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KA LD 23 28668
Bought from a fellow member of the MG Owners Club WA. He had owned it for 10 years and traveled 15000 miles. It was restored in 1992 with all body, interior and mechanical work done. A 1622 MGA motor was put in then.
Andrew Leonhardt, Western Australia


KA C 23 6956
Purchased on ebay by John Cuneen.
Now sold to be used to repair a ZA racer which hit the wall at Eastern Creek Raceway. It is now owned by Bruce Smith.


KA C 23 6960
Bruce Bramhill from Victoria, Australia bought this Magnette in need of full restoration. The result after 5,5 yrs restoration:


KA A 23 7081
on ebay 02/2008:
I am offering my ZA Magnette for sale. I bought the car locally in 1984 and have used it on/off as a regular driver since then.

Please Note: The car is fitted with a 2 L Mitsubishi motor (Sirius motor as fitted to Cordia, Starion) This is coupled to a 5 speed box.I know this is sacrilege to MG fans but it was a very successful conversion making it a great car to drive.
Read more about this car....


Australia KA BJ 23 15057
Originally light grey over dark grey, repainted sage grey/green over dark green by 3rd owner in Tasmania circa 1970. Since then, has moved to New South Wales, Western Australia, & now South Australia where it takes part regularly in MGCCSA events. A very original car body and interior (other than colour change), and has probably only been around the clock once. Known as "Vera", to match "Varitone"! Its local South Australian registration no' is MGZB-58.


KA B 23 28469
Standard except for seat belts ,flashing ind. Restored early '80s present owner 15 years. Ken Dutch, Austalia


KA J 24 2214
See on ebay in 12/2006


KA C 23 7115
ZA Magnette which is undergoing a slow restoration. The picture shows the car when it arrived back in 2009.
Les Hall, Victoria


KA C 23 7116
After owning a 1969 MGB for ten years, it was time for a change. I purchased the 1955 MGZA from P. Ramsden (Perth WA) on 29/3/06.After having it transporting it back to Bendigo,it was of to the workshop, replacing the brake hoses and a few other worn pins and bushes etc and fitting a reconditioned tailshaft and yokes, the car is now ready to be a daily driver. Being fitted with the MGA engine and Diff it cruises nicely down the road at 110Kph (70mph). The car
has been re-named "Lizzie" by my wife in honour of my late sister who was born in the same year. Both my wife and I have been members of MGCC's in Sydney and Brisbane and will be joining the Victorian MGCC and look forward to many years of touring and meeting others with like intrests in MG's.


KA E 24 2431
This car has been passed down through my family since was first registered in Australia. As far as I know the only non-standard modifications include the wire-spoke wheels, the addition of an electric antenna, tape deck and speakers on rear parcel shelf. The car is awaiting retoration. I also have a Cardomain website to update people of the restoration process........when it get going!!! 
Update 2/2009: You may have heard about the bushfires we have had here in Victoria.  Unfortunantly we had to leave my propert and wasn't able to take the MG with me. The MG was completely destroyed by fire. 
Adrian Zomer, Australia


KA C 23 15333
Ted Peel's Magnette in Queensland, Australia


KA J 23 7360

One of Andy Knigths Magnettes in Australia



KA A 23 2480
'54 ZA as found on a property on the outskirts of Sydney by Marty Cutler, who owns #18014. Going to be a parts car.


KA E 23 7415
The picture was taken at a Motorist Appreciation Day rally. We received the perpetual, " Restorers Award " at our club presentation recently which was very exciting.
Lyle Constable, NSW, Australia


KA TA 23 29300
Bought in perth in 1996. Originally from Adelaide, South Australia. Bit by bit as finances allowed, bought allparts required. Stripped off paint but unfortunalety allowed surface rust to build up as I became busy with work.Will sell this car soon to other owner in our Magnette group.
Chris Gray, Perth, Western Australia


KA A 23 2576
Was on ebayin  08/2011 in Kyabram, Victoria, Australia with Nissan gearbox but in need of full restoration.


KA B 23 29308
Now owned by Helen Farquhar. The car was first registered  25.03.58 and toured over Europe before being shipped to Australia. Previous owner Rod Barrett restored her with a sporting feel, lowered suspension, minilite copy wheels, custom inlet and exhaust and a balanced and blueprinted engine.


KA B 23 29310 
Bought second hand from the original owner May 1970 with 95,000 miles on the clock for $450 car (200 pounds). This ZB was my first car at age 18. I still have it and its now got 197,000 miles on it. Resprayed in BRG in 1984.Some bodywork redone -chrome, new leather seats, rust removed and engine overhauled. Won Concors 1985. Since then used for going to work, weddings and fun with the MG club in South Australia.
Original owner was Mr Crawford of Glenelg SA who bought it to travel from Adelaide to his sheep ranch near Broken Hill 400 miles north east of the city. When I bought it, it had about 2 bucket fulls of red dust through the head lining and seats etc. Thirty years ago I taught my wife, sister in law and my sister, my son and others how to drive in it and its still going. Kevin Dixon, South Australia


KA B 23 15540
Seen on ebay in 07/2007


KAJ 24 2680
Ebay9/2005: This little saloon is enamelled in Charcoal Grey metallic with red contrasting interior. Is registered in NSW. Showing 18,750 miles on the odometer and manual in transmission. Placed 2nd in the Concourse Category at the M.G. Meet in Warwick, QLD, 2004. It is also fitted with the Mark III engine (i.e 1600cc). Now in the hands of Francis Borg


KA A 23 2704

Located in Tasmanis


KA E 24 2719

Two ZA Magnettes lay in the backyard of a Northern Suburb of Melbourne - its now Jan 2014.Each car's rear window seals had failed completely allowing the rear window to fall inside; probably many years ago.  The owner now in hospital had left these Magnettes [ only the Early ZA tin top shown here]
in the Backyard for over 30 years. Rust was very,very advanced. This ZA Magnette [ Chassis No KAE 24/2719] could not be saved due to its state, lack of time [property sold] and steep cluttered access.
Paul Vermont retains the chassis plate for this lost Magnette

                     from Loz Scott


KA A 23 7652
First reg. Sept. 1955. Delivered by Lane's Motors Ltd of Melborne with serial numbered plaque in passenger side footwell. In dry storage from 1976 to Dec 1999 by original owner. Purchased by myself as a proud second owner, and carefully restored. The car now has flashing indicators for safety reasons. Engine upgraded to 1622cc plus a 4:3 Diff ratio and with ZB carbs / air inlet equipment
John Russell, Melbourne, Australia.


KA J 13 29417

 Now owned by John Roker in Victoria, Australia


KA D 23 15731
Seen on ebay in spring 2010, Berwick, Victoria, Australia


KA C 23 7723
My newly acquired MG Magnette ZA 1955.I am the fourth owner of this vehicle which has spent  it life up to now in the Australian country city of Goulburn  south of Sydney. Purchased in August 2004  and relocated to Canberra. Only modification is the installation of a 1622cc motor by an unknown previous owner. Member of the MG CC Canberra.
Graham Gittins, Australia


KA J 23 2793
Now fitted with a 1800 engine, needs a lot of TLC, will restore body fair, interior excellent due to retoration of same. Runs well.
Grahame Peacock, Australia


KA E 23 7790

Bought new by Mr Lim of Penang on 5th Sept 1955, sold to a Mr. Kelly on 2nd July 1977 who was stationed at the Butterfield AirForce Base. Arrived in Melbourne Australia on 7th January 1980. It turned up in Sydney for sale in 1986 as a restoration project. It was bought by Mr. Baker from Ulladulla NSW, restored over the next couple of years. Was issued "Club Plate 007" in 1990 and sold locally in 1994 to a Mr. Walpole . I purchased the car in 2012 and was issued the plates as pictured. The car is original, is in need of a little work. The hockey strips are still in Penang next to a gate post.


KA J 23 16011
Car was daily transport until 2002. Has had recent engine and gearbox overaul. Needs some mechanical attention but mostly some tlc a a "tidy up".
Tristan Abbott, Tasmania,Australia


KA C 23 16100
This car belongs to Michael Chard


I rescued this from a farm where it was being used as a paddock bomb  The body is remarkably good with minor rust.  It is missing the back seat ( for carring the dogs) and I am unsure what make/model the engine is.  Lachlan Story
Car appeared on ebay 06/2009. Meanwhile it has been a project,converted to a 2 door sedan but unfinished has a 4 cylinder Sigma engine and gearbox and is running


KA BB 23 29847

You may think this is the wrong car in this gallery, but this car started as a Magnette and is "rebodied". Read the full story...


KA D 23 16299

This car is located In Queensland/Australia and belongs to Alan Sheldon


KA J 23 16324
1622 cc Mk III motor fitted
David Kelvin; NSW, Australia


KA _ __ 3177
This ID plate is the last remain of Magnette no. 3177. Loz Scott received this plate with a collection of old spares. This car may have been wrecked.


KA E 23 16433
Andrew Williams from Tasmania owns this car now


KA G 23 16464
Seen on ebay Australia in 10/2011. Needs some work....


KA A 23 3713
Car delegated to use as a tractor on a farm after some years. Then restored bodywise for a daughters wedding. Very poor mechanical condition when purchased from estate some 5 years ago. Now fitted with 1800  B motor 5 speed gearbox 4.3 diff. Disc brake conversion to front. Wonerfull touring car. I'm the second owner!
Robert Mason ,Victoria, Australia


KA J 23 3766
This ZA has been a paddock car; with damage from hitting a stump. Body is distorted at engine support bearer, driver door opening and transmission tunnel. Corrosion is not excessive ‘for a Magnette’. Its future is bleak.
Information by Loz Scott


KA J 23 4067

Purchased in 1956 in Armidale NSW Australia by my father Norman McGrath . The MG 457 plates are original NSW issue not personalised plates. The old man loved his Maggie, but being a country lad, he was into horses, so Maggie carried it's fair share of hay bales and saddles. Originally dark grey, Dad figured MGs should be red and got his mate to give it a (shabby) paint job in the late 60s. Apart from the colour change the car is in original condition with 67,300 miles. I've had it since 1990 and kept it garaged, dry and running. My sons are 19 & 17 and we've been working on the mechanics recently, it's great to have their Grandpa's car to tinker with. I still have the three original manuals, very helpful. We wont go concours on it as we want to keep lots of it's personality. The body is rust free, I think we'll go back to the original colour, new front seat leather and carpets, the headlining is in good condition and dash is still pretty good. Might put wires on it one day?


KA A 23 17002
Black 1956 car. Body beyond slavage. Good engine, gearbox, diff, mechnicals and a few pannels. A lot of parts were stored inside but the shell was outside and rusted badly. Was advertised for sale here a few years ago - has a multi-coloured bonnet in the ad. Being used as a donor to repower a 1953 Wolseley 4/44 (one of the first cars). Some parts I won't need have already been passed on to other Magnette owners.


KA J 23 4215
Seen on ebay Australia in November 2008,meanwhile in new ownership.


KA L 23 30821


KA A 23 17078
Seen on ebay in 12/2006


KA T 23 17249
This ZA turned up on the internet in Vitoria, Australia. The car sold for AU$1050.00 to unknown purchaser and seemed to be complete if not a little untidy. (5/2009)


KA BJ 13 23633
Bought in Perth in 2006 as fortune improved and as it was licenced, it seemed a good way to get a Magnette to drive in, at short order.
Chris Gray, Perth, Western Australia


KA C 23 9078

I was given the car by a Bundaberg owner who was to restore it but it is to far gone in the bodywork. Now with T. Cumpston of Park Ridge South as a parts/doner car. G. Diggles


KA L 23 17449
My ZA spent most of its life in Tasmania, but I have no further history.
David Keogh, Cornubia, Queensland, Australia.


KA A 23 9132
Sold to E.H.Neuendorf of Minden via Ipswich/Australia on 6-10-55.
My car has been completely restored ,was black now old English white with Austin 1800 engine Toyota 5 speed 3.9 to 1 diff and Mitsubishi disc brake conversion .It also has electronic ignition cruise control an MGA exhaust manifold and 45 mm stainless system and on a recent 2000 klm round trip rally achieved 36mpg. Darryl Robert Purvis, Australia


KA A 23 23871

One of Andy Knights Magnettes in Australa


Seen on ebay in 02/2006


KA T 23 17791
ZA build on 3.7.56 and delievered to Australia, where it is now located in Queensland.


KA A _ 23875
Stuart Batten's Magnette


KA J 23 23887
A '57 ZB used as a daily driver by Paul Lupton in Australia. The picture was taken in Canberra at the flag court of their Federal Parliament grounds.


KA D 23 9432
I owned this car in New Zealand (one of ten Magnettes I had there). I had it shipped to WA in 1993 after I had been here nine years, but was dissappointed to find it badly deteriorated. It still awaits restoration. In the photo you may notice the bonnet bent. It blew open on the truck delievering the car to Perth.
Chris Gray, Perth, Western Australia


KA B 23 18014
This racing ZA is a 1955 modell owned by Martin Cutler from Sydney, Australia.
The car is coming out of Honda Corner on the now demolished Amaroo park raceway north west of Sydney. 
Only modifications for racing was to take off the hub cabs.


KA J 23 23889
Was originally grey, but was repainted green when the previous owner undertook refurbishment work several years ago.
Paul Bray, Australia


KA D 23 9451
Stan Ball, member of the Geelong MG Car Club in Australia standing next to his ZA Magnette.


KA J 23 23891
When I purchased the car, it had a three cylinder Australian Morris Major Elite engine, and a gearbox of unknown MG origin that was not much better (the previous owner had fitted it, as it had a worn out Major Elite gearbox fitted when he bought it. At this stage I intend fitting an 1800cc engine and five speed toyota box, plus rebuilding the diff, front & rear suspension and the steering. (I wonder if this is why it was cheap?) Methew French


KA A 23 9472
I bought it from Mr Baker and it was in a very sorry state. The rust was very advanced in all doors and mudguards, the paint work was very poor with surface rust coming through as little volcanoes, however I like to restore basket cases due to the low purchase cost and the fact that I carry out all metal restoration and paint work, the only work I contract out is the upholstery. Being retired I was able to complete the restoration in 18 months and the result is that it was judged the best restoration for 2009 by the Morris Register of South Australia.
So what does this mean? Another ZA is back on the road in original condition with an owner that will maintain it over the next x years.
Ron Lomax, Australia


KA J 23 9473
This is a very old photo but it is probably the last time it still looked good. It's still in storage awaiting restoration. I'm the third owner, have owned it since 1968, when I bought it from my brother-in-law.
Ken Wasley, Brisbane , Australia


KA E 24 9552

Two ZA Magnettes lay in the backyard of a Northern Suburb of Melbourne- January 2014. The elderly owner now in hospital had left these Magnettes [ only the Later ZA  shown in attached images] in the Backyard for over 30 years. Rust was beyond terminal. This ZA Magnette [ Chassis No KAA 23/9552  Engine no. BP15GA/9272]   [original Engine replaced] could not be saved due to its condition, lack of time [property sold], and steep cluttered access.
Paul Vermont retains the chassis plate to this lost Magnette
                     from Loz Scott


KA T 23 23938
This Magnette started life as a  Premier Motors showroom/demonstrator car in 'island green in  September 1957 until it was sold a year later.I bought the car in 1971 for AU$ 60.00 (!) with  99,900 miles on the clock and rusty sills& trunk floor and a holed no.4 piston.
I restored it from 1971 - 1974 fitting a 5 bearing MGB motor, ported head, 25/65 cam & fully balanced with extractor and 4.3:1 MGA diff, stainless steel brake cylinder sleeves, 5.5" wide wheel rims etc. Painted it metallic gunmetal grey and used it as regular every day transport right up to 2004 (30years) including many long trips (one to Tasmania) - still hack it 2-4 days a week. Have replaced all wearing parts at least once ...except diff which is untouched in that time. Fitted brake booster in 1986 & stripped to bare metal & painted 2 pack 'vintage red' in 1989. In 1997, I decided to join Historic Racing car club & explore its potential, lowered 40mm & fitted front 22 mm dia. anti sway bar, with adjustable Pedders shocks, with side exit sports exhaust (sounds fantastic). Have competed each year since then, in at least 15 sprint/hillclimb/track regularity events, placing in class 95% of time, and having great fun, the car is extremely reliable and has turned 6000rpm in top (102mph)- standing 1/4 mile=18sec. Handles very well if a bit heavy, fitted Yokohama 'Advanx' R032 race tyres last year & improved all times 5/6%, but cracked 2 wheels, so have recently fitted 6" wide 'Superlite' cast alloy wheels (look great). Still love the look of the classic ZB Magnette even after 35 years and the sons will inherit it!
George Diggles, Queensland. Australia



KA C 23 9585
First reg. 4 July 1955. Fitted with blinkers & towbar, very original,on full registration in State of Victoria since new until purchased by us & brought to NSW. Richard & Sandra Best, Australia


KA T 23 23947
Last on the road in 1998 and now need a restoration.


KA C 23 9583

A nice story comes with the badges on this car!


KA T 23 23949

Purchased in 1982 in a crash damaged condition. Totally restored and re-registered in 2004. Modifications include 3.9 Austin Freeway diff, front anti roll bar,air cleaner mod as per register


KA C 23 9593
David and Marion Blaxall own this maroon ZA with the number plate "1955 ZA" !


KA L 23 23955
NGC726 '57 ZB sold 18/7/58 to Ron & Joyce Stenhouse (now aged 80) by Carlisle Motors, Mackay, Queensland, (where I was an apprentice Motor Mechanic). Now back to it's former Glory.Ron donated the original Sales Invoice, Sales Brochure, Service/Instruction book,Warranty /Heater instruction card,Workshop/Parts manual ,original valve radio and the original spare tyre(15 miles use) in the boot. It was the only car Ron never traded on his next purchase. I bought the car in '97.  Col Robinson

NGC726 '57 ZB sold 18/7/58 to Ron & Joyce Stenhouse (now aged 80) by Carlisle Motors, Mackay, Queensland, (where I was an apprentice Motor Mechanic). Now back to it's former Glory.Ron donated the original Sales Invoice, Sales Brochure, Service/Instruction book,Warranty /Heater instruction card,Workshop/Parts manual ,original valve radio and the original spare tyre(15 miles use) in the boot. It was the only car Ron never traded on his next purchase. I bought the car in '97.  Col Robinson


KA D 23 9606
Previous owner has had the car since 1958 and says the 70,000 miles on the odometer is genuine.It still has the original motor rebuilt with new rings and bearings a few years ago.Wheels are 14" MGB wire wheels with Wolsley or Austin diff and half shafts and shortened to fit. George Berger, Australia


KA L 23 24163
Seen on ebay in 1/2012 in NSW


KA J 23 24486

Informed that it was imported to South Australia by an executive of ES Wigg & Sons (Stationers). Owned for past 12 years by a resident of Mt Pleasant. Brake servo, updated ignition, 3.9 final drive.


KA A 23 24490
Seen ebay in 10/2006 Melbourne, AUS


KA A 23 10468
Stan Ball's 'Spares Car'and its fate is bleak [Non original colours]


KA T 23 24560
Seen on ebay in 05/2005


KA A 23 10524
Seen on ebay Australia July 2009


KA A 13 10592
This car was for sale in 2007


KA B 21 32213
Another Australian racer belonging to Adam Davidson, Melbourne Australia

This car now is converted to automatic. Read here about #32213


KA B 21 32214
Totally Original unmoleshed condition. Has been stored since 1969. Has only 50,000 genuine verified miles.
The car was built in 1958 shipped to Australia and delievered toReg Ansett Motorsin Hamilton, Victora for a Mrs. Roberts of Moyne Falls Cattle Station in the Western District. Mrs Roberts drove the car for 10 years. after which it was sold to a collector. From that time  it ahd been in the hands of two collectors and has never been registered since. However it has been driven sparingly on Vic roads permits only
John Hastie, Australia


KA G 13 10728
Attached is a photo of our Magnette arriving at our home.  She is very dirty and full of red dust.  We collected her from Western NSW. Bought to Australia about 7 years ago.  Royal Tan in color which appears to be original.  This colour was not an Australian colour. All original except for vinyl seatcoverings needs some restoration .  Bob Towns.


KA E 23 10873
Seen on ebay 12/05 in Newton, Australia


KA D 23 11207
Bought in Perth in 2006 as fortune improved and as it was licenced, it seemed a good way to get a Magnette to drive in, at short order.
Chris Gray, Perth, Western Australia


KA B 21 32495
David Miles, Bribane, Australia


KA B 32 20218
Donor car for restoration. Body Wrecked. Loz Scott currently holds this I.D. plate.


KA B 23 20223
I bought this car in August 2011 from Trevor Tonkin in Maryborough in Victoria. It has minimal rust and runs well
David Rawlins


KA A 23 11469
I finally have my car back on the road again. A few minor tidy up jobs remain but all in all the car is performing well after being off the road for 25 years. I intend putting a 3.9:1 diff in it to improve cruise performance and maybe down the road a pair of 1.5 inch carbs and an extractor exhaust. I cannot make too many changes as I have registered the car as Historic for the Sydney MG Car Club. Brian Woolmer


KA A 23 25599
Originally purchased by S G Bocking from Lankester Engineering, Eden Street Kingston on Thames (BMC Dealership) in June 1957 new. In family ownership ever since (as at date of registration June 1997 when owned by J M Dwyer, son in law of original owner. At that time it was unrestored with recorded mileage of 35500 miles). Now belonging to John Hastie, Melbourne, AUS


KA E 23 6904


KA A 23 11615
For sale on ebay 11/2008



Now owned by Adam Paterson in Australia


KA B 23 11712
Purchased car from elderly gentleman who had her sitting for last 6or 7 years. After a weeks tinkering have had car relicenced and intend to use her as my run about. Car is very original and runs a treat. I am in the process of making a few modifications to modernize him (Basil). 3.9 diff, Toyota 5 speed, and a slightly warm bored out MGB 1960cc (No hammering or drilling holes)
Andrew Murdoch, Australia


KA L 23 11831
Seen on ebay in 12/2005


KA C 23 12003
This '55 ZA belongs to Rod Byrne from  South Australia



Owned by Stuart Gregory in Australia


KA L 23 26350
Another car from ebay with 1622 engine. Owned by John Cunneen now, who purchased the car in May 2010 from the previous owners who had the car since 1987. It was rebuilt prior to 1987 and painted in about 1996. It is fitted with the Australian B series 1620 engine.


KA T 23 26360
After a 25-year rest, my ZB  is now back on the road as well. A 2-year restoration was finished just in time to take my daughter to her wedding - as it took her mother to her wedding 34 years ago. We even had the same driver! We're looking forward to the MG Car Club midweek run next week so that we can have the first open-road run for a quarter of a century. With a tweaked 5-bearing engine and the original gearing hills are definitely not a problem!
David Overington, NSW, Australia


KA T 23 26362
Mike Greenwood is restoring this Magnette


KA B 23 26494

Purhased in SA -1958,moved to Queensland in the late 60's,then purchased and transported to New south Wales recently  transported back to South Australia. Stock standard vehicle, hope to have back on the road soon.


KA B 23 27929
Jo Reed from Victoria owns this nice ZB


KA L 23 27021
Seen on ebay in 10/2005