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Reg. 455 FTC. Was for sale on the net in April 2008
Advert said:

ZB Magnette re-built as a racer with stripped interior, new laminated windscreen all others Lexan, new plumbed-in Lifeline extinguisher, ali foam filled fuel tank, all lines inside, all aeroquip incl fuel, oil cooler, uprated radiator, MGA discs, B calipers, adjustable Spax at front, adjustable AVOs at the rear (original cars were alll teles), Rigard seat, new wiring harness, new paint in BRG, newly chromed bumpers etc etc. At present has Ford T9 with new TranX SCCR gearset and 1950cc MGB engine with 45DCOE giving 160 bhp. Car will be sold without this engine, but we can supply another.

Who knows more about the whereabouts or it's chassis number? Please contact the webmaster!


KA 862

This Magnette was first registered on 17th of April 1954. Last seen on ebay in ebay 9/2005


KA A 13 13826
For sale on ebay September 2003 and now in the hands of Kyle Allison

463 jmu

Reg. 463 JMU



KA A 13 927
This car was rebuilt as a classic rally car from a wreck. Willy Cave, ex-works navigator, used this car 50 years after his first rally in a Magnette. More... 


KA A 13 13863
I bought this car in 2004 - a 1500cc ZA. I have since fitted seat belts, disc brakes, flashing indicators, a 1900 MGB engine and a Ford type 9 5-speed gearbox, in order to use it as my everyday transport. It's original registration SHP 282 was transferred to another car long before I bought it.
Alastair Stevenson, UK


Reg. 613 UXE


KA 931

Under full nut and bolt restoration by Neil Golding.
This car was in a very poor condition when I collected it from a lock up in Birmingham. I have brought it down to Devon where it is being striped down for panel repairs and bare metal repray. I am documenting it's restoration with photographs and hope to supply it to a classic car magazine, as I would imagine it would make for a nice feature. It was built between 8th -14th April 1954 and was despatched 20th April 1954.


Reg. 613 UXE

Who knows more about the whereabouts or it's chassis number? Please contact the webmaster!


KA 951

Now owned by Bernard and Sue Jones


KA D 13 13935

Keith Minister's Magnette


KA LD 13 21246
Andrew McGees Magnette


 KAJ 13 21226

Not very much is known about this car, but being in very poor condition it was expected to be scrapped in 2022


KA L  13 27958

A nice restored car witk sliding roof!


Reg. 668 UXF. On ebay March 2007

Who knows more about the whereabouts or it's chassis number? Please contact the webmaster!


You have this car TPX 652 featured on E Bay 2007.I have now got the car back and am the second owner, being parted from her for some 10 years. She is slowly under restoration.
John Westbrook


Reg. 672 UXC. On ebay September 2006

Who knows more about the whereabouts or it's chassis number? Please contact the webmaster!


KA E 13 13902
Purchased this ZA on 28th September 2011. It was first registered in Jersey on 6th April 1956 and has remained in the Island throughout its life. I am the fifth owner. It was completely professionally restored by the owner prior to me, starting in 1996. Since then it has covered only 483 miles, so due to lack of use is presently being recommissioned. A truly magnificent example of this lovely model'.
John Doublet


KA BJ 43 28028
1800 engine with overdrive on 3rd and 4th gear and SLOTMAG wheels, painted in metallic blue.
Car is on Isle of Wight

746 uxv ebay11_2006

Reg. 746 UXV. On ebay November 2006

I am not the owner but can confirm that the car is now owned by an Italian enthusiast in Bergamo, Italy.  My wife and I went to a restaurant in Bergamo which was decorated with some motoring memorabilia and I noticed an old workshop manual on display for a MG Magnette.  The restaurant owner saw me reading the manual and then proudly showed me some photos of his restored Magnette to which the manual belongs. The car now displays Italian number registration plates but the original english registration number plates were also on display and searching for this registration on your website is how I came to contact you. I will email the restaurant owner and suggest that he might complete your car information form to add to your club's records.
Best wishes     Bill Martin


KA J 13 14061
A '56 Magnette running in Scotland, owned by Stewart Roy


KA BJ 13 28033

1st registered to Mrs P V Deakin, Eye,69 Suffolk

801xuuebay08_2009_hanley swan worcestershire grossbritannien

reg. 801 XUU. On ebay in August 2009. Worcestershire

Who knows more about the whereabouts or it's chassis number? Please contact the webmaster!


KA E 13 1184

I have just bought this car from the former owner who has owned it for 9 years.There is no record of it being on the road for almost 40 years, the speedo shows 21,365 miles. It still needs a lot of work before it is roadworthy.
Alan Sanders


KA E 13 14077
Car was for sale on ebay in June 2003.


Reg. 887 HMD. Was for sale on the net in April 2008

Who knows more about the whereabouts or it's chassis number? Please contact the webmaster!


 KA A 13 1221

seen on ebay ebay in August 2007


KA E 13 14099
Now owned by Roger England in Bedfordshire, it has an uprated 1500 engine, MGB overdrive and diff, and wide 5.5J wheels

891 bmy wisbech cambridgeshire

Reg. 891 BMY. Was for sale in Wisbehc, Cambridgeshire

Who knows more about the whereabouts or it's chassis number? Please contact the webmaster!


KA E 13 14102
I restored this Magnette in 1999. Including me, the car has had only three owners and lives in Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham, England.
Registration number is MBL 450 and people tell me that they have seen this number in books but of course cannot remember which book! I have seen MBL numbers on works MGA rally cars and Magnettes used as press demonstrators, perhaps someone could help with the early history of this car. Roger Dockray, UK


Reg. 920 AKA. Was on ebay in April 2007.

Who knows more about the whereabouts or it's chassis number? Please contact the webmaster!


KA A 13 14132
Registered in March 1956 in Melrose, it has spent all its life in Scotland until recently and retains its original Scottish number. It has had just six owners in total and only two since 1962.


KA LD 13 21379

I previously owned 1184 which is shown in your gallery. Unfortunately it proved to be beyond my resources to repair it. Last year I exchanged this car for the ZB Varitone. John Shorten had already carried out all of the welding required on the underside. So far the body has been soda blasted, all of the panels repaired and filled and the car is currently being prepared for painting.I am re-building a MGB 3 bearing engine to fit coupled to a 5 speed Ford type 9 gearbox with a conversion kit from Hi-gear (I also have this conversion in my 1959 1500cc MGA Mk1). I also intend to completely re-upholster  and carpet the interior.
It is my intention to visit Coventry on the 10th August to pick a few peoples brains and get some detail photographs to help me on the rebuild. I have most of the parts needed except a few bits of chrome.The photograph was taken before the body was blasted.
Alan Sanders

Reg. 975 UXE.

Who knows more about the whereabouts or it's chassis number? Please contact the webmaster!


KA LA 13 28228

Condition seemed really quite good. Stored for many years.


KA A 13 5510
Was for sale on ebay in September 2003. The owner inherited the car from his late brother and has decided it really wasn't what he wanted and therefore decided to sell it.


KA A 13 28171
5-brg MGB, 4-synch with o/drive, 3.9 diff, Front discs with servo


Reg. HAS 159.

Who knows more about the whereabouts or it's chassis number? Please contact the webmaster!


KA A 13 14206
Present owner unknown.


KA A 13 5684
Seen on ebay in 8/2004


KA BJ 13 28241

A nice shiny car in the then common colour of Birch grey/Twilight grey.


KA A 13 1428

one of the earl cars that had the front quarterlights


KAE 13 5794
First registered 29.03.55 now belonging to Ronald Faulkner, living in Germany. The most special on this car is it's engine: it's a Diesel! Read more about it...


KA J 23 5901

An early 'tintop' ZA which has been totally restored by Martin Howey in North Yorkshire



uk KA J 13 14357
'962 APC was bought new by the Magnette Register chairman and president Dixon Morris. He kept it until his death in 2001. (read more about him) . The car was last seen on ebay in May 2007.


KA BA 13 21789
My Magnette. Its running well and my wife, Netti, and I have been discussing the new paint scheme - I think we are going to stick quite closely to the original Varitone options, but will go for ivory (upper) and autumn red (lower) to match the  red leather seats and the new red carpet this is currently on order.
Andrew Chambers,


KA T 13 28296

This car was probably the worst of the bunch with more bubbling rust apparent all round. Only suitable for spares in my view but again, some enthusiast might need to get away from his family and responsibilities and spend a lot of time in the garage. The underside and floor panels were in poor state where it would be easy to punch through, but I didn't want to inflict any other damage by doing so. Upholstery was poor and carpets were so wet they'd need to dry out before you could burn them! Two of the doors didn't close properly because the mechanisms were siezed up so everything will just get wetter with time.


KA J 13 5911

5911 was registered in March 1955 and is an early ZA still with its metal top dashboard. This car has a 1622 gold seal engine with an MGA diff and is otherwise original including plate UHU59. Owned by Stephen Gell


KA TE 13 28394
I am at last able to send you a picture of my car for the website gallery. I had chosen a bright sunny day in the summer, and drove off to a quiet country lane with an impressive country house as a background and took several pictures.  Unfortunately the digital camera had a fault (lines across the pictures) and the images from a mobile phone camera did not show enough detail.  So much for modern technology!  The camera is still not repaired, so I borrowed another to take today's picture...
I have been running the car since 1982 (long before computerised databases and websites).  After some work on the wings and doors, the car was repainted in the original two-tone green scheme in 1983 and is now about due for a repeat.  Over the years I have used the car for a variety of motoring events, family trips and driving to work some days (easy to spot in the car-park).  Apart from fitting seat belts, the car is original specification.
Jon Hall, Northants, UK


Reg. TYB 756


KA _ 13 1499
KBL 285 Company Press Car


KA A 13 6048
Owned by Trevor Morris virtually one owner car and very original


KA BA 13 21924
Bill Carruthers Varitone in Dumfries/Scotland.


KA EE 13 28400
Previously owned by Mark Beckley ( who back in the 80s ran the register ) who sadly passed away earlier this year. Car is rally prepared and completed in the Pirrelli Classic throughout the 90s. Has not run for about 3 years and is a bit tatty but should MOT with a bit of recommisioning. I have owned 3 Magnettes in the past the last one sold in 91.( Varitone APA 37A, I wonder if it still exists ) Good to be back in the fold! PS I used to own founder register member Eddy Edwards magnette FPC 563!


KA A 13 1594


KA BJ 23 28428

Needs some work...


KA J 14 1641
Owner Mr David Viant fromCornwall, UK


KA A 13 6423
Police car black/maroon prop. scrapped
picture taken from M.G.'s on patrol by Andrea Green, photo: Laurence McNally


 KAJ13 28508

Purchased in 2016 by Tony Alden



Reg. KAS 747


uk KA B 13 14714
Paul Batho owns his Magnette since the seventies and has done many trips with her. The picture shows his car with Celia Palmer, daughter of Gerald Palmer, who designed the Magnette, in front of her fathers house, which he also designed.


KA LL 13 28597
My newly restored 58 Varitone - at last. In wedding service, summer of 2008. All totally original - no modifications. All parts from The Shortens apart from steel wings from NTG in 1994.
Dan Docwra, Edinburgh


KA C 13 1739
Found in barn and going to restore it, looking into its history, and will show progress when we start it on our web site @ www.mikerolls4mgs.co.uk


A J 3 22005
The Cornish Magnette Hunter Gobby from Cornwall found this Magnette for sale at a classic car dealer down in the darkest depths of west Cornwall. It looked complete but not sure as there were so many bits inside the car and the boot.


KA BJ 13 22026
This car was originally shown in the register in 2005 when, in an apparently semi restored state, it was advertised on ebay. I bought it 5 years later on ebay from a broker near Liverpool. In the intervening years someone had done a lot of work on it and it presented and ran well. The registration documentation said it had its original 1500 cc engine but in fact it was fitted with a gold exchange 1622 engine. I drove it from Liverpool to Paris without problem. The problems came a few months later: the motor exploded without warning and a loud bang while dawdling down a French country lane, ruining a summer evening out.
It is now fitted with an MGB1800 5 br engine and 5 speed gear box (thanks to Chris Betson at Octarine Services). It cruises beautifully and lives peacefully in semi retirement in Normandy .. .venturing out for the occasional rally ( this was the Rallye de Fougères in Normandy, May 2011) Ron Mc Innes


KA J 14 1783
For sale on ebay 02/2005

From chassis 1783 Larger rear lights


KA BJ 13 28607
I purchased my ZB Magnette in Falkirk, Scotland in 1998. It had been stored in a garage for many years and was rusting away. I completely stripped the car and bebuilt it over a period of 5 years. It has had 7 owners, one of whom sold the original Reg. No. RAM 855 If anyone has any knowledge of the history of this car I would be most interested.
Richard Sherman


KA AA 13 22087
I went to collect this car 'for spares' with my late father-in-law, Peter Tothill in late 2005, He had worked as a production engineer on the ZB and was always a fan. He sadly passed away in January this year. I purchased the car and have continued the restoration. It has an HRG Derrington cross flow head with SUH4's from an MGA. A derrington pattern exhaust and manifold. Brakes are servo'd and it has a 5 speed ford gear box and high ratio back axle. Seat are leather and from a Rover 45. It also has stalk controls (again from a 45 ) for the lights and wiper controls. it has 3 fuse boxes (6 in each), A fuel pump intertia switch is attached to the bulkhead. A britax folding sunroof .I have also fitted a pair of body mounted Cibie driving lights instead of the fod lights. I hope to finish it for MG Live 2013....... we shall see.
Dominic Taylor-Lane


KA A 13 2059
First registered on 28.04.1954. Total mileage in 2004  is 219.497. A ZB engine and MGA diff are fitted now for better cruising.
Michael Bacon, Ramsgate.


KA __ __28787
For auction at: Important Collectors' Motor Cars, Collectors' Motorcycles and Fine Automobilia, 3 Dec 2007 Olympia, London
The vendor advises us that this left-hand drive ZB Magnette has enjoyed single family ownership from new, being re-registered in the names of various family members at different times. Described as unrestored, the car is offered with Belgian registration papers.Sold for £3,200 plus Premium and tax


uk  KA A 23 15036
Re-imported from South Africa in 1992. Now undergoing  rolling restoration here Lincolnshire at the farm workshop.
Phil Dean


KA A 23 22262
Car was originally black and exported when new in 1957 and registered as PF596. Returned to UK in 1960 and registered as XYX163. Used for historic rallying in the 1970's. Very heavily modified, MGB 1800 engine and gearbox with O/D. MGB front disc brakes, Avenger (we think) independent rear susspension, wide wheels, MGB master cylinders, Jag seats, race harnesses etc Just been put back on the road (2010) and will be used for historic rallying. Now painted in MG works colours of red with white roof. Subject of Popular Classics article in November 1992 "Preservation Order"
Simon Skidmore


KA A 13 22269



 KAA23 15031

First registered 1/6/1956 and now owned by Ken Wales in Queensland



 KAJ13 15105

This car was registered in Jersey (Channel Islands) and stayed there until 2017. It was bought by Tim Williams in Berkshire in 2019, as a part-finished restoration project


KA B 13 22287
Found somewhere on the web. If you recognize your car, please contact the webmaster.


uk KA B 13 15150
I have just been offered this car which is in a state of disrepair. It has been stripped of many parts many years ago, I have confirmed that this was before 1970 but cannot tell when, however the DVLA have a record of someone registering an MG Magnette with same registration (727APD) in 1982 and using till 1997, my chassis plate has been removed!! So read the number off the body stamping i think I've done it accurately but has been rusting for very long time. I need any information I can get to get this car back on the road, we all know how the DVLA are in cases like this! I suspect the other one is a ringer unfortunately!


KA BJ 13 28909
Built in March 1958 and now under restioration by Daniel Pope


KA A 13 2411
For sale in spring 2009 in Belfast, now in the USA.


KA J 13 15230
John Hallidays ZA.


KA A !3 28992
Police car black/maroon prop. scrapped
picture taken from M.G.'s on patrol by Andrea Green, photo: Laurence McNally


KA _ 13 2424

Owned by Ken Jones



KA E 13 7214




KA E 13 7227
Now owned by Murray Cowley in Devon, this ZA has been rebuilt and painted Rosso Brunello Metallic Red. Fitted with a 5-speed gearbox, 4.3 rear axle and disc brakes


KA L 13 29163

I used my Magnette for a friends wedding last week, see the reg plate we fitted for the photos.

Grant Howlett


  KA U 14 22404


  KA _ _ 22456
I have just startedrestoring my Magnette bodyshell. having had various repairs over the last 30 years I decided to start with a clean sheet of paper and had the shell stripped and dipped at Surface Processing Ltd in Dudley. They advertise in most of the classic mags. The result is interesting as all paint, filler, underseal and unfortunately lead is removed. The clean bare steel looks at first glance as if it has been galvanised, but in fact is coated with soluble oil to protect the bare steel while welding is completed. My shell has now revealed all its secrets. So you can guess the list - chassis sides and sills, lower rear wings- lots to do before a return visit to SPL for the E- primer, electrically charged,fully immersed and then oven baked. A system now used throughout the motor industry. Further reports to come as I make progress. John Beesley,

wroxall wedding
I have a few pics of the Magnette with special number plate that I used for my daughters wedding at Wroxall this summer,
Yours saftey fast, Grant.

KA J 13 22468

It was on display in a motor museum for 10 years up to 2005 and then for the last 10 years used lightly until i bought it. It is highly original throughout, and i love to drive it.


KA E 13 7580

I have just acquired a 1955 ZA Magnette.It was on ebay described as an abandoned restoration project and whilst not quite a bare rolling shell it came with most parts detached - even the (MGB) engine and gearbox were just sitting on the cross members.I doubt that it has been driven for years.I must now audit the components and try and find any missing items - back to ebay !
The current (UK) registration plate is OSK 686, but this is not its original one.
The total mileage is recorded as 17546, but of course this could be 117546.  However the seats are hardly worn (the best preserved part of the car) so it just might be true.

KA LD 13 29321
Previously owned by Ken Wood, who installed an 1800 engine, Ford type9 gearbox and front disc brakes. Bought in 2018 by Peter Thompson from Norfolk.  


KA A 13 7627
Police car black/maroon prop. scrapped
picture taken from M.G.'s on patrol by Andrea Green, photo: Laurence McNally


KA BJ 13 29372
This Varitone, known as "Yasmin", has been owned by Malcolm Eades since December 1972, so it's not so much car ownership as a deep personal relationship! Originally grey over grey, she was rebuilt in 1994 and resprayed beige over maroon. Originally used daily in the seventies, she now only comes out for pleasure trips. She gets around a bit so she has a 1622cc engine with a gearbox upgrade planned: she's been as far south as Umbria in Italy and as far north west as the Harz mountains in (East) Germany. She is also featured in Anders Clausager's MG Saloons as well as some magazine articles, one of them a very early Classic Cars feature, before she was restored, when she was used to show where all the rust comes through. Webmaster Günter's car was already restored then (by the late Bob Bonthrone) and was used in the same article to show how good the finished job looks.


KA A 13 7628
Police car black/maroon prop. scrapped
picture taken from M.G.'s on patrol by Andrea Green, photo: Laurence McNally


KA E 13 15581




Advertised on carandclassic.co.uk from March 2020, stated to have been restored a few years previously and now in Weston Super-Mare


KA BJ 13 29394
My Uncle was the previous owner.
The car has been extensively renovated and is still on the road.George Hewson, Stafford, UK


KA A 13 15720
1800 Engine fitted, 5 Speed conversion (Type 9 Sierra gearbox), Electronic Ignition Fitted.

Leonard Rolls, Wales, UK