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 KAA23 24953

Now owned by Holger Scharnberg in Germany


KA A 43 11439

One of the very few cars that were delevered new to Germany. Belonged to a doctor. Restored by Tom Cordes.


KA PC 13 25246
RHD Varitone scrapped by webmaster during winter 96/97. I bought this car without engine/gearbox. They were needed for a TVR. But there were quite a lot of things I could use. The body still survived without it's chassis number.


KA BJ 13 25257
Original a homemarket car but imported to Germany sometime.


 KA LL 13 32637
This RHD Varitone was purchased new in Bournemouth by Lady Burroughs and was her chauffeur driven transport until she died in 1970. Her chauffeur inherited the car, then it passed through the hands of 4 UK owners before Dietrich Krahn brought it to Germany in the 1990s. It was deregistered from 2010, but then a new owner restored and reregistered it in 2021, after which it was again sold

The car is fitted with 4.5x15 inch wire wheels


KA C 23 12833
This maroon  ZA Magnette was built in 1955. She was imported to Germany in the late 80's. Now she is properly registered as a historical Car. She is quite original and drives well. Some time ago, a new beige leather interior was fitted.



KA BJ 13 33273
RHD Varitone build 23.07.-12.08.58 in birch grey/twilight grey with maroon interior. When dispatched on 18.08.58 she was fitted with a Manumatic Clutch, but converted back to normal clutch like most others. She's now staying in Germany, where she had several owners.



KA B 43 26823
Ex-californian car imported to Germany in 2000. Engine/transmission missing, but sound body.


KA J 13 13072
First registered on 16.03.56. This rhd ZA is in Germany now since a couple of years.


KA B 41 33755
This Magnette was first sold in 1959 and is a California car, imported to Germany in 2000. After a lengthy restoration by Simon Beyertt, it's seen here in the new colour, Damask Red 



KA LA 13 33813
RHD Varitone in black/blue driving since several years in East Germany. Has wire wheels and an MGA boot rack! One of the previous owners made suicide in this car when inhalating the exhaust fumes.



KA A 43 27406
This Magnette war originally delievered to America, where it spent his life until 2000. Then it was imported to Germany where it is undergoing restoration with Christian Schräder


Germany KA L 11 34782
This RHD ZB was imported to the Netherlands where it was used for rallying. Now in the hands of Dietrich Krahn in Germany.


KA FC 13 35140
This car belonged to Ray Cain after whom the Trophy for the best car at the continental Z-Day was named after his sudden death. After a dismantling and restoratian this car now belongs to a Porsche-enthusiast in southern Germany.


KA BJ 33 36364
Your webmaster with his Varitone. I bought this car when we started as a family and the MGA was too small. Since then it's in daily use and we all enjoy driving in the airsmoothed style!


KA LD 13 37044
A late Varitone imported from England to Germany in 2000, where she had several owners. She's now staying in Northern Germany with Jens and Helga Evers in the outskirts of Hamburg. Jens is going to bring her back to her former glory.


KA A 13 589
A barn find in France in 2005.


KA B 43 13502
Originally Grey with Red interior the car has been painted Black and reupholstered in original Red Leather.
It is owned by M Casquet in Orange, France


KA E 23 7832
This Magnette was originally delivered to France, where it still remains.


KA J 23 30622
A rhd ZB in France.


France KA A 13 18452
Wattinne Patrice from France has bought "Emma", one of the two race prepared Magnettes of Roger & Judy Andreason.


KA C 43 9600
Is being restored to new condition in semi-race livery. Have owned the car for 20 years. Bought car in the outskirts of Paris. Bodywork except doors is reasonably good but all chrome work is bad. Hence this project started by fitting MGB Engine OD, Gearbox + Axle +Wires = 18 years. Specification to come is as follows: Body:  Louvered bonnet, air vents in wings, sunshine roof, lightened doors plexi windows, aluminium tank, engine 3.9 Rover +5 SP Box. LSD Axle MGB + Boranni Aluminium Wheels, 4 Disc Brakes King Pins from MGB with front vented discs 2 control aims on axle + ....Panhard Rod modified dash incorporating all wood, bucket seats front + 4 point roll cage. 
Andrew de BERNES, France    See pictures of the car finished in 2007...


KA AA 33 34075
Another Magnette in France belonging to Thomas Reiss, Charbonnières


A nice example of a ZA in Finland,restored and running. Unfortunately unregistered on the Magnette Register.
The first names of a couple are Jani and Meritta.


KA A 13 8178

Imported to Finland from Britain in 1973 and used daily after that up to 1977. Featured many years in a local Car Museum and has carefully garaged 30 years after that. A restoration started last summer and hopefully is finished in 2014. Needs some welding, brake overhaul, door seals and new paint.
Marjo Korhonen


KA PC 33 23644
The only car we are aware of in the Dominican Republic. It belongs to Francisco Then Tobal in Sto. Domingo.


  KA C 33 528

Ex-Kopenhagen-Motor-Show Car(Denmark). Was Maroon with biscuit interior. Since 2000 under restoration by Paul Dalkov, proud owner of two other Varitones!
Here are pictures before the start of the restoration


Denmark KA 1117

Old Magnettes are still to be found around. This is in a Danish garden. All the bits and pieces (doors, interior and lots of ekstra items) are stored safely away. Danish papers and it's for sale. First registered 25. 06. 1954.


KA L 33 14141
First owner Marius Boel, father of EU agriculture commissionary Marianne Fisher Boel. Now belongs to Birgitte Reiter.


KA E 33 6175
The car has always been danish since 1955 when it was built. It has run 117.000 kilometres from new. First reg. 27 April 1955 We use the car in daily use in the spring, summer and autumn. The registration numberstill is the original from the first day. Gert Jakobsen, Denmark,www.bordercollies.dk


KA TE 33 21933 
Kjeld and Elin Haugaard from Denmark owned this nice green/black Varitone .After he restored the car in 1998 the car won the Danish MG.Club Pride of Ownership 2000 and also the" Ray Cain Thropy" in 2001 (annual European Z-Magnette-Day). The car was first registerd on 12.04.57 and was only for use in the summer. Sold then...


KA J 33 1701
Carsten Wivel from Denmark owns this car more than 30 years and gave her several improvements: MGB engine, disc brakes, wire wheels, overdrive, 3.9 diff and much more!


KA PA 33 22081
Danish car. May 23rd 1957. First owner took it to Turkey, Spain, Berlin, Yugoslavia, Paris , Nordkap. Several owners.  Now belongs to Paul Dalkov, who as had it for 3 years as daily transportation.


Joern Rasmussen daughter took her father's car for her wedding.


KA PA 23 22976

My car is build in May 1957 and exported to Denmark 14th. of May 57.  First registration 29/6-1957 problably in Copenhagen area as the MG importer (DOMI) had the head office there.  So it is LHD. from new.  Ivory over Black with Maroon trim (interior).  I bought the car in late 1981 and began the restoration same time. Registrated by me 12/6-1985
Jörn Rasmussen


KA E 33 8420
This 1955 ZA was bought in 1989 by the current owner Peter & Dorthe Beck from Denmark. This car was delieverd new to denmark and had only two owners before.


KA TE 33 23901
Danish car. Just finished restoration. Only 2 owners. Most everything original, from motor to tool-set. Manumatic later removed. Also belongs to Paul Dalkov



Owned and restored by Poul Dalkov in Denmark



Owned and restored by Poul Dalkov in Denmark


KA AA 33 35983
First registrated in Sweden March 10, 1959. Since then 8 Swedish owners. Imported to Denmark 2008.
Now in the hands of Rikke Nissen, Denmark


KA L 33 36773

Original car found in Sweden. First registered in '58


This Magnette was spotted in Cuba 2014. Look at the exhaust pipe!


KA LD 43 20804
Found on a junkyard in Saskaton/Saskatchewan  Canada by Jim Matthews


KA J 41 1360

Garry Needham has a full time job restoring her...


KA A 13 5650
David Graham from Quebec, Canada sent us a picture of his early ZA, first registered March 1955:
"The ZA was purchased in Plymouth, Devon.  In April 1981 it was shipped from Liverpool to Montreal, Canada.  The car was driven to Halifax, Nova Scotia on the East coast and then in the fall of 1981 towed to Victoria, British Columbia, on the West coast of Canada.  In 1984 I rebuilt the engine, fixed a few (maybe quite a few) other small problems and then drove across Canada, first to Kingston, Ontario and then on to Montreal.  The ZA has lived in Montreal since 1986.


KA PC 43 21707
This car underwent a 20+ year restoration saga. It was a real mess when Harry Watson from Vancouver found it and he is to be credited for 'saving' what most would have sent to the crusher. Very nice looking car now in the hands of Steve Kaufman, Canada


KA A 41 14816
Found on a junkyard in Saskaton/Saskatchewan  Canada by Jim Matthews


KA J 24 2211
Fenton Loyola from British Columbia wrote:
Original colour was Dark Grey with Burgundy/grey interior. Now painted Old English White with tan interior. Bought in the factory (Abbingdon Dec 1954) toured Europe and then shipped to Sri Lanka.First registered in Sri anka 1955.  I bought it from the Original owner 15 years ago and shipped it to Canada. Has a metal/wood panelled dashboard with Jaeger instrumentation.


KA C 43 15378
This ZA is owned by Roger Dawson in Vancouver, Canada and was previously from Saskatchewan.
Unfortunately the bottom six inches of the car has rusted away and it will be stripped for parts.


KA A 43 7477
"Ginty" spent most of his life in Sunny Southern California coming to BC in 2006. Ginty is equipped with a Roots type Supercharger, front disc brakes,  an alternator, and an MGA rear axle to cope with modern traffic conditions,  and he does so very well.....In Airsmoothed Style! Rich McKie
Update 07/2008: Ginty has now been fitted with 4 wheel disc brakes and MGA Twin-Cam wheels to resemble the development car that John Thornley drove as his personal car. I think it looks quite good!
More pictures...


KA J 43 29424
This is an early '58 ZB from Canada. The car has been restored very nicely but not to the original colour, plus a newly rebiult 1600cc engine. Wire wheels and white wall tyres give the special touch


KA A 43 17021
I bought the car for parts, but it is completely intact and it seems a shame to take it apart.. Dave Graham, Ottawa Canada


KA L 43 30833
Sadly looking Magnette. It  was" rescued" on a scrapyard several years ago just to denie as parts car for another Magnette of Keith Holdsworth in the USA


KA L 23 23540
The Magnette was restored from a wreck about three years ago. Its an original Canadian import, Left hand Drive. Now fitted with an MGB engine. Brakes take a lot of effort otherwise drives extremely well. I have two other oldtimers here in British Columbia: Riley RME and Jag. E Type Series 1 4.2.   Chris Masterman


KA L 43 17758
The car was an export model purchased in the UK by its original owner with the intention of exporting back to the US. I purchased the car from the estate of a wealthy doctor who used it as his summer car on Long Island, NY. I am its second owner. Apart from a re-spray it has never been restored. I guess he got tired of the original grey - I would too as it is a bit drab! The car was always pampered and has so little rust it's unbelievable. I won't ever restore it as I love the original patina, but now I too am thinking about a slight change of colour. Fashions change you know. Eric Wilson,Vancouver, BC,Canada
Now owned by Adrian Sawyer in Kemptville, Ontario, who is the fourth owner
Changed hands to Michael Middleton in 2014.



KA PC 43 24316
Was on ebay in 04/2005. Still for sale at a Texas dealer in 03/2009.On auction in Houston 10/2009, sold to Canada and has now undergone  a full restoration, including an 1800 transplant. The car resides on Vancouver Island BC Canada.


KA C 43 24385
Keith Holdsworth's ZB from Toronto, Canada.


KA H 41 32279



KA C 41 34177
Richard McKie owned this car some time ago but sold it to finish his MGA Twin Cam restoration. He says: "I should have sold the TC "and tries to relocate his old Magnette.



KA TT 43 34839
Built in Oct. of '58 now belonging to John Park from Canada."The car was owned by s.o. in the US Air Force in the state of Washington. It was then sold to an air man in the RCAF in British Columbia. From there it made its way east to Nova Scotia where it was sold to a fellow in the Canadian Army. When he retired he brought it west to Ontario. He ran a restaurant and needed money for startup and I became the owner. I've finally finished all the mechanical restoration (in between putting 15000 miles over 13 years-did a bit at a time-although I had to redo the engine twice).I've put a 3.9 rear end in.  The car was originally all Island Green  and someone painted it its present colors of fine metallic maroon and metallic silver.



  KA E 33 4552
First registered 01.01.1955, it spent some years in Sweden, but is now owned by Marc Spens in Belgium


KA A 13 13670
A very original car owned by Franky den Abt in Belgium


KA T 13 28067
The ZB of Willy Roomz, Belgium, now in the Netherlands belonging to Marc van Beuningen


KA PA 21959
First registered 12-04-1957.The car belongs to  Chris Neyrinck, Belgium. She is under restauration, and there is a lot of work to do.


KA H 6 21974
This is a '57 ZB used only for Sunday trips. It's a LHD painted in Moorland Green, with wire wheels, MGB engine and overdrive. Mr. Eddy Lepez is the fourth owner and lives near Brugge, Belgium.
(The letter H in the chassis no. indicates this car as a C.K.D. Finish = completely knocked down. These were assembled on their destination).


KA CC 33 22523
Car sold in Lidköping / Sweden to Mr Carl Magnusson. Old reg. nr. in Sweden R38897. Belonging to Mikael Falk of Belgium since summer 2004.


KA C 13 30297
This car belongs to Mr. Van Hecke, from Menen,South West-Flanders, on the border to France. The car has been converted to left hand drive, 


  KA T 13 24798
Just acquired the car from Ebay, will be modified for rallying purpose. Was home market car.
Jacques Querton, Brussels


KA L 43 26695

Imported from the USA to Belgium,then to U.K. 5Speed box, alternator, servo assisted disc brakes on front, full body restoratiion


KA A 33 5283
This '55 ZA was registered in Austria. Whereabouts unknown.


Austria KA C 23 6456
Maroon homemarket RHD ZA. Was brought to Germany, where she went through several hands. Now sold to Thomas Nebauer in Austria.


Jörg Wiefler from Salzburg/Austria sent this nice photo, showing his són with his bride. Look at the number plate!


 This picture shows the president of the MGOC Austria, titled "Proud father of the pride"...


Austria KA PA 33 31016
Was originally imported to the Swiss now in Austria
Jörg Wiefler


KA A 13 10310
Originally a rhd home market car but for several years now in Austria. Was for sale on ebay in 8/2005


KA A 11 33355

First registered 19.08.1958. Now under restoration by Andreas Schweighofer.


  KA LD 13 35479
For sale in June 2004


KA E 23 4531
Seen on ebay Australia in 11/2007


KA E 23 4678
Car bought maybe for spares but too good to pull apart. Current colour maroon but was midgreen. I'm going to restore this in prpbably ivory colour with red interior.
Nick Baker, Australia


KA LL 23 27790
In mid December 2012 a collection of five un-restored Magnettes, in the township of Bargo [about 100km South of Sydney], were in jeopardy of going to the metal recyclers. Not wishing so see these cars lost efforts were made to change the out come. Luckily,with quick foot work, things were averted and reference should be made to Brian Woolmer's 'Bargo' story as submitted to the MGCC Magnette Register WEB site.
Due to the generosity of those involved KALL 23/27790 came into my ownership. I had inspected this car, jammed in with others, under torchlight some time earlier and felt a serious attempt should be made to salvage this car and if possible restore it - although early negotiations, boldly initiated by Paul Vermont, had failed due to different expectations of the then owner [deceased estate] of the five Z types.
The attached picture shows KALL 23/27790 [at a rest stop not far from Gundagai] in transit back to Geelong. Basically its currently being assessed by: Cleaning up all the threads associated with mounting the panels correctly, Using the maintenance manuals reference and a plumb bob check for straightness; and Placing on a hoist to check extent of rust and any damage accrued over its life. At this stage: the plumb bob test indicated the body is straight; rust is significant [I dont believe terminal]; Damage to the body showed up with - tie bar {lower link to body - driver side} is bent with some localised under panel regression, plus the area under the passengers side A pillar has had an argument with something high profile [stump?] For Australia this car is a little unusual. It is a monotone ZBV and must have been originally destined for mainland Europe as the speed - o is calibrated in Kph. More assessment and checks need to be carried out as KALL should be saved.
from Loz Scott [13 Jan 2013]


KA C 23 4767
Ron Jillard brought his car out of the garage on a reasonable day in a Canberra winter.(Well looks much better than many of Europe's summer days). The car has an MGA engine, MG B MK 1 gearbox & overdrive No 4, and MG A 4.3 diff.


 KAC 23 4793

Now owned by Stephen Barry in Queensland


KA B 23 27929
Jo Reed of Victoria, Australia owns this car.


KA A 23 4981
Acquired recently on generous terms from a club member , car is complete but requires a complete restoration, although corrosion is in check and these repairs are reasonably straightforward. Purchased by the previous owner six years previously with engine BP15GA5875. Now very faded Maroon, traces of the original gloss black may be evident around the ventilator box. Inner wing bears a P&R Williams, Sydney & Newcastle lubrication plate. Body stamp may be a typographical @ says: BMGA 4931. Has a full wooden dash rather than the expected tin-top. Andrew Bailey, NSW, Australia


KA A 23 5079
Restoration project of Davies Digger, Queensland


KA J 23 5137
This ZA is undergoing a full restoration as a drivers car rather than original. These pictures are of the car as it was prior to disassembly. It was previously a parts car for another restoration.
Justin Greenwood, South Australia


KA E 23 5307
'55 ZA with 1622 motor, 4.3 MGA differential
Restored in 1996/97 by Leigh Wallace of Greensborough, VIC. Owned by Peter Daley from Canberra, Australia since March 1998


KA C 23 1228
This car has been sitting for the past several years in a sheep paddock in the Adelaide hills. It's a very straight and complete car with rust in all the normal places. By all accounts this car survived Cyclone Tracy that destroyed the city of Darwin in 1974 on Christmas day.
Justin Greenwood, Australia


KA A 23 5367
Des Barker's ZA in Western Australia


KA A 23 1297
'54 ZA as found on a property on the outskirts of Sydney by Marty Cutler, who owns #18014. Going to be a parts car.


      Not sure, where this car is located.It looks to be a rhd car.

Who knows more about the whereabouts or it's chassis number? Please contact the webmaster!


KA J 24 1376
ID plate came from a fellow club member [Stan Ball], fate of the car is unknown. Loz Scott currently holds this I.D. plate
This car had a tin top dashboard and was supplied by P&R Williams. Sydney.


KA J 24 1396
Was on ebayAustralia August 2010, located Hervey Bay City, Queensland, Australia


       Not sure where this car is located. The plate says ZA 3893. Who knows this car?

Who knows more about the whereabouts or it's chassis number? Please contact the webmaster!



KA C 23 28463
The car was purchased by the J&T Gunn family (which later became Gunns of pulp mill fame) all the family cars were painted in the company corporate colour as this car is. The car is still owned by this family.



KA E 24 1774
The photo was taken 5 years ago, before I bought it, so it has about five years' more weat and tear on it now. As you can see, it is still looks very original (apart from the MGB engine, Nissan five speed gearbox and Wolseley diff centre, but you can't see them). The paintwork is getting close to needing some care and attention accross the back below the back window. Harry Rickards,Toowoomba,Australia


Australia KA E 23 14846
My 1956 ZA is totally original with original motor, aircleaner and washer bottle. It was bought new in Sydney, Australia as a company car and I have the original invoice and all the books.  The car is used regularly on club outings.
Graham Hamilton,New South Wales,Australia


KA A 23 6628
Car was purchased from Des Newham of Sydney Australia in May 2004. The car seems to be original. I am unsure of the original date of registration, but the rego label on the car shows that it was last registered in September 1979 and has been garaged since September 1980, when that registration expired. The car is in beautiful condition for its age and the only work needed is new rubber seals all round the body, refurbishment of the woodwork and new electrical wiring to replace the existing old and frayed wires. Finally, I have realised a childhood dream of  owning an MG!
Fred and Jan Schaap


Australia KA E 23 14848
Original car with the addition of a brake booster - Island Green (colour)- Recent restoration of structural components including floor, numerous mechanical components plus a renovated interior - Full registeration in Queensland Australia and enjoys engaging in family related activity, primarily when it does not rain :o)
Alan & Jennie Barnard, Australia



KA TA 23 28661
Loz Scott has commenced restoration using the best of two ZB bodies. Body has obvious rust, while rear had copious amounts of body filler that hid worse corrosion.