1958 and 1965 reimported to UK and then in 1965 imported to NZ from the UK. The car looks OK from a distance, but closer inspection reveals patches on the chassis and heaps of body filler in all the usual places.



KA BJ 13 27652
First registered on 17 Jan 1958. Still in regular use by Greg Thornton, UK


Chassis # 27638: First car in 1958 (approximate)


KA LD 13 27588


KA L 43 27577
Was for sale on ebay in Oct. 2002. Location Syracuse,US, Rochester. Meanwhile purchased by George Phelps (#14464) who brought her to Virginia, where she is giving her life so that other's might live.


KA PC 13 27502

First reg. 07/02/1958


Sweden KA BB 33 27497
Göran Johnson saw this car at the Scandinavian MG Meeting. One of the staff member used his very original Magnette ZB single tone Birch Grey. The owner Christer Svensson told that he was the third owner and it only some 85.000 km on it´s meter.


Sweden KA E 33 2747
For sale in June 2011. Needs restoration.


KA LA 13 27469



KA A 23 27425
I have just purchased this car from I believe it's 4th ( elderly) owner, who restored it 25-odd years ago. The car was originally black, now light/dark green ala Varitone, although it has small rear screen. Purchased new from Doug Watt ( authorised Nuffield agent) on 23/6/58 by Mr J.A. Bruniges of Belmont NSW. It last changed hands on 9th June 1977.
Ian Messner, Turramurra, Australia


KA A 43 27419
"Maggie"  was built at Abingdon on Decemebr 16 &17, 1957 - and was dispatched to the USA on December 21st, 1957. She was in California her whole life until March of 2000 - when Tom Webb bought her had her shipped to Chicago, IL.


KA A 43 27406
This Magnette war originally delievered to America, where it spent his life until 2000. Then it was imported to Germany where it is undergoing restoration with Christian Schräder


KA B 32 27372
I believe it was purchased by my Grandfather Walter George Noonan, a publican from Benalla in Victoria around 1956. It has remained in my family ever since.
Tom Noonan, Victoria, Australia


KA T 23 27349



Norway KA AA 33 27320
Export Black / Maroon, built 12 - 16 December 1957, Varitone type body, Monotone paint, Whitewall tyres, despatched 16 December 1957. Rescued from a scrapyard by Halvor Arne Asland, Norway


KA BJ 13 27306

No history when the car was in England. Car was taken to Holland by John Vermeulen in the seventies and I bought the car ca. 1995 for spares. It is in a very bad state but complete. Now I am going to scrap it and use it for rebuilding my ZB from 1958 with chassinr. KAT 13/28067


KA B 13 27298

Restored in 1991, when the colours were reversed. Now owned by Barry Milsom.


  KA TA 13 27270
An original Manumatic, now being restored by Mike & Pam Willan after a long time in storage. Previous owners include Aileen George and Silwyn Jones. Mike is adapting the Manumatic system to a 5-bearing MGB engine


KA C 43 27257
The car was in a no-name storm in about 1986 in Florida and it was in a very bad condition when I bought it. It is now a Pro-Street car with a 1995 Ford V6 engine, but I ahve retained the stock body lines and chrome as it was in 1958. Read more...


KA C 43 27252
This ZB is going tob e dismantled by Phil White and Charles Reece as the floor pans, rocker panels, lower doors and lower fenders are nothing but rust. They picked her on a weekend (2,400 mile round trip in four days!). More...


KA E 14 2725
Seen on ebay in 08/2005


KA C 43 27236
This car belongs to Brian Warmuth in USA. It is going to a basically a "to-factory-stock" restoration. There was absolutly no rust throughs in the body at all. So I have not had to replace any metal ...it's all factory panels throughout. The car came from california and had been stored for about 20 years when I bought it 4 years ago.Never sen road salt and I plan to keep it that way. I want this car to be even more of a survivor than it already is.


KA C 13 27223
Now owned by Richard Thomson, and fitted with a 5 speed gearbox and 1800 engine


KA J 13 27219
SD1 Rover V8 engine. Valiant AP6 radiator. MGB solid discs on front. Narrowed Capri V6 drum braked diff at rear. 3.22:1 ratio. Torque arms fitted off top of diff each side. Fitted with wire wheel adaptor hubs (Austin Healey) and special adaptor plates. Triumph Dolomite overdrive gearbox fitted to V8 with homemade adaptor and specially engineered flywheel adaptor. MGB wire wheels front and rear (5 1/2" fronts, 6" or 8" at rear. 1960's Alfa Romeo front bucket seats. Lowered 2" all around. Twin circuit brakes under dash from 1980s Ford Econovan incorporating brake pedal. Slightly modified dash to incorporate round speedo and tacho. Other small detail changes.  More pictures & details....
Vincent Stok, Victoria, Australia


KA A 43 27205
This car was for sale on ebay in Holtsville, NY, United States. The buyer wrote:
It  has the original paint and interior and looks to be an original car. It is rotten beyond repair. It seems as if someone really loved this car and I wonder what happend to it and why it so far gone. I was glad to save it to make sure that the parts get to those who need it to keep their's going. I've never seen a Magnette before and really am impressed at how regal they look in side. Rear arm rest between the seats and a clock above the mirror. Neat traficators and the knobs and switches for the heater are really cool. Now that I have seen this one I'd be interested in finding one without so much rust to add to my collection.


KA E 24 2719

Two ZA Magnettes lay in the backyard of a Northern Suburb of Melbourne - its now Jan 2014.Each car's rear window seals had failed completely allowing the rear window to fall inside; probably many years ago.  The owner now in hospital had left these Magnettes [ only the Early ZA tin top shown here]
in the Backyard for over 30 years. Rust was very,very advanced. This ZA Magnette [ Chassis No KAE 24/2719] could not be saved due to its state, lack of time [property sold] and steep cluttered access.
Paul Vermont retains the chassis plate for this lost Magnette

                     from Loz Scott


KA B 43 27175
A nice and shiny ZB which I spotted on the Z Day in Luxembourg. Unfortunalelety I lost the owners information...


South Africa KA H 5 27156
Was for sale in June 2010