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14192 a

KA A 23 14192
Owned by an enthusiast in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka KA A 23 2142
See on ebay January 2010


Sri Lanka KA LD 23 23454
Car was purchased in the UK & taken over to Singapore when the 1st owner was transferred there. He then came over to Sri Lanka in 1972 and brought the car with him. My father bought the car when the owner was returning to the UK in 1978 & was transferred to me in 1997. No non standard modifications. The car is in pretty good shape with all original fittings & used on a regular basis.
Nishad Wijetunga, Sri Lanka


KA T 32 17802
I am sending photos of the " before and after" restoration project of the MG. Actually I brought the MG back to its original condition and thereafter neglected it very unfortunately. I have however started the Re - Restoration of same and I hope to finish it and have it road worthy once again by the end of the year. You will see from the pic's it was a major job that I performed the first time round. This time however the magnitude is far less I am sure.
Gihan Salgado, Colombo, Sri Lanka


KA J 21 31655

I have been in correspondence with Peter Martin who together with Lou Shorten a lady I have known for over 20 years and has helped me immensely to restore a MG Magnette ZB that was in a sad state of repair at the time I came into possession odf it 29 years ago. ..
Dr Ifthikar Ismail


KA J 21 36278
The last ZB to be imported to Sri Lanka.  Dr.Vickum Senanayake is going to restore her to her former glory. 
Here are more pictures


KA D 23 16550

Located in Barcelona, Spain. It's a standard ZB with Varitone chrome trim. Looks as there are modern rear lights mounted.


KA A 33 17218
Pedro Mendes from Valencia in Spain owns this nice original example.


KA J 13 26898
I was going to wait until my restoration was finished before sending you the photo - however I may not be capable of typing by the time that's done. I have had the engine rebuilt (Oselli). The interior re-upholstered, carpets and headlinings etc. with compliments to Lou Shorten. The car is down to bare metal with a lot of welding still needed. The photo is from the day I rescued it from the Ibiza woods. The car was built 25.-27.11.1957. Originally Twilight Grey with maroon interior. -Brian Pollard, Spain-


South Africa KA _ _ 20751
I have recently acquired this Magnette and in the process of rebuilding her with engine (MGB 1800 conversion). See photos before I started to strip
Dean Leathern, Durban, South Africa


KA H 5 27743

Another CKD car assambled in Durban South Africa. The Motor Assemblies No. is MGM 514.
Owner is Keith Burton




KA T 23 21198

Roger Pearce used this car for a rally Cape to Kairo in 2011.


KA T 23 21199
 Johann van der Vath in South Africa owns this ZB, which seems to be used for weddings as well.


KA H 5 27915

One of the CKD cars assambled in Durban, SA


KA H 5 21293

Another of the CKD cars (Completely knocked down), still in SA


KA H 5 21294
Kevin Loader from Southafrica used his car on a tour around SA. More pictures here...


KA H 5 29778



KA AH 5 30065

South African ckd car assembled in Durban nowbelonging to Richard Smailes


KA B 23 23256

The previous owner named the car "Princess" - rebuilt circa 2000. Now owned by Margie Rowley.


South Africa KA H 5 23521
No. 354 Motor Assemblies Ltd., Durban, South Africa
Complete restoration July 2010 to July 2011 with the following changes:

- ZB in Varitone look, colors are modern 2 pack from a Mitsubishi Color Chart, wheels powder coated.
- Converted to indicators with period Lucas lights,  in place of the missing trafficators mounting points for safety belts were welded in.
- Engine and drivetrain and brakes are stock, although a 5-speed gearbox conversion is on the cards.
- Handbreak lever moved backwards 4 inches to accommodate longer gear boxes. The cable runs now inside the gearbox tunnel.
- Interior rebuild with leather faced front seats and the rest in matching Vinyl. Non original contrast piping.
- Clock rebuild with Quartz movement, using he original face and housing.
- Period style push-button radio with speakers, hidden under the rear window parcel shelf.
- Conversion to negative earth.
- New tank with increased capacity (52 l) in the original place.
- Spare wheel hidden under the boot floor.

more pictures here... Heinrich Koncki.


South Africa KA B 13 31027
I have just read your article on CKD Magnettes. Just wanted to let you know that I have one that was manufactured in 1958 and first registered on 30 August 1958 in South Africa. It was assembled at Motor Assemblies in Durban and bears the nameplate with number 741 on it.


KA BJ 23 24972

I sold it to brother when I was living in the UK. It was then sold to my other brother that passed away a year ago. My sister-in-law then gave it back to me. It was originally my grandmother's car in Durban (hence the ND number plate). The photo is as I received after 5 years in storage in a farm barn.


KA H 5 19935
The chassis number indicates this car as a CKD (completly knocked down) car, which probably was assembled in Durban, SA
The car is for sale in 2/2009


South Africa KA T 23 25778
This car belongs to the chairman of the MG Car Club - Border Centre, East London, South Africa


KA BJ 23 32852
It must have been a Manumatic car originally as I was wondering why the clutch slave cylinder unit was not in the correct place. Its on the side of the gearbox ( a la MGA) and not on top.
Rod Paxton, East London, South Africa


KA H 5 26026
The car was found with a scrap car dealer, but is still in running condition. First reg. 1958.  Only the starter and some lights are not working yet. Since a perfect workshop manual was delivered with the car, repairs will be easy.
Maria Lederer, Somerset West, South Africa


South Africa KA H 5 27156
Was for sale in June 2010


 KAH5 22248

Now owned by Nico Dippenaar in South Africa, who drove it as a student in the 1970s after it was bought by his father in Pretoria (previous owners Mr Clarke and Mr Granzier). The car was retired in 1984, then Nico began refurbishing it in 2014. Engine, gearbox and much of the car is original, and the only modifications are indicators and seat belts


Portugal KA A 33 14210
Original Portugise car in original condition, owned by Jorge Lino.


KA A 33 2592
Jose de Sousa from Portugal bought this Magnette as a parts car


KA A 33 7876
An early ZA with an interesting history: It was owned for several years by nons in Portugal. The car is owned by a Porrtugiese Doctor who works in Germany. But the car still resists in Portugal.


KA A 13 16376
This car belongs to Jose de Sousa in Portugal.It was converted for rallying and took part in the Peking-Paris Rally in 2007. Here is a full report....


KA BJ 13 35929
Imported from England to Portugal in March 2005 by Alberto Cruz, who restored her to a high standard and converted her to LHD.


Norway  KA A 33 1663
Per Sæter's ZA with original licence plates from Trondheim.


  KA A 33 15464
Sending you a picture of my MG ZA 1956 used in my daughter Ida's wedding last june. All the best from Norway 
Trygve Sandberg


Norway KA B 33 19973
LHD, Export Birch Grey / Maroon, built 16 - 20 November
1956, despatched 21 November 1956. rescued from a scrapyard by Halvor Arne Asland, Norway


Norway KA C 33 12034
LHD, Export Damask Red Maroon , built  15 - 17 November
1955, despatched 22 November 1955, rescued from a scrapyaed by Halvor Arne Asland, Norway


Norway KA AA 33 27320
Export Black / Maroon, built 12 - 16 December 1957, Varitone type body, Monotone paint, Whitewall tyres, despatched 16 December 1957. Rescued from a scrapyard by Halvor Arne Asland, Norway



KA H 5 27740
Here is a picture of a 1958 ZB currently for sale on "Trademe" (Kiwi equivalent of e-bay). The car is located in Helensville, about one hour north of Auckland. It also carries a plate "MGM 511 Motor Assemblies Ltd., Durban South Africa" . The chassis no. declares this Magnette as a CKD (Completely Knocked Down) car. It looks as it was assembled in SA, then between 1958 and 1965 reimported to UK and then in 1965 imported to NZ from the UK. The car looks OK from a distance, but closer inspection reveals patches on the chassis and heaps of body filler in all the usual places.



New Zealand KA A 43 28177
I bought the car off an elderly gentleman of 82 yrs who had owned the car for 28 years. As far I understand the car had never been out of Auckland NZ all it's life and been used every day for 52 years. I bought it and drove home a distance of 552kms without a hitch, only ran out of fuel as fuel gage is not accurate. It's a very tired old car needing some TLC which I intend giving it.
Rachel Dean


KA E 23 2980
I am the 7th owner. Purchased in 1991 with 125,000 miles on the clock. Rarely used, and lives in a nice new shed on my country property. Note the personalised number plate   MGZA
Valentine Venimore, New Zealand


KA C 23 8078
This Magnette is so far gone it''s going to join most of the other Magnettes in M.G. heaven. It has stood under some trees for the best part of 15 years  and was rescued for parts for my MGA and the hockey sticks for a friends '54 ZA The car was taken off the road because the petrol pump failed. So the owner E.J.SANGSTER eent out and bought an MGBGT...
Anthony Bushell, NZ


KA A 23 10277
Unused since 1985, rotten underneath but purchased May 2004, with the intention of installing a Rover V8 and using for club racing and possible Targa NZ. 
Ray Green, New Zealand 


New Zealand KA C 23 25037
Was for sale in New Zealand.


New Zealand  KA C 23 25640
A right-hand drive export model, originally dark red, and manufactured in 1957. The car was first registered in May 1958 to Dominion Motors Ltd in Wellington, then in December 1958 to Mutual Rental cars Ltd, also in Wellington. From 1960, the car had 5 owners including the current owner s family, and at some stage was re-painted white. The car suffered an engine problem in about 1995, and was driven into this barn on the eastern outskirts of Auckland, where it has remained ever since. The interior is in surprisingly good condition, but the outer body and paintwork has clearly suffered.Under restoration by Daniel Richardson now.


New Zealand KA C 23 25642
The Magnette had spent 54 years in the  South Island, NZ until brought North late last year. Ideally suited for touring it has 5 speed gearbox, 1800cc engine and 4.3:1 diff. It achieved 36.86mpg over 341 miles in 2008.
Peter Yarham, NZ



KAC23 25645

2015 for sale in Auckland. Chassis number is very close to another NZ car, so I wonder if they were part of a batch imported here in 1957/58 ?


KA A 23 12304
Lots of mods: 1930cc HRG Derrington head 45DCOE Webers ,295cam gives over 100bhp at wheels. Gear box either BMC c/r or ToyotaT3 5spd, divided prop shaft to banjo axle choice of 4.3, 4.55, 4.9 Tops out at about 185kph. MGB V8 discs & Princess 2pot callipers, adjustable sway bar, 400lb coils.Bilsteins all round. Rear end cambered down, track rods & Panhard rod. Quaife LSD  Has been competing here for it's whole life!! Regards, Neil. Goodwin


KA L 23 12874
The car is a New Zealand-new model, first registered here in December 1957. It has spent all its life around Christchurch, Timaru and Dunedin in the South Island, but I have just driven it to my home in Auckland, a distance of nearly 700 miles covered in two days with no problems. The car is currently fitted with a 1622cc engine and flashing indicators, but otherwise seems fairly original and unmolested. I'll try to keep it that way.The picture was taken on the shores of Lake Taupo, in the central North Island of New Zealand, en route from Christchurch to Auckland. Colin Heald


KA AA 33495

Exported on sale (11th Sept 1958) on a ship called Nevasa, possibly to Singapore where the purchaser (Major Everson) was stationed. Then shipped to Mombasa 28th Oct 1960. Kenyan rego KGU112. Then shipped to Auckland NZ on the 26th June 1964.Sold in 1968 to an owner who kept it until 1994 and only did 55,000 mls in it.Sold to a man who never used it, I bought it in 1995 & sold it in 1996. I then bought it back of that owner in Dec 2012. Has only covered 106000 mls. Still original and great to drive!
Tony Don


Mexiko KA C 41 31119
Richard Comfort's Magnette in Stanardsville, Virginia, USA. Now for sale in Texas.
Sold to Mexico in 2011.


KA C 41 12441
It's in my family from 1970(aprox), my brother buy when I was a child and all the family lives in Tijuana (the city of Mexico border whit San Diego California U. S.) he only use the car for 8 or 10 years. On 1999 I buy the car to my brother, in very bad conditions, don't have motor, transmission, and the interior uff! I bring the car to La Paz and stared the reconstruction.
Luis Benito,  La Paz, Baja California Sur state, México


KA A 41 34739
On December 2002, I bought a second car in San Diego California, this car was working on the roads of California, I brought her to La Paz for to take the parts for the 1956 (#12441), because this it's only have the legal imported to México. Now I want repair the two cars, and get the imported the 1959. It's a big project for my life.
Luis Benito, La Paz, Baja California Sur state, México


Luxembourg KA L 23 23180
For sale in Luxembourg 2009. Original home-market car


KA D 13 11793
Parts car belonging to Sonja & Yves Rommes from Luxembourg. Going to be scrapped...


KA B 13 25932
This car was featured in Practical Classic Sept. 1997. With 5 brg. MGB engine an overdrive it is a good cruiser. The car was imported from England to Germany in 2001 and later sold to Luxemburg.


KA B 41 32982
Originally delievered to USA. Imported to Germany 1962. Stored for over 20 years in a Garage. Sold to Luxembourg in 2002 to Sonia & Yves Rommes. They want to rebuilt it with a V8 motor as a fun car. New Panels and parts already bought but no motivation to start and finish work.


KA B 13 26751
First reg. 20.12.1957 in England.  Imported during the 90's to Germany. Sold to Luxembourg in 2003. Now used by Sonia & Yves Rommes during spring, summer and automn seasons. It's their family car to get to work or to school. No restoration done since 2003. They only have fun and use the car as often as possible.


KA B 43 27175
A nice and shiny ZB which I spotted on the Z Day in Luxembourg. Unfortunalelety I lost the owners information...


Chassis 537 was the first car built in 1954. It later became known as "Bumble"when  in the hands of Judy Andreason competing in the Classic Saloon car series of races during the '70s. Originally painted black, then painted in the "Cream Cracker" colours of brown and cream. Shown here in race trim. The original doors without quarterlight had been removed and stored save. It is believed that this car is now in Japan. If you know more about the whereabouts, please contact us!!


KA J 13 3004
Tomihiro Hibino, Japan owns this early ZA, which was first registered 20.10.54 and is now used two or three times per week.


KA A 33 23152
Dr. Furnato from Tokyo own this car.



Now owned by Nobuhiro Sawanhoi in Japan (2017)


KA BJ 13 31723
This was a very original car with only 35,000 miles in the hands of John Monkman. Sold in the 90's to Mr. Itoh Tsuneo from Tokyo, Japan and still in concours condition.


KA LL 23 32630
This car belonged to an US embassy employee in Japan until 1960, then to a Shell agent young owner and several other owners. Now it belongs to Masahiro Sato a friend of one of the earlier owners! 
Read here more about this car


KA BA 13 34049
This Varitone was exported to Japan in 1997 and bought by Mr. Hideo Ohba from Tokyo, who uses his car every Sunday. In 1950's, new Magnettes were imported from England by a Japanese car dealer. I think about 20-30 cars were imported. These cars were mainly LHD for US soldiers and some of these are now available to buy. After 1980's British Car Shop imported Magnettes mainly from England, I think also about 20-30 cars. Read more...


KA LL __ 27793
The first car on our website from Italy: a 1958 Varitone with upper and lower colour in black from new.
Mauro Annoni , Como, Italy


KA_ __ 9674
A '55 Magnette first registeresd on 25.10.1955 in Milano and on 16.01.1961 in Roma, Italy


KA B 33 11739
This is an original Italian Magnette, sold by the importer of Florence and Rome  1956 license plate, I am the fifth owner, and the car is restored and marching. was originally gray birch, then was painted ivory MG. The last owner was a chief electrician of CINECITTA, and used it as the main drive, now I just change the two bumpers and other chrome.
Roberto Martinangeli


KA A 33 11876
'Mauro Benzoni's little treasure


KA A 33 11877

This car, running in Italy belongs to Marco Davide.


Ireland KA C 13 29272
Original 1500cc engine now fitted with overdrive gearbox from early MGB
Martin O'Brien.


KA C 13 29886
This is my 1958 M.G. MAGNETTE with 42,000 miles from new. Original and unrestored. 
Henry Marcus Gort, County Galway, Ireland


KA E 23 16404
Imported to Ireland  on 7th October 1998. Fitted with MGB 1.8L engine with overdrive.


Ireland KA J 13 8278
ebay 8/2011 in Limerick, Ireland


KA PA 13 30791

Previous Owners in Cambridge, Colchester, Cleveleys, Stafford, Newry,Wicklow and Dublin
Patrick Kiely


KA B 43 10450
Originally sold in the USA, shipped to Ireland probably in the late 50's/early 60's by a returning emigrant. I bought the car a year ago and am currently rebuilding it as it was lying partly dismantled in a barn for over 20 years.
Randall Wharton, Ireland


 KAJ 13/13088

Owned since 2018 by Darshan Mukesh Sanghvi in Kolkata, India, and believed to have been shipped soon after leaving Abingdon in January 1956


KA LA 33 27973
I bougt the car in Sweden 12/04/05. Second owner have had it for 20 years. The MG was total restored from 1982-1984 and is in a very good condition.
Johann Emil Björnsson, Iceland


KA B 13 13681
One of the Magnettes that still race nowadays! With 86 bhp at the rear axle a fun to drive. Was owned by Brian Chase/Germany, now restored and owned by Jörg Wilken.


KA LD 13 21257
Blue/blue Varitone. Since 1985 in Munich/Germany


KA J 13 28134
Seen on ebay in 04/2005: said to be complete but in need of restoration

Now in Koblenz and undergoing restoration.


germany KA D 13 14758
Steel blue ZA with white roof. Looked much better than duotone sprayed none-Varitones! Scrapped by webmaster during winter 98/99.
During dismantling I found out that it wasn't too bad and was worth a reatoration. But too late...


KA J 33 6538
This wonderful left hand drive ZA Magnette was produced in 1955 and originally sold to North America. Since 1999, she was completely restored by Peter Herbst of Cologne, Germany, in a four years period. The grey leather interior matches to the dark blue outside colour in harmony. This beauty is quick and comfortable. I aquired her in February 2008 and our first journey was to the Magnette Meeting in Kassel. I will keep her forever. Wolf Juchem, Germany.


Was delivered to the USA. During the 90's shipped to the Netherlands and stripped for restoration. The owner died and the car was bought in boxes from Udo Scheidemantel in Germany, who restored her. Belongs to Jutta & Jürgen Reinthal since July 2006 who enjoy to drive this lovely saloon in the countryside nearby.


KA A 23 7660
Warren Marsh handing over the key to Robert Schmitz from Bamberg/Germany. He bought th car in 2000 and imported it to Germany.


KA J 13 22648
Seen on ebay in September 2007
This car was so rotten that I didn't buy it as a donor car! Perhaps I could get it for free but it was too bad.


KA A 33 7672



Germany KA BB 43 29850
This was the first Magnette I have seen and now I own two. I am the third owner. The car has undergone 100 plus hours of rust repair and metal fabrication. The car is now at the paint shop. The engine was rebuilt by Rich Medcraft as well as the carbs. Tobias Robinson, Oregon, USA. The car was sold in 2011 to Carsten Bange in Germany.


KA J 13 3144
Another British ZA staying in Germany. Has wíre wheels and the early tin top dash was replaced by a ordinary wooden one. The colour is a nice looking Volkswagen colour.


KA A 13 8628
Udo Barthels from Germany owns this rhd ZA since 1990.


KA A 13 9147
Built on 13.08.55 this ZA stayed in England until 2000, when she was imported to Germany. She now belongs to Harald Freischem from Cologne.


KA A 11 31106
This ZB is in Germany since 20 years.


KA J 13 31317
Another Magnette that found Asylum in Germany. This time a ZB. Not much known about this car.  


KA LL 13 31454
Date built: 14-16 May 1958
Date despatched: 21. May 1958
The original Registration Mark 930 EBH, dated to the 1st June 1958, was issued in Buckinghamshire. Now since the '80s in Germany and awaiting restoration.


KA L 43 18234
A ZA in Varitone-look with wire wheels. North America Export car now in Germany.


KA A 33 18436

The car was restored a long time ago. It runs with 18 GA-MGB-Motor, but uses the original carburators and air intakesystem.


KA T 33 18512
This car was restorted around 2000 in Switzerland, now on German roads in the hands of Peter Duell.


KA L  33 24307

For sale in Sweden in 6/2013. Now in Northern Germany owned by Adam Elmholdt.


KA C 13 10702
Maroon  ZA that was the title on MG WORLD in June 2000. Imported to Germany in 2001.